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I have actually a 2009 gmc sierra finaly had the truck functioning fie yet know that doesn"t wanna begin at all. I think that the safety neutral switch is there any way for me to bypass the or brief it the end so my truck can start? therefore I can replace that on a lift from my understanding there that is situated in the tranny the self. I found one wire the goes to the ecm labeling neutral switch signal however not certain if i have the right to just throw a 12v come it in order to trick it. Any assist would be great thanks you guys
I would certainly test security switch, starter, wiring etc. And also fix that correctly. If you rig that to constantly shoe park or neutral the will set codes because that neutral security switch for there being auto speed in park or neutral and trans will not change if computer system sees park or neutral . Go park light up top top dash? have actually you tried starting it in neutral?
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How have the right to i check the switch. Starter and also everything else works fine tested. Yes at this time does display park etc, but before this occur it would disappear. Correctly i exhausted to begin it in park, neutral, drive etc. This is not expected as a permeant fix just temp for me to begin the truck and get it to a background to change the switch. Indigenous my know it is situated in next the tranny and also no method to acquire to it v the truck on the street.

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