Welcome toGielinor

New and returning players will start on accuse Island wherein they"ll be met through Reginald. He"ll describe the basic mechanics of the game, including exactly how to relocate the player character and the camera.

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From over there you have to follow the tutorial to learn much more about the world in i m sorry you have have arrived.

Read on for a handy guide to your first couple of days in game, and beyond.

Get yourbearings

First up, you"ll should know how to gain around.

The Minimap is the adventurer"s best friend. And showing you the bordering area, it has actually two vital functions:

residence teleport This return you to any kind of lodestone (circular rock plinths found in most major cities) the you"ve visited and activated. Note that this can"t be done during combat, though. Civilization Map The best means to find your following adventure. Click the world Map button, then use the filtering options on the left of the civilization Map user interface to discover the form of contents you"re many interested in.
Paths andchallenges

stclairdrake.net has a classless progression system and a vast, open up world. It deserve to be difficult to decision what to carry out first.

If you ever need a nudge in the best direction, the Path System is because that you. It will point you to content based upon your an option of 3 categories: questing, combat and also non-combat skills.

Click the Compass icon, then select the route tab to get started.

Daily difficulties are another an excellent way to begin levelling up and learning around the variety of contents stclairdrake.net offers. These tasks can often be completed in as tiny as 20 minutes, and also get girlfriend a quite chunk that XP to boot.

Speak to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe to discover out more.


The delight of stclairdrake.net is the liberty it offers. Be an intrepid quester, a mighty warrior, a deft artisan...or all of those things!

Got the cave of the totally free game? take into consideration upgrading to member to unlock every little thing stclairdrake.net has to offer.


stclairdrake.net"s quests are its pride and also joy. No "Kill 10 boars" below - every one is a hand-crafted part of story, shot with with trademark humour and also packed with tasty rewards.

Your pursuit Journal is the an initial stop - click the Compass icon, then the quests tab.

Here room some proposal to begin you off:


The Blood Pact

Free come Play

Stop a cultists" plot to unleash one undead horde top top the city that Lumbridge.

Speak come Xenia in Lumbridge Graveyard, then delve deep.


Let castle Eat Pie

Free come Play

Wreak gastronomic damage on a greedy merchant and provide power ago to the people.

Contact pond Newton in Taverley and fight the an excellent fight.


One Piercing Note

Free to Play

Immerse you yourself in a bloody murder mystery at a sand-blasted desert monastery, finish with full voice acting and musical tracks.

Seek out Sister Catherina, east of Al Kharid.


Missing, Presumed Death

Members just

The gods have actually returned come Gielinor. Old grudges resurface as trickster Sliske kicks turn off a brand-new war.

Speak to brother Samwell north-east of Varrock and also start the sixth Age"s biggest storyline.


Gielinor"s a dangerous place, and many adventurers spend their days honing your combat skills to perfection.

Find out much more about combat, or see below for part content that"ll test her steel:


Abandoned Mine - Burthorpe

Free come Play

Heaving through trolls just itching for a scrap, this is a good place to begin your combat training.

Access the mine in ~ the northern end of Burthorpe.



Members just

Take jobs from a Slayer Master and also travel the world, using special gear to slay Gielinor"s deadliest beasts.

Speak to Turael in Taverley come begin.


Pest Control

Members just

Join the Void Knights and hold back the relentless incursion of the Void Pests, earning the ideal to bear the order"s iconic armour and also weapons.

Head there from the Void Knight delivery at port Sarim.

Non combat and support skills

There"s lot of of room for calm pursuits, too. Make her fortune crafting beneficial items and also selling them, level up support an abilities that"ll aid you as you travel, or even develop your very own home.

Find out more about stclairdrake.net"s skills, or read on for some great starting points:


The Nexus

Free come Play

Prayer grants beneficial buffs because that many locations of the game, and holding ago an eldritch monstrosity south of Lumbridge it s okay you a leg-up in the skill.

Speak to Ysondria in Lumbridge Swamp and also get your hands dirty.

Trade Skills

Some free, some members only

Gather, create and also dominate. Collect beneficial materials, climate smith or craft powerful weapons and also armour to use or sell.

Speak come the ability trainers in Burthorpe because that a head start.

Lumbridge Thieves" Guild

Members only

Bring a touch of larcenous course to Gielinor together you help found the dapperest den the villainy around.

Enter the trapdoor north of Lumbridge and also contact Darren Lightfinger to begin the introduce Buyers and also Cellars quest.


Members only

Call soon beasts indigenous the spirit Realm to assist you in combat, ability training and also more.

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Speak to Pikkupstix in Taverley to begin the wolf Whistle quest.

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