For RVers in the northern US, as soon as the leaves begin falling, the time to move south for the winter.

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Florida is one of the many popular choices for snowbirds due to the fact that of its abundant sunshine and tropical weather.

But RVers know a pilgrimage isn’t only about the destination. Where you start, the drive to Florida will bring you through a spectacular diversity that landscapes and also attractions. We room highlighting the optimal three north-south highways ~ above the East shore for an fun-filled trek come Florida.

These routes are packed v state parks, national Forests, museums, interesting towns and also cities and also more. We recommend RV snowbirds take it it slow and also explore all the tremendous sites along the way.

I-75: Michiganto Miami


Interstate 75 extends almost 1,800 miles from the optimal of Michigan to the suburbs of Miami. It crosses through six states prior to winding down Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Beginning ~ above the Canadian border in Ste. Sault Marie, Mich., I-75 descends through the woods of north Michigan to Detroit and then follows the coastline of Lake Erie into Ohio.

The road travels follow me the western side of the state v Cincinnati climate to Kentucky and Tennessee. During this stretch, RVers can take a short side pilgrimage to Cumberland drops or the great Smoky Mountains before crossing into Georgia and also heading in the direction of Atlanta.

Once in Florida, the path moves v the facility of the state before turning left toward Tampa. There, it connects to well-known snowbird destinations choose Sarasota, fort Myers and Naples before cutting across big Cypress National woodland to the leaf of Miami’s suburbs.


The Henry Ford, Dearborn, Mich.: Learn around American innovation, industry and transportation in this sprawling museum complex.

Cincinnati Zoo and also Botanical Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio: Visit with tigers, gorillas, giraffes and much more animals indigenous all roughly the world.

Kentucky steed Park, Lexington, Ky.: watch majestic horses perform in shows and also learn around the history of the animal.

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. And Ga. Border: see gorgeous views of the landscape and explore secret caves and also waterfalls.

I-77: Appalachian Adventure


Interstate 77 doesn’t expand all the way into Florida, but the 613-mile road traverses the heart of Appalachia prior to heading right into the Carolinas and connecting with I-95.

The route starts in Cleveland, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. From there, the travels through the state’s Appalachian foothills, which attribute abundant state parks. ~ crossing right into West Virginia, that winds through the strange Mid-Ohio Valley and enters the state’s capital of Charleston.

Then, I-77 travels towards the like the mountain Virginia border and meanders with a stretch that the George Washington and Jefferson national Forest. After ~ leaving Virginia, the runs with the Piedmont region of phibìc Carolina come the city that Charlotte, and then into the history-packed Olde English district of south Carolina come its terminus in the capital city of Columbia.


The Wilds, Cumberland, Ohio: Open selection safari featuring rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs and also more.

Tamarack, Beckley, W.V.: A big hub for in your ar made arts and also crafts, as well as freshly prepared cuisine.

Mount Airy, N.C.: The quaint phibìc Carolina town that offered as the incentive for the Andy Griffith Show’s Mayberry.

Carowinds, Charlotte, N.C.: 400-acre amusement park on the border that North and South Carolina.

I-95: every the means Down the east Coast


Interstate 95 is the longest north-south route in the U.S., and it travels the whole Eastern Seaboard.

Starting in ~ the Canadian border in Maine, I-95 touch 15 claims as it renders it method to Florida. In its north section, it overcome near practically every significant Northeast subway area, consisting of Boston, new York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

As the enters Virginia, it transforms inland and also heads towards Richmond, and then down v the seaside plains the North and South Carolina. That travels back towards the ocean as that enters Georgia near the historic city that Savannah.

In Florida, I-95 follows the Atlantic shore down to Miami and passes by height snowbird destinations favor Vero Beach, Boca Raton and also Fort Lauderdale.


The Breakers, Newport, R.I.: tour a historic mansion constructed by the Vanderbilts in ~ the turn of the 20th century.

Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Penn.: over 1,000-acre garden filled through gorgeous displays of flowers and also plants.

Fredericksburg and also Spotsylvania National military Park, Fredericksburg, Va.: Visit the website of few of the civil War’s most necessary battles.

Tybee Island, Ga.: Beautiful coast city through an top lighthouse just east of Savannah.

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