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By Budha-Styler
Call the Duty civilization At WarDeath Cards List

compiled by Budha-Styler(moose_with_a_head top top hotmail)ThunderMission: Semper Fi (Eight that Hearts)Effect: Headshots reason enemies come explodeLocation: in ~ the very beginning after ~ leaving the shack, you will see another shack come the right. The map is inside.Hard HeadedMission: little Resistance (Four of Clubs)Effect: adversaries take less bullet damageLocation: at the end of the mission before going right into the critical building, look come the right. The card is in a edge of bushes.Suicide KingMission: hard Landing (King of Hearts)Effect: Fire explosive pistol rounds while downedLocation: about halfway with the mission you will watch a big building through a mini-trench outside. Enter the building, and also go right into the reduced level. The map is come the right as soon as you enter the room with the stairs.

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Cold Dead HandsMission: Vendetta (Five the Diamonds)Effect: opponents take your weapons through them come the graveLocation: after the sniper section at the first part of the mission, Reznov will lead you v a building. Follow the bar around to the end to uncover the card.Sticks & StonesMission: your Land, their Blood (Joker)Effect: her weapon arsenal consists of a knife and also rocksLocation: destroy the tanks, and go with the barn. Find the stalls come your right to find the card.VampireMission: Burn 'em the end (Queen that Hearts)Effect: deserve to only recharge your health and wellness by getting killsLocation: Just before the second mortar position is a bunker to the left. The map is inside.Flak JacketMission: sewage (Nine of Diamonds)Effect: opponents take much less explosive damageLocation: at the end of the mission, take either the left or right path. Eventually the paths will reconnect. The card is about halfway down the path.Body ArmorMission: Ring of stole (Jack that Spades)Effect: opponents die by headshot onlyLocation: get in the asylum, the instantly go to the left. The map is in the far bottom left corner.Undead SoldierMission: Eviction (Ace of Spades)Effect: opponents come ago from the deadLocation: during the first half of the mission, just after the kitchen area, friend will eventually see a room come your appropriate that has actually a large hole in it. Drop under to discover the card.PainkillerMission: Blowtorch & Corkscrew (Ten that Clubs)Effect: shooting downed Co-op team members to recovery themLocation: walk to the left as you move toward the 2nd bunker. A Japanese soldier hanging upside under is close to the card.BerserkerMission: Breaking allude (Three that Diamonds)Effect: acquire three kills in five seconds to become BerserkLocation: clear all 4 mortar pits, then walk to the little shack in the southern of this area. The map is inside.PaintballMission: heart of the Reich (Six that Clubs)Effect: Paintball gunsLocation: The map is in the closed-off subway entrance throughout the street indigenous the start of the mission.VictoryMission: Downfall (Two of Spades)Effect: limits your HUD, transforms on familiar fire, and bleed out in fifty percent the timeLocation: before you gain to the theater, few of your allies will certainly break through a door to your right. The card is previous that door.