It relies on just how you define good. Some people only accept statequalifying times as good, whereas others consider simply doingbetter 보다 the critical time they ran it as a an excellent time. That alsodepends on where you space in her training. If girlfriend train because that shortsprints, such as the 55m dash or the 100m dash, climate a an excellent timefor the 400m dash will be slower than a great time for a sprinterthat has trained for long sprints. Also, a long distance runnerwill have a various "good time" together well. Another varying factoris age/level. The frosh, jv, and varsity will all have differenttimes that are great for the 400m dash.

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The state qualifying time for girls is 59.75 seconds.

For varsity, the ideal people we had last year generally ran itin 59-61 seconds. The record 59.62 secs.

For fresh/soph, the document is 60.0 seconds. However, the typicaltime is about 63 seconds.

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As a general preeminence of thumb, under 60 secs is amazing, under70 is good, and also under 80 is acceptable.

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