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by David Finniss

This episode is unique in a lot of ways. A the majority of the episodes have actually Batman team up through a various DC superhero. This one has him team up v Robin. Also, the cold opens up usually act together their own mini-episode. While that’s the instance here, it also acts as a prologue to collection up the story of the episode.

If you’re a pan of the 60’s Batman show, you space going to love the intro. There are nods galore, the Shakespeare head, Robin’sunusual “holy” expressions, you even see Bruce and also Dick the end of costume, yes they’re in shadow, however still.

This episode features Crazy Quilt as the villain. As it transforms out, he is a genuine character and while some determinants are tweaked to do him more of a an individual enemy to Robin, they obtained his backstory right.

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It was rather amusing to see Robin’s reactions to Batman’s oblivious attitude. You can see why Robin gained annoyed, but at the same time girlfriend can’t help but laugh. Having actually Robin notice ...
crazy Quilt’s intention, only for Batman come announce it together if he simply thought of that is hilarious.

The running little with the sidecar was a perfect manifestation that Robin’s frustration. The acted together a metaphor, a throwback to the old show, and also proof that even Batman can ignore the ethical of the story. It was a perfect finishing though, i wouldn’t have had actually it any kind of other way.

You would certainly think the a villain through a name choose Crazy Quilt would certainly be the epitome of lame, however, that is in reality pretty effective here. That walks the fine balance in between legitimate menace and cornball, spewing all sorts the art connected puns. Still, he’s not a rogue one need to take lightly.

While it’s no the apex of what this show has to offer. The is a heavy one. The personalities are every pretty fine developed, you obtain a few throwbacks to the old show and also there is a fine sheep of humor thrown in for great measure.

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All in all, it to be a half hour well spent.