Mithril dragons room a nostalgiac, durable dragon that most of us most likely remember trying to death as a kid. They to be introduced together with the ancient Cavern together an upgrade from stole Dragons from year past and came through a shiny new Dragon Fullhelm as a drop.

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Unfortunately, they’ve never really been straightforward or rewarding to kill due to how inaccurate also maxed players will certainly hit against them. This quick guide will certainly be because that those wanting to perform them for slayer jobs or just to be a completionist in this game.

Gearing Up

Since this dragon has an extremely high basic defense with the just stab gift a slight weak point, the idea is to gain the best stab & strength set up to acquire in part his. This must either usage the Dragon Hunter Lance or a Zamorakian Hasta, v the previous having a 20% accuracy bonus versus any dragon.

The armor must be consisted of of Bandos armor through a fighter hat (for accuracy) and Primordial Boots. A Dragonfire shield is a must-have for attack stats, defensive stats and how it deserve to ward turn off the dragon’s powerful breath. An extended anti-fire potion should still be offered in combination.

An amulet the torture should be supplied in the necklace slot, although a fury would certainly be an ideal as well (having a stab bonus). Barrows Gloves, an penetration Treasonous Ring and any god blessing would certainly be other an ideal accessories.

While an Inferno Cape would be good, any kind of tier that Ardougne cloak would certainly be far better due come the stab accuracy and also prayer bonus. Any skill cape would additionally do OK because that the prayer bonus, but it would certainly be much less than efficient.

Your backpack have to consist of supervisor Combat Potions, a couple of prayer potions and lots that high-healing food to endure the fight. Saradomin Brews or combo food isn’t really necessary as this no the form of fight for damage to stack up against you like various other bosses.

Getting There

The easiest method to get there is come use any teleport to barbarian Assualt and also walking south to the large pool in the river. Since there is a bank inside, using the exact same teleport ago is just fine for a financial institution trip. If you have a pool in your house, that would certainly be a better alternative to regain prayer and also hitpoints.

Alternatively, you might teleport to clan wars to reclaim your stats, and also then earlier to barbarian Assault.

Go to the southeastern part of the cave past the brutal green dragons and make your method up to part subtly inserted stairs. This will lug you to two Mithril Dragons, surrounding by part mithril rocks and also stalagmites.

The Fight

Unlike later on bosses, this dragon does not have any special strikes to avoid and also no equipment switching required. Girlfriend simply have to tank and deal damages until the hit is over. Also with the finest gear, girlfriend will notice a many zeroes versus it, i beg your pardon is the key annoyance the it.

If you have actually a rather low melee defense, you can pray to safeguard from melee and take whatever magic access time are faced you. If you have a melee defense setup, you should rather pray versus magic and also tank the melee hits. In either case, you will certainly dwindle in food supply anyway.


Since it is an old enemy, the drop table might seem rather underwhelming aside from its rarely drops. You have to expect to get rune maces, rune battleaxes, runite bolts, and also Dragon Bones as the key items to choose up.

You will certainly occasionally gain Chewed skeleton that basically serve as another roll ~ above the autumn table. The can also drop extr items favor runite darts and various mixed potions. The course, a 1/250 roll at a Dragon full Helm is the key reason to store these.

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To cash in her Chewed Bones, girlfriend will have actually to develop a barbaric Pyre outside the dungeon. You put these bones on a Pyre ship with a tinderbox and logs come summon the spirit. When he is laid to rest and you check out the computer animation of his ghost, the article will appear in your inventory.

Wrapping Up

Obtaining a Dragon full Helm is incredibly rare and few players have acquired such one achievement. If you are going come this helmet as a consistent player, friend might also grind other bosses to save up money to buy one. Together an ironman, you will certainly probably have actually long grind ahead, or plain luck during a slayer task. And if you desire to be more powerful in game, to buy runescape gold & 07rs gold from stclairdrake.net now, enjoy!