The boy in the striped Pajamas characters The main characters in The young in the strip Pajamas room Bruno, Shmuel, Gretel, Bruno’s mother, and also Bruno’s father.

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Bruno is the kid of a Nazi commandant that befriends Shmuel.Shmuel is a young polishing Jew who does not recognize why the is in the concentration camp. He befriends Bruno, and also the 2 share plenty of similarities in spite of their various circumstances.Gretel is Bruno’s sister and a staunch support of Nazi propaganda.Bruno’s mother is greatly ignorant that what goes on in Auschwitz.Bruno’s father is proud of his high-ranking position in the German military.
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Bruno is the son of a Nazi commandant who is forced to leaving his house in Berlin and also move to Auschwitz wherein his father has been reassigned. That is wake up to leave Berlin wherein he has three good friends, is close to his grandparents, and lives in a lovely home. Bruno is characterized by an endearing childhood innocence i m sorry becomes particularly poignant once he meets a young sinner on the other side of a fence near his house. Bruno stays strikingly unaffected through the war and also unmoved through the Nazi beliefs and propaganda which he confronts daily. This may well be due to his young period or the an outcome of his character. In any case, Bruno represents man"s volume for kindness and also compassion.



Shmuel is a young polishing Jew that is a sinner in Auschwitz. Bruno meets him at a fence while experimenting near his house. Shmuel is as innocent as Bruno and seems no to quite know why the is a prisoner. Shmuel reveals the his mommy is a teacher that speaks German (which she has actually taught him), French, Italian and also English (which she plans to teach him). Until the deportation, Shmuel lived through his mother, father and also brother above his father"s watchmaking shop. He speak Bruno around how the came residence from school one work to discover his mom making armbands for the family which the Nazis compelled them come wear. Bruno has a difficult time comprehending few of the story Shmuel tells him since it appears so unimaginable come him. Shmuel becomes worried when his father goes lacking in the camp and also asks for Bruno"s aid in finding him. Bruno"s willingness to aid his friend outcomes in both the them dying at the merciless hand of the Nazis.

Bruno and also Shmuel it seems ~ to lead parallel however mutually exclude, lives. Castle share common interests, the very same birthday, and a similar perspective ~ above life. Your friendship is not just unlikely; it defies possibility. In a world and a time where human being were gift told what to think, that to hate and also what relationship were acceptable, Bruno and also Shmuel demonstrate how resistant and also resilient children can be and also how crucial kindness and compassion are.


Gretel, Bruno"s larger sister, annoys that a good deal; he refers to her together a "Hopeless Case" that does nothing however cause that grief. Gretel fancies herself far an ext mature and worldly 보다 Bruno, despite her doll arsenal which would certainly seem to symbolize her naivete. Gretel is progressively interested in the beliefs and activities of the Nazi party and, after their relocate to Auschwitz, befriends one of the Nazi camp guards. In an effort to demonstrate her devotion and dedication to the ideals that the Hitler Youth, Gretel provides up her doll collection for Nazi propaganda posters and also literature. Gretel may represent those in German culture who were conscious of the horrors of the Holocaust but made a conscious choice to perform nothing to help others.

Bruno"s Mother

Bruno"s mommy tries no hope to shield her youngsters from the horrors the the Holocaust i m sorry is ensuing virtually in your backyard. To some extent, she seems to rotate a remote eye to what her husband does for a living and also to what is following in the camp. She i do not care distraught once she learns the Auschwitz is no a concentration camp...

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