Dried fruit are those fruit where most of the water contnt has actually been removed from them.

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They are pretty popular these days as treats and also snacks because of their sweet taste and health values.

There are countless different dried fruits that you might possibly eat include;Dates Dried apples Dried apricots Dried peaches Dried plums Figs Raisins

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So if they space so good for us, room they any good for guinea pigs?

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The thing around dried fruit is that they are really sweet which instantly springs alarm bells as far as guinea pigs space concerned.

Sugar is not an excellent for guinea pigs in general and also for any kind of food that is high in sugar need to only be fed to guinea pigs infrequently.

Raisins for instance contain 59.9g that sugar every 100g, i m sorry is a vast amount of sugar intake for guinea pigs to handle.

Its not to say the they can not eat them or nibble ~ above them, yet they really shouldn’t be component of your diet at all.

If you do want to feed them to her piggies, then very little amounts a few times a month will suffice yet anything an ext than that will be rather detrimental come them.

Too much sugar will offer them tummy trouble and also probably an outcome in diarrhoea, and so this is true for many high sugar foods.

Can guinea pigs eat frozen dried fruit?

Freeze-drying is as soon as the fruit is frozen and also then put in a chamber which sucks out the water content and also then the fruit is s out.

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Like dried fruit, freeze dried fruit have the right to be fed to piggies to nibble on, however they space still really high in sugar and so nothing much more than as soon as or twice a month in very little amounts.

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