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I will certainly be relocating my child off come college next week and also need some aid from the Caravan experts. We will certainly be delivering a complete size mattress and box springs. Ns am wondering if anyone has actually transported a complete size mattress/box springs in a Caravan? it looks favor it will fit v the measurements but I was hoping someone have the right to share if they have actually excellent it. Really don"t desire to rental a cargo van......Thanks

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A complete size mattress is 54". Friend might be able to jam the in if its flexible, but the box springs won"t fit. Size is fine, yet the width will certainly be a problem.
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It will probably fit if you was standing it top top its side, however, the an obstacle will be acquiring the box spring v an opening right into (and the end of) the van. I"ve hauled some relatively good-sized furniture in mine 99 GC, yet some other things I thought would it is in OK wouldn"t go through any of the doors.
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I relocated a mattress because that a friend in university recently. I believe she had a queen dimension one. The mattress fit diagonally inside the van and the box spring to be strapped ~ above top. I"ll try to uncover the thread i started when I inquiry the very same question.Edit, I uncovered the thread:
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Yes, a full size mattress and box spring will certainly fit. Mine is a 2005 through stow and go seating. That tight but here"s how: *see picture
Full dimension mattress and also full size box spring will certainly fit and lay flat in my third gen. A queen size is contempt wider, it needs to sit diagonally.I would certainly assume that the boxy fifth gen has actually the very same or higher cargo dimensions contrasted to a curvy 3rd gen.Full sized mattress is 53"x 75"
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Some mattresses and boxsprings room 14" or an ext in depth. The may cause problems even if put diagonally.