In RuneScape, part players and also moderators obtain a special symbol in prior of their name. What are all of them, and what do they mean?

I"m asking since I saw one I perform not recognize, and also I desire to learn more.

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This is the one i am especially asking about, though I want to learn around all the them.



The one in inquiry you point out denotes a player that is one Ironman. Examine out this connect on the wiki. There are 7 badges at this time in the video game including this one.

There are 3 crown"s, gold, silver, and purple which represent Jagex Mods, Player Mods, and also Community partner (AKA regional Mods) dong .A red skull which reflects a Hardcore Ironman.

Also there is a surprise eighth badge because that Forum Mods that is a environment-friendly crown. This one go not display in video game though and also only shows on the forums.


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