Every athlete likes to to compare them-self come others, either in real competitions,or versus standard time or tests.

Here space some selections to select from:


To download the American Red cross Swimming and Water Safety hands-on for free, go tohttps://www.redcrosslearningcenter.org/s/candidate-water-safety scroll down to Participant Materials and click on and also open Swimming and also Water security Manual.

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The Cooper 12 minute swim test is on page 195, wherein it states “The 12-minute swim test, devised by Kenneth Cooper, M.D., is an easy, inexpensive way for men and women the all ages to test your aerobic volume (oxygen consumption) and also to chart their fitness program.”

Our swimming pool is 25 yards wide, therefore if friend swam 20 laps it would be 500 yards.500 yards that freestyle in 12 minutes would certainly be wonderful rating on the Cooper scale for a 60 or more year old guy or a 40-49 year old woman.It would rate good for a 40-49 year old guy or a 20-29 year old woman.It would rate fair because that a 20-29 year old man or a 13-19 year old woman.It would rate poor for a 13-19 year old male.


(This had no index, therefore I wrote one: Swimming and Water security 2009 index ).


For a more complicated test, think about the marine Seals candidate’s swim check of 500 yards breast- or sidestroke in much less than 12 minutes, 30 seconds.

If you to compare this to the Cooper swim test, remember the the Cooper test can be done with any type of stroke, and also most civilization do freestyle. Breaststroke and sidestroke room slower. (If we compare the required times for the 2004 Olympic Trials in 200 freestyle and breaststroke we watch that breaststroke takes 25% longer than freestyle.)

Plus you require to think about that the marine Seals check is done along with other tests. If you only have actually one check to take you can put out all her effort. As a prerequisite to their an overwhelming training, SEAL candidates must finish all this tests (one source said in much less than one hour):

500 yards breast- or sidestroke in less than 12 minutes, 30 seconds. (One source for this info said friend then obtain a ten minute rest)

42 push-ups in 2 minutes. (One resource said girlfriend then acquire a two minute rest)

50 sit-ups in 2 minutes.(One source said friend then obtain a 2 minute rest)

6 pull-ups.(one source said 8 pull-ups, no time limit v a 10 minute rest)

Run 1.5 mile in 11 minutes, 30 seconds (wearing boots).


A letter come participants in an “Escape indigenous Alcatraz” 1-1/2 mile ocean swim said“if her time for a mile in a pool is slower 보다 40 minutes,we do not introduce you attempt this swim.” The De Anza swimming pool is 25 yards wide, for this reason 70.4 laps (one width being one lap) would be a mile.

We volunteer together lifeguards at this races and you can want to check out advice because that lifeguards (and athletes) at open up water swims at Escape native Alcatraz ‘Sharkfest’ swim volunteering.

A mile is 1,609.334 meters, again 70.4 laps the the width of the De Anza college pool and many other “olympic”-sized pools.

In 2021 Katie Ledecky swam 1,500 meter in 15 minutes 37.34 seconds, to knife the first Olympic gold medal for ladies swimming that distance in the olympics.

1,500 meter is 30 lengths of the De Anza pool.


A six and also a half mile s swim race I volunteered at had a cut-off time the 4 hours, 20 minutes.


The navy Academy requires midshipmen to complete a 200 meter swim in 5 minutes, 12 seconds and a 40 foot underwater swim. (The De Anza pool is 25 yards wide, or 75 feet.)


You would be correct to guess: v that us don’t try the Navy Seals “combat sidestroke swim strokes excellent in complete uniform with boots” (maybe 60 pounds that equipment) or any abandon delivery drills / survive at sea drills in our swimming pool at De Anza College.

But we have actually sometimes make the efforts a Navy Seal swim 500 yards – breast or next Stroke test (done with various other tests including a 1.5 mile run) of

enlisted: optimum 9:30 minimum 12:30

officer: optimum 8:25 minimum 12:30

They call the swimming pool wherein you take the check the “Combat training Tank.”


U.S. Navy Diver physics fitness test native Wikipedia

“The test is composed of the following lugged out in the bespeak given:

swim 500 yards (or 450 m) utilizing just combat side stroke or breast stroke within 12 minute 30 secs (candidates are allowed to push off the sides as soon as turning. However, if the candidate offers the bottom to stand or rest, they will fail the test).

10-minute remainder period.

execute 50 push-ups in ~ 2 minute (Upper arms must parallel deck at dip and arms locked the end at the peak of the rep).

2-minute remainder period.

execute 50 curl-ups in ~ 2 minute (Bent knees. Candidates hands have to stay on the collarbone and also the elbows have to touch the knees).

2-minute rest period.

perform 6 pull-ups within 2 minute (no kipping or swinging is enabled and the chin need to clear the top of the bar on each repetition).

10-minute remainder period.

operation 1.5 mile (2.414 km) in ~ 12 minutes 30 seconds.”


A Samurai had the ability to swim almost 75 yards underwater ~ above one breath.


A more effective pull means it take fewer traction to cover a given distance. Mine swim students take it 14 to over 40 pulls to get across the 25 yard broad of the pool. Olympic champion Katie Ledecky usually needs 38 to 39 strokes to swim the 50 meter size of an Olympic-sized pool.


Look in ~ the National senior Games website for minimum performance standards for rivals in archery, golf, swimming, gyeongju walk and also many track and also field events.

From the official sports rules book, 2021 (with a couple of changes indigenous 2019 and also 2017, check out below)

50 garden freestyle

ages 50-54 men = 27.51 women = 33.08

ages 55-59 men = 28.80 females = 34.19

ages 60-64 guys = 29.08 females = 34.39

periods 70-74 males = 33.22 ladies 41.40

ages 80-84 guys = 41.40 females 56.16

periods 85-89 Men= 1:05.77 women = 1:08.67

ages 90+ men = 1:34.95 females = 2:30.20

Most years the competitions include: Backstroke: 50-, 100-, 200-Yard, Breaststroke: 50-, 100-, 200-Yard, Butterfly: 50-, 100-Yard, Freestyle: 50-, 100-, 200-, 500-Yard, separation, personal, instance Medley: 100-, 200- 400- Yard,


From the main Sports Rules publication 2019 (with a couple of changes native 2017 as displayed below).

Example: 50 garden freestyle

age 50-54: men 27.51 females 33.08

age 55-59: males 28.80 ladies 34.39

age 60-64: males 29.08 women 34.39

age 65-69: men 30.34 women 37.05

age 70-74: males 34.35 females 41.40

age 75-79: guys 36.80 females 47.49

age 80-84: men 41.40 females 56.16

age 85-89: males 1:13.08 ladies 1:08.67

age 90+: men 1:34.95 women 2:30.20


From the official Sports Rules book 2017.

Example: 50 garden freestyle

age 50-54: males 27.51 women 33.08

age 55-59: guys 28.80 females 34.39

age 60-64: men 29.08 females 34.39

age 65-69: guys 30.34 women 40.60

age 70-74: men 34.40 females 41.40

age 75-79: men 36.80 women 48.10

age 80-84: men 41.40 ladies 56.16

age 85-89: guys 1:21.20 women 1:08.67

age 90+: males 1:34.95 ladies 2:30.20


The existing (easier than most human being think!) prerequisite swim test for Red overcome lifeguards deserve to be uncovered on this website at: Lifeguard Training faqs


The Red overcome has had a pre-test because that lifeguard candidates the treading water for two minutes with your fingers in your armpits.


A British lifeguard pre-test included:

“Jump / dive into deep water swimming 50 metres in much less than 60 seconds Swim 100 metres repeatedly on former and earlier in deep water Tread water for 30 secs Surface dive to the floor that the swimming pool Climb out unaided there is no ladder / steps and where the pool architecture permits.”


Pensacola coast Lifeguards

“Position requirements for employment include the following:•Able to swim 600 yards in a swimming pool in 10 minutes or less•Able to run 1.5 mile on a track in 12 minute or less”

Again, our college “Olympic” sized pool is 25 yards wide, therefore if girlfriend swam 24 laps it would be 600 yards.


Most locations you might use to for a lifeguard task will not have any kind of swim test.

New York city forced all guards have the ability to swim “50 yards in 35 seconds with appropriate form.” pool guards also needed come swim 440 yards in 7 minutes, 40 seconds and beach safety in 6 minutes, 40 seconds. The beach guards additionally needed to finish a 300 yard ocean swim.

UCLA lifeguards had a test of 50 meter head-up crawl in 39.5 seconds and also finish a 200 meter individual medley (substituting sidestroke for the fly) in 3:55 or less.

Seattle Parks and Rec had actually a check of 50 yards head-up to crawl in 45 secs.

Some Arizona lifeguards were required to execute a 500 garden swim in 12 minutes and also tread water v arms crossed for 3 minutes.

An ocean lifeguard pretest consisted of a 1 mile beach operation within 8 minute followed instantly by a quarter mile (just under 400 meters) ocean swim in ~ 8 minutes. One more ocean lifeguard check asked for a 500 meter ocean swim in 10 minutes or less.

To occupational on a coast in Maine, lifeguards must be able to swim 500 yards in 10 minutes and also run 1 1/2 mile in 12 minutes.


Most crossings of the diagonal longest size of Lake Tahoe, about 21 to 22 miles, (6,225 feet altitude), take from a small over 10 hrs to almost 21 hours.

Are pets faster swimmers 보다 you?

Umbra, a previously stray dog, swam a mile in 28.5 minutes and also completed a master lake swim in Chicago that 3.1 mile in 77 minutes.

Olympic swimmers have been clocked at peak speeds of simply over 4 mph.

Sea turtles have the right to swim in ~ 20 miles per hour.


Tuna have the right to hit 62 mph. They have the right to swim in ~ 9 mph because that an indefinite time.

Elephants deserve to swim 20 miles or more per day. They usage their trunks as snorkels.

According to the SeaWorld/Busch Gardens pet Information Database

Dolphins swim at 40 knots and also up (about 45 miles every hour).

Generally sharks swim at speeds much less than 5 kph (about 3 mph). Because that the most part, bottom-dwelling sharks room slow-swimming. Makos are among the fastest sharks, reaching speeds up to 48 kph (30 mph).

“Polar bear are strong swimmers; lock swim across bays or broad leads there is no hesitation. They have the right to swim because that several hrs at a time over long distances. They’ve to be tracked swimming repeatedly for 100 kilometres (62 miles)

A polar bear’s front paws propel them through the water dog-paddle style. The hind feet and legs are organized flat and also are supplied as rudders.

Polar bear can acquire a swimming rate of 10 kph (6.2 mph)”

“Harbor seals swim with all 4 flippers: your hind flippers propel them forward, and their foreflippers aid them steer.

Harbor seals can swim forward and upside-down. They rarely swim backward.

Harbor seals deserve to swim approximately 19 kph (12 mph), but they typically cruise at slower speeds.”

The NPS says: “Muskrats have been observed swim underwater for approximately 17 minutes, surfacing for three seconds, and then going back underwater for another 10 minutes. Otters can remain submerged for number of minutes, dive come 55 feet and swim up to a quarter-mile underwater.”


Moose, that are quicker swimmers 보다 humans

“. . . Moose space incredible swimmers, at the very least as hoofed animals go. They are qualified of hitting speed of at least six miles per hour. The sounds like no much more than a jogging rate for humans, yet most humans deserve to only swim 2 miles every hour. High institution swimmers hit 3 to 4 miles every hour.Olympic swimmers win medals above five miles every hour.”

have built-in lifejackets

“Moose . . . Have thick fur coats with long hollow hair to insulate them down to temperatures of -60F. This also makes moose fur tremendously buoyant. Every the air molecules trapped in moose hair do what air wants to execute in water – climb to the surface. Therefore the coat of a moose acts as a lifejacket, a consistent force the tugs the moose to the surface.”



For a readjust of pace shot the Water Polo individual Medley:

head up backstroke through eggbeater kick

triple absent breaststroke

head-up freestyle

butterfly arms through breaststroke kick

There room a few more statistics at: history of swim section

Two thirds of drowning victim are good swimmers. Why you should wear a lifejacket.

Links to current rules and also regulations for swimming, water polo and triathlons are at: swimming classes frequently asked questions .

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United claims Navy physics Readiness test

swim portion as of 10 October 2002

(Test site elevation much less than 5,000 ft above sea level)

The De Anza pool is 25 yards wide, for this reason 20 laps (one broad being one lap) would be 500 yards.