Owners who want to keep more than one hamster in the exact same cage must opt for the Dwarf species. These deserve to be maintained in pairs or groups - however they will certainly still need plenty of space,as they space territorial. Syrian hamsters, however (and periodically Chinese too) should be preserved alone. If lock share their cage with an additional hamster lock become an extremely stressed, which leader to illness, violence, or both. The dimension of the enclosure makes no distinction - these males simply don"t hit it off. So, if you desire a common cage, stick to the Dwarf varieties, such as Roborovskis or Winter Whites.

Some hamsters can get on v each various other - most of the time!

NOTE: There are no promises that hamsters will get on - even the Dwarf varieties. And also if fights break out, you will certainly need one more cage so that you have the right to separate the furry foes. If this isn"t going come be straightforward thing come do, it might be best to opt for a Syrian hamster, i beg your pardon should constantly be kept on that own.

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Keeping Hamsters Together

Here are a couple of tips and also tricks for keeping multiple hamsters happy and safe:

Introduce hamsters when they"re young

Keeping brothers or sisters with each other is a great idea, together they have known each other since birth. Hamsters that room littermates will typically have currently sorted out who"s in charge, and also all those various other social niceties. If friend can’t adopt hamsters indigenous the exact same nest, introduce them to every other prior to they reach eight mainly old. Hamsters over this period will no react fine to the advent of a newbie.

It"s finest to present hamsters to each other once they"re tho young
Make certain your cage is huge enough

Even hamsters who gain along will loss out if they’re preserved in a cage that"s also small. To avoid this, purchase a cage big enough because that your varieties of your pet. Have actually a watch in our hamster housing section for an ext information.

Have more than one feeding area

One tip supplied to protect against fights is come supply every hamster with their own food bowl and also water bottle. This deserve to reduce fighting, together hamsters can constantly eat in other places if the leading one is emotion protective that his food.

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Be sure of the genders

As a general hamster rule, male teams tend to resolve down more easily 보다 female ones. If you’re no planning to breed hamsters, make certain you recognize what gender you"re getting before adopting or purchasing your pets. Shops sometimes erroneously sex the pets they are selling, or simply lose track of the individuals they have actually at that allude in time. Hamsters have the right to reproduce really quickly, and also since they are often an extremely territorial, an unanticipated litter have the right to mean that you need to buy a lot of of brand-new cages if you can"t uncover someone who wants a cute baby hamster!

Keep an eye top top the hamsters" behavior

Even hamsters that have actually been obtaining on simply fine deserve to occasionally revolve on each other for no evident reason. It may be to perform with environment, disturbance, or some various other hard-to-pinpoint stress trigger. Or simply the grumpiness of advancing years! If it happens, you’ll must separate the hamsters. Save a nearby eye on the interactions: if blood has actually been drawn, if one hamster is continuous chasing or harassing another, or avoiding a cage-mate indigenous accessing food, the time to intervene and separate them. Put the offending hamster in a various cage because that a week, and also then shot and placed it back in with its old friend. Even better, reintroduce the hamsters top top neutral ground prior to returning lock both to the initial cage.

Watch them carefully for a few hours. If, after ~ separation, they are still not getting on with each other, the separation will have to be permanent. Sadly, it"s not unusual for these problems to affect the wellness of your hamsters - both aggressor and victim - and also fights can even prove fatal. So, to be safe, save warring hamsters apart.