Yes, you can eat instant noodles raw.Today, i will explain how come eat ramen noodles raw...Keep reading and you will discover out. 

How to eat life noodles

One day, when I was grade 4, my girlfriend Shinichi and also I to be playing video games at his house.Shinichi and I saw the kitchen. He got hold of a package of instant noodles indigenous the cupboard.He crushed the noodles by punching the package, and also opened it.After placing seasoning right into the bag, he shook the bag. He said, "It"s yummy, you should try it!"I ate it and also I liked it.I felt choose I to be doing something bad, since I thought you were supposed to boil the noodles first.

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These life instant noodle had actually a junky and cheap taste, but 9-year old me assumed it to be pretty good.And strange enough, this was a famous snack among my friends.Here is exactly how to eat raw prompt noodles...
1. Like the noodles

Before opened the package, make a fist and also crush the noodles.If friend like bigger pieces, then simply punch three times.

2. Open the bag.


3. Take out the soup packet. 
4. Sprinkle the contents of the soup packet right into the bag that noodles.

Note: carry out not put whatever in, as it will certainly be also salty.

 5. Close the bag and shake it.

You can coat the noodle pieces v the seasoning by shiver thoroughly.

6. Simply eat it by hand. 

It tastes prefer a snack referred to as Baby Star Ramen.Have you ever consumed it? This snack is quite renowned in Japan.

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What situation is suitable for eating raw immediate noodles?

It can be great for emergency cases like earthquake, hurricane, and flood when you don’t have access to hot water.You can eat raw prompt noodles as emergency food or snack.But don"t use too lot soup packet. It will certainly be too salty and you will obtain thirsty quickly.
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