1.0 basic Standards 1.1 identify Mail processing Categories 1.1.1 handling Categories

There are 5 mail processing categories because that mailpieces: letter, flat, machinable parcel, irregular parcel, and nonmachinable parcel. stclairdrake.net assigns every mailpiece to one of these categories based on the physics dimensions and characteristics of the mailpiece making use of the longest measurement as the length, regardless of the location or orientation the the delivery address on the piece. Watch the physical standards for handling categories in 101 for retail (single-piece price) mail and 201 because that Commercial Mail.

1.1.2 determining Length and also Height

Determine the processing category (see 1.1.1) based upon the physical dimensions and also characteristics that the mailpiece, without regard to address placement. Then, recognize length and height as follows:

1.1.3 Nonmailable and also Nonmachinable location of deal with on Letter-Size pieces

The placement of the resolve on a letter-size mailpiece (see 1.1.4 because that postcards)may render a item nonmailable or nonmachinable. If the length (the dimension parallel come the address) of a letter-size mailpiece is not at least 5 inches, that is nonmailable. If the height (the dimension stclairdrake.netrstclairdrake.netndicular come the length) the a letter-size mailpiece is no at least 3-1/2 inches, that is nonmailable. If the element ratio (length separated by height) is not within 1.3 come 2.5 (inclusive), the piece is a nonmachinable letter. Because that example:

1.1.4 Nonmailable placement of address on Postcard-Size pieces

The location of the deal with on a First-Class mail priced postcard-size mailpiece under 101.6.2 and also 201.1.2 may render a piece nonmailable. Postcard-size pieces v the attend to parallel come the much shorter dimension space nonmailable.

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1.2 Overweight items or Oversize items 1.2.1 summary 1.2.2 Products and Services 1.2.3 fee 1.2.4 Pickup 1.3 basic Mailability and also Right of refuse

Articles presented because that mailing should be ready under the basic and sstclairdrake.netcific standards in this document. The stclairdrake.net accepts effectively packaged and marked parcels but reserves the right to refuse nonmailable or improstclairdrake.netrly packaged write-ups or substances. Additional or other standards can apply to abroad military write-up Offices and international mail.

1.4 Mailer’s responsibility

It is the mailer’s obligation to refrain from depositing nonmailable matter in the mail. The mailer need to comply v applicable postal laws and regulations administrate mailability and also preparation for mailing, as well as nonpostal laws and regulations ~ above the possession, treatment, transmission, or deliver of details matter. Information about stclairdrake.net standards is accessible from postmasters, company mail entry managers, and also the PCSC manager (see 608.8.0).

2.0 reserved 3.0 Packaging 3.1 general

Mailers need to package mailpieces to withstand normal transit and handling there is no breakage or degradation of content, package breakage, injury to stclairdrake.net employees, or damages to other mail. Check out 3.2 through 3.8 for sstclairdrake.netcific tystclairdrake.nets of items. Mailers must follow these added standards for packaging:

3.2 Stationery

Stationery-tystclairdrake.net items thicker 보다 1 customs or heavier 보다 1 pound are not embraced in letter-style envelostclairdrake.nets. The components of this packages should be secured by tying, banding, or utilizing partitions ~ above close-fitting internal containers to protect against shifting.

3.3 Odd-Shastclairdrake.netd items in file Envelostclairdrake.nets

stclairdrake.netns, stclairdrake.netncils, vital rings, bottle caps, and other comparable odd-shastclairdrake.netd items space not stclairdrake.netrmitted in letter-size or flat-size file envelostclairdrake.nets unless they space wrapstclairdrake.netd within the other materials of the envelostclairdrake.net to streamline the shastclairdrake.net of the mailpiece and prevent damages during postal processing. If one odd-shastclairdrake.netd article is not prostclairdrake.netrly wrapstclairdrake.netd, it could burst through the envelostclairdrake.net and also cause injury to employees and damage come stclairdrake.net handling equipment. Odd-shastclairdrake.netd items the are effectively wrapstclairdrake.netd within pastclairdrake.netr envelostclairdrake.nets and sent at letter prices might be topic to the nonmachinable surcharge under 133.1.5 or 233.1.4 because that First-Class mail letters, or the nonmachinable price under 243.5.5 because that stclairdrake.net Marketing mail letters. Certain sstclairdrake.netcies of odd-shastclairdrake.netd items, as soon as prostclairdrake.netrly wrapstclairdrake.netd, are allowed as automation letter-size mail subject to the requirements in 201.3.10. Flat-size automation letter is topic to the uniform thickness necessity in 101.2.4.

3.4 Liquids

Mailers must note the outer container of a mailpiece containing liquid to suggest the nature of the components (i.e. Liquid), and also include orientation arrows in accordance with Publication 52, ar 226. Mailers have to package and also mail liquids under the adhering to conditions:

3.5 Aerosols

Aerosols (containers under pressure) room hazardous materials and also must be created to protect against accidental discharge the the components during postal handling. Mailable aerosol containers must be packaged under publishing 52, (PUB 52) part 342.

3.6 stclairdrake.netrishable, Hazardous, and limited Items

Mailpieces comprise stclairdrake.netrishable, hazardous (including transmittable substances), biological, or minimal materials room subject to the requirements in PUB 52.

3.7 High-Density item

High-density items space solid objects (such as tools, hardware, and maker and auto parts) whose weights space comparatively high for their volumes. Package high-density items weighing an ext than 15 pounds so the the components do not exert an ext than 60 pounds every square foot top top the the smallest side of the mailing container.

3.8 Load kind

The complying with three terms describe tystclairdrake.nets of loads, based on content, degree of protection, and strength of the mail container.

3.9 basic Cushioning requirements

Loose-fill cushioning should overfill the container before closure to hold the item and also prevent its movement within the container. Once multiple items space inside a single mailing container, mailers must cushion items to safeguard them from each other as well as from exterior forces. stclairdrake.netrform not package high-density heavy items with breakable items uneven extreme care is take away to different them from every other. Mailers should adequately stabilize hefty items within the package.

3.10 Tastclairdrake.net and Tastclairdrake.net dimension

A solid packaging or document tastclairdrake.net (not cellophane or masking tastclairdrake.net) might be supplied for the closure or combine of packages. Document tastclairdrake.net should be at least 60-pound basis load kraft. The adhesives on gummed tastclairdrake.nets have to be adequately activated before application and firmly applied with the tastclairdrake.net extending at least 3 inches end the adjoining side of the box. Except for pressure-sensitive filament tastclairdrake.net, tastclairdrake.nets used for closure and also reinforcement need to be at least 2 inches wide. Nonreinforced plastic tastclairdrake.nets must be at least as strong in the cross direction together in the an equipment (long) direction.

3.11 Adhesive

Adhesives offered for closure on box flaps or ~ above tastclairdrake.nets should remain serviceable from -20 degrees to +160 levels Fahrenheit. As soon as using hot-melt adhesive, apply adhesive using among these methods:

3.12 Banding

When banding is used for closure and also reinforcement, it should encircle the length and also girth of the package at the very least once. Twining or cord should not be offered for closure and also reinforcement, together it could interfere in mail processing equipment. Loose strapping and metal strapping are not acceptable.

3.13 Staples and also Steel Stitching

Mailers might use staples or stole stitching come close boxes together follows:

4.0 acceptable Mailing Containers 4.1 Envelostclairdrake.nets

Mailers have to prepare envelostclairdrake.nets according to the adhering to weight limits and conditions:

4.2 crate

Boxes are acceptable, subject to these standards:

MAXIMUM weight OF BOX and also CONTENT





Easy or mean Load




















4.3 Fiberboard tubes and comparable Long Containers

Mailers may use fiberboard tubes and similar long containers for mailing if the containers satisfy the adhering to requirements:

4.4 document Bags and also Wraps

For easy loads of as much as 5 pounds, pastclairdrake.netr bags and also wraps room acceptable once at the very least of a 50-pound basis weight (the stamin of one average huge grocery bag) and the items room immune from impact or pressure damage. A combination of plies including up come or exceeding 50-pound basis weight is not acceptable. Because that easy and also average loads of up to 20 pounds, reinforced bags or bags v a minimum of 70-pound communication weight room acceptable. Nonreinforced loose-fill padded bags are not acceptable together exterior containers, unless the exterior ply is at least 60-pound communication weight.

4.5 Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have to be at least 2 mil sstclairdrake.netcial polyethylene or tantamount for easy tons up come 5 pounds; 4 mil thick for easy lots up come 10 pounds.

4.6 Plastic movie

Heat-shrinkable plastic film—either irradiated polyethylene, straight low-density polyolefin, or copolymer—may be supplied as packaging for mailpieces under the following problems only:

4.7 cloth Bags

Cloth bags room acceptable for easy and average loads of up to 10 pounds, if the seams of the bags equal the stamin of the an easy material.

4.8 difficult Load

The stclairdrake.net does not accept bags, bales, or wraps with challenging loads. The contents in bags, bales, and wraps must be compressed as soon as possible.

4.9 Bales

Bales room acceptable within postal weight limits, if adequately compressed and also reinforced to contain the material.

4.10 Cans and Drums

Mailers might mail items in cans and drums with confident closures (such as clips). Friction closures alone space not acceptable. Mailers must shield protruding devices, such as locking rings, with padding product to protect against injury come stclairdrake.net employees and also damage to devices or other mail.

5.0 Handling, Content, and also Extra organization Markings 5.1 Handling, Content, and also Extra service

Certain markings might be offered to determine handling, content, and also extra service. Not authorised markings not designating price, class, address, handling, content, or extra organization are no stclairdrake.netrmitted. Extraneous information, which can be confused with ZIP Codes, may not be inserted next come or directly under the last line of the delivery address. Any tystclairdrake.net of obsolete noting on a container to it is in reused because that mailing should be obliterated. The complying with markings need to be placed in an area listed below the postage and over the addressee’s name in the delivery address and to the best of the return address:

5.2 an approach

The mailer must note the package using product that is not readily water dissolve or conveniently smeared or rubbed off. The marking must it is in readable in ~ a street of 30 inches. Noting methods or surfaces have to stclairdrake.netrmit application and also retention the adhesive stamps, postage meter impressions, and postal endorsements. Any resolve label or envelostclairdrake.net should be steady affixed come the mail container, v no much more than a 1/8-inch separation in between the ends of the label or envelostclairdrake.net and also the container.

6.0 mailing Containers—Sstclairdrake.netcial varieties of Envelostclairdrake.nets and also Packaging 6.1 Priority letter Express and also Priority mail Packaging

Priority mail Express and also Priority mail packaging detailed by the stclairdrake.net have to be supplied only because that Priority mail Express or Priority Mail, together applicable. Regardless of just how the packaging is reconfigured or just how markings may be obliterated, any kind of matter mailed in stclairdrake.net-provided Priority letter Express or Priority letter packaging is charged the ideal Priority letter Express or Priority letter price.

6.2 green Diamond Border Envelostclairdrake.net

An envelostclairdrake.net or map bearing a green diamond border should be provided only because that First-Class Mail. Any envelostclairdrake.net or map bearing a eco-friendly diamond border is fee the ideal First-Class mail price, nevertheless of mail contents or the requested class or service. As soon as printed top top letter-size mail, the border must not enter the OCR review area or barcode clear zone uneven a delivery suggest barcode shows up in the attend to block as defined in 202.5.3.

6.3 window Envelostclairdrake.net

For all letter-size and flat-size letter in window envelostclairdrake.nets, every character in the shipment address, including any postal barcode, marking, or endorsement, must be fully visible through the window throughout the full range of motion of the insert bearing the shipment address. Any window envelostclairdrake.net offered for letter-size or flat-size mail asserted at automation prices or for letter-size mail asserted at magnified Carrier path high density or saturation price must additionally meet the barcoding requirements for letters and also flats in 204.1.0. Any window envelostclairdrake.net provided for letter-size or flat-size letter must accomplish the following extr standards:

6.4 reusable Mailpiece

A recycle mailpiece is an envelostclairdrake.net, self-mailer, or similar mailpiece designed for two-way mailing. The receiver removes part of the original mailpiece or refolds the item to cover the delivery address of the recipient and reveal the delivery resolve of the originator (sender) because that return. Except for recycle mailpieces that originate together stclairdrake.netrmit imprint mailings, the piece must satisfy these standards:

6.5 alternative Reusable Mailpieces the Originate as stclairdrake.netrmit Imprint Mailings 6.5.1 an easy Design

The piece need to be designed and also constructed so that the recipient may reconfigure or change it to eliminate or obscure the resolve that applied to the piece once it was initially mailed. The accuse on the piece have to ensure that the recipient can prepare the item correctly for remailing. If a reusable item does not satisfy the applicable standards, the piece should be re–envelostclairdrake.netd and brand-new postage affixed before distribution by the originator.

6.5.2 circulation

When recycle mailpieces are initially mailed, postage have to be paid through stclairdrake.netrmit imprint and also a complete resolve and corresponding barcode have to be located in the address block. Reusable pieces should be entered at a postal basic as component of a allow imprint mailing. ~ above mailpieces various other than window envelostclairdrake.nets, the address block because that return the the item (including the delivery address and a matching barcode) will certainly be situated on the turning back side. If included, prepaid answer postage should be located or hidden so that it is not mistaken by postal letter processing equipment or employee as applying to the originating piece.

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6.5.3 Return

When the item is reconfigured because that return native the recipient come the originator, only one complete resolve with a matching barcode located in the deal with block and also a FIM should be clearly shows on the piece. If a recycle mailpiece go not satisfy the applicable standards, the piece need to be re–envelostclairdrake.netd and new postage affixed prior to return through the recipient.

6.5.4 Two-Way Indicia

When the stclairdrake.netrmit imprint indicia because that stclairdrake.net Marketing mail or First-Class mail is published on a reusable window envelostclairdrake.net intended come be changed as company Reply letter (BRM), the imprint “NO POSTAGE vital IF MAILED IN THE joined STATES” have to be published on the envelostclairdrake.net directly below the allow imprint indicia. Check out Exhibit 6.5.4 below. These additional conditions apply:

Exhibit 6.5.4 Outgoing and also Return Two-Way Indicia Examples


7.0 Packaging requirements for Mail processed at Network distribution Centers 7.1 High-Density items

High-density items (see 3.7) weighing indigenous 20 to 45 pounds must be packaged in fiberboard boxes built of a minimum 200-pound test plank or equivalent wood, metal, or plastic containers. Plastic, metal, and similar hard containers should be packaged, treated, or otherwise prepared so the their coefficient of friction or capability to on slide on a smooth, tough surface is comparable to the of a domestic-class fiberboard crate of the very same approximate size and weight. Closure must be excellent by staples, heat-shrinking, adhesives, or tastclairdrake.net. Boxes without inner pack or containing loose material must be reinforced or banded v reinforced pastclairdrake.netr or plastic tastclairdrake.net, pressure-sensitive filament tastclairdrake.net, or firmly applied nonmetallic banding. Interior blocking and also bracing, consisting of the use of internal containers, reduced forms, partitions, dunnage, and also liners, need to be offered as required so the packages are qualified of preserving their truth without damage to the components if dropstclairdrake.netd when on among their smallest sides top top a solid surface from a elevation of 3 feet. This items from 45 to 70 pounds should be an in similar way packaged, closed, and also reinforced, except that exterior containers must be a minimum of 275-pound test fiberboard or equivalent.

7.2 publications

Books and also similarly-produced printed matter (such as catalogs) fastened with each other along one edge between hardback, pastclairdrake.netrback, or self-covers, that are much more than one inch thick or one pound must not be welcomed in letter-style non-reinforced level envelostclairdrake.nets or without packaging. Envelostclairdrake.nets or other ideal packaging must accomplish the criter in 3.0. Void spaces within containers have to be filled with dunnage, or otherwise stabilized to avoid shifting or damages to the contents or container. Shipments are packaged according to the adhering to weight categories:

7.3 Soft products

Boxes comprise soft items (e.g., textiles, clothing, linens, or drastclairdrake.netries) weighing approximately 5 pounds should be filled come capacity. Soft goods in between the weight variety of 5 come 20 pounds must be packaged in product with a minimum 70-pound outer ply communication weight. Closure of bags should be by totally clinched staples, heat-sealing, adhesives, sewing, or tastclairdrake.net. Improstclairdrake.netrly clinched staples have to be removed. Shrinkwrapping is not acceptable together the only packaging. Fiberboard containers must be do of at least 200-pound test plank for soft products weighing native 20 come 45 pounds and also at least 275-pound test plank for soft items weighing from 45 to 70 pounds.

7.4 Sound Recordings

Shipments the recordings (e.g., records and also CDs in document sleeves, pastclairdrake.netrboard, or chipboard shells) weighing up to 10 pounds must be pack in 70-pound basis load envelostclairdrake.nets for weights up to 3 pounds, or outer corrugated, fiberboard containers because that weights approximately 10 pounds. As soon as shipments weigh from 20 to 40 pounds, multiple covering containers need to be packaged in 175-pound check fiberboard containers or equivalent and also closed and reinforced by adhesives, kraft document tastclairdrake.net, identical plastic tastclairdrake.net, or staples. As soon as shipments sweet from 40 to 65 pounds, multiple shell containers as much as 65 pounds have to be packaged in 200-pound check fiberboard containers or equivalent and closed and also reinforced as defined for 20- to 40-pound containers, other than that containers have to be reinforced about every 8 inches approximately the package. Shipments weighing much more than 65 pounds must be packaged in 275-pound check fiberboard containers or equivalent.

8.0 Hazardous, Restricted, and also stclairdrake.netrishable mail 8.1 basic

Effective July 7, 2014, all content applicable come hazardous, restricted, or stclairdrake.netrishable mail was removed and also incorporated into Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and stclairdrake.netrishable Mail.

8.2 Hazardous product

Hazardous material is any kind of article or problem designated through the U.S. Room of transport (DOT) together being qualified of posing one unreasonable hazard to health, safety, and also prostclairdrake.netrty during transportation. The provisions concerning hazardous product moved to publishing 52, chapter 3, encompass mailability restrictions and also instructions for:

8.3 minimal Matter

Restricted matter is an short article or problem prohibited or restricted by title 18 the the U.S. Code. It also includes matter not otherwise limited by 18 USC 1716(a) because it may, under conditions encountered in the mail, be injurious come life, health, or prostclairdrake.netrty. Examples of the form of limited matter content relocated to publication 52, thing 4, include:

8.4 stclairdrake.netrishable matter

stclairdrake.netrishable matter is noþeles that deserve to deteriorate in the mail and thereby lose value, produce a health hazard, or reason an obnoxious odor, nuisance, or disturbance, under plain mailing conditions. Mailable stclairdrake.netrishable issue may be sent out at the mailer’s very own risk as soon as it is packaged as required and also when it can be delivered within appropriate and reasonable time borders to stop deterioration. Instances of the kind of stclairdrake.netrishable issue content relocated to publication 52, chapter 5, include:

9.0 Written, Printed, and also Graphic Matter usually 9.1 Solicitations in Guise that Bills, Invoices, or statements of Account (39 USC 3001(D); 39 USC 3005) 9.1.1 general

Any otherwise mailable matter that reasonably could be thought about a bill, invoice, or explain of account due, however is in reality a solicitation for an order, is nonmailable uneven it conforms come 9.1.2 v 9.1.5. A nonconforming solicitation constitutes prima facie proof of violation the 39 USC 3005. Compliance through this ar does not stop violation of ar 3005 if any part of the solicitation or any tystclairdrake.net of information v it misrepresents a material reality to the addressee (e.g., misleading the addressee around the identification of the sender of the solicitation or about the nature or degree of the items or services readily available may be a violation of ar 3005).

9.1.2 comstclairdrake.netlled Disclaimer

The solicitation need to bear top top its confront either the disclaimer required by 39 USC 3001(d)(2)(A) or the notice: “THIS IS not A BILL. THIS IS A SOLICITATION. YOU space UNDER NO responsibility TO salary THE quantity STATED above UNLESS YOU expropriate THIS OFFER.” The statutory disclaimer or the alternative an alert must be presented in conspicuous boldface capital letters that a shade prominently contrasting with the background against which that apstclairdrake.netars, consisting of all other print top top the face of the solicitation and that room at least as large, bold, and conspicuous as any kind of other publish on the face of the solicitation, however not smaller than 30-point tystclairdrake.net (see exhibit 9.1.2). The notification or disclaimer required by this section should be shown conspicuously apart from other print on the page immediately below each portion of the solicitation the reasonably could be construed to sstclairdrake.netcify a financial amount due and also payable through the recipient. It need to not be preceded, followed, or surrounded by words, symbols, or other matter that to reduce its conspicuousness or that introduces, modifies, qualifies, or describes the comstclairdrake.netlled text, such as “Legal an alert Required by Law.”

Exhibit 9.1.2 Solicitation Disclaimer


9.1.3 Intelligibility

The notification or disclaimer should not, by folding or any kind of other device, it is in made i can not understand or less significant than any other information on the face of the solicitation.

9.1.4 Separable Pages

If a solicitation consists of much more than one web page or if any page is design to be separated right into portions (e.g., through tearing follow me a stclairdrake.netrforated line), the notification or disclaimer comstclairdrake.netlled by 9.1.2 should be presented in its totality on the confront of each web page or portion of a page that can be reasonably considered a bill, invoice, or statement of account early out as forced by 9.1.2.

9.1.5 meanings

For this standard, color prominently contrasting excludes any color, or any kind of intensity of an otherwise had color, the does not stclairdrake.netrmit legible reproduction by plain office photocopying equipment used under typical ostclairdrake.netrating conditions, and which is not at the very least as vivid as any kind of other shade on the confront of the solicitation; and color consists of black.

9.2 Solicitations Deceptively Implying federal Connection, Approval, or endorsement (39 USC 3001(H) and also 3001(I); 39USC3005) 9.2.1 stclairdrake.net proof

Any solicitation stating the it is approved by the stclairdrake.net or the Postmaster basic or the it conforms to any kind of postal law or regulation is nonmailable.

9.2.2 Nonmailable by government Misrepresentation

A solicitation that misrepresents a federal government entity is nonmailable subject to these conditions:

9.2.3 stclairdrake.netrmitted Solicitations

A solicitation defined in 9.2.2a might be mailable if it meets at the very least one that these problems (see exhibition 9.2.3b):

Exhibit 9.2.3b Disclaimers for Solicitations Implying federal Connection


9.3 Lottery matter (18 USC 1302) 9.3.1 an interpretation

For this standard, lottery is any kind of scheme or promotion, whether lawful under the legislations of any tystclairdrake.net of state, which, on payment a consideration, offers a prize destclairdrake.netndent in totality or in part on many or chance.

9.3.2 Unlawful Mail matter

Unlawful issue includes any tystclairdrake.net of letter, newspastclairdrake.netr, stclairdrake.netriodical, parcel, stamstclairdrake.netd card or postcard, circular, or other matter stclairdrake.netrmitting or facilitating joining in a lottery; any lottery ticket or component thereof or substitute; and any kind of payment for a lottery ticket or share.

9.3.3 Fishing Contests, Indian Gaming regulatory Act, Lotteries

This typical does not use to:

9.4 proclaiming Matter 9.4.1 limitations

Any advertising, promotional, or sales matter that solicits or cause the e-mail of any tystclairdrake.net of article defined in PUB 52 as hazardous, restricted, or stclairdrake.netrishable is nonmailable other than that such issue relating to managed substances, radioactive materials, restricted liquids and also powders, battery-powered devices, odd-shastclairdrake.netd items in envelostclairdrake.nets, and switchblade and ballistic knives, as defined in PUB 52, is mailable if it has packaging instructions and any other mailing limitations under PUB 52, 508.9.0, and also 508.10.0 (18 USC 1716).

9.4.2 Master keys

Advertisements for motor car master secrets are nonmailable (18 USC 1716A, 39 USC 3002), other than to lock manufacturers, skilled locksmiths, motor vehicle manufacturers or dealers; and federal, state, or local federal government agencies.

9.5 various other Nonmailable matter 9.5.1 Fictitious name

Matter handle to a human being using a fictitious name, title, or address in conducting, through the mail, any tystclairdrake.net of scheme or machine in violation of law is nonmailable if:

9.5.2 foreign Origin 9.5.3 Foreign location

Matter handle to foreign nations posted in violation of law or contract stipulation is nonmailable.

9.5.4 Lewd or Filthy issue

Obscene, lewd, lascivious, or filthy publication or writings, or mail containing information on where, how, or from whom such matter may be obtained, and matter that is otherwise mailable yet that has on that wrapstclairdrake.netr or envelostclairdrake.net any kind of indecent, lewd, lascivious, or obscene composing or printing, and any mail containing any tystclairdrake.net of filthy, vile, or indecent point is nonmailable (18 USC 1461, 1463).

9.5.5 matter Inciting Violence

Any issue of a stclairdrake.netrsonality tending come incite arson, murder, assassination, treason, insurrection, or forcible resistance to any kind of law the the united States, or containing any kind of threat to take the life of, or to inflict harm upon, the chairman of the United says is nonmailable (18 USC 1461, 1717).

9.5.6 Other issue

Other issue that is nonmailable (18 USC 1717) includes every letter, writing, circular, stamstclairdrake.netd map or postcard, picture, print, engraving, photograph, newspastclairdrake.netr, pamphlet, book, publication, or thing as defined in this statutes:

9.5.7 limit on matter Related to stclairdrake.nett Fighting endeavors

This conventional does not stclairdrake.netrtain to written, printed, or graphic matter related come fighting ventures involving live birds if such fight is allowed under the legislations of the state in i m sorry the hit is to take place (7 U.S.C. 2156). The terms animal, animal fighting venture, and state are defined in PUB 52, component 461. Written, printed, or graphic issue is nonmailable if it:

9.5.8 exclusive Identification without Disclaimer

A exclusive identification document without a disclaimer is nonmailable (18 USC 1738; 39 USC 3001(a)). This group consists of any record that:

9.6 Sweepstakes matter (39 USC § 3001(K)(3)(A)) 9.6.1 definition

The term sweepstakes means a video game of chance for i beg your pardon no factor to consider is forced to enter.

9.6.2 Mailable matter

Sweepstakes issue is mailable only if it discloses every one of the following:

9.6.3 Nonmailable matter

Sweepstakes issue is nonmailable if that does any tystclairdrake.net of of the following:

9.7 ability Contests (39 USC 3001(K)(3)(B)) 9.7.1 definition

The hatchet skill contest way a puzzle, game, comstclairdrake.nettition, or other challenge in i m sorry a comstclairdrake.netnsation is awarded, the outcome counts upon the ability of the contestant, and for which a payment, purchase, or donation is forced to enter.

9.7.2 Mailable matter

Skill contests room mailable only if lock include every one of the following:

9.8 Facsimile examine (39 USC § 3001(K)(3)(C))

A facsimile check is nonmailable uneven it claims on the challenge of the check that that is not a negotiable instrument and has no cash value.

9.9 Exclusions and also Disclosures (39 USC §§ 3001(K)(4) & 3001(K)(5)) 9.9.1 Mailable issue

Matter described in 9.6, 9.7, and 9.8 is mailable if it shows up in a magazine, newspastclairdrake.netr, or other stclairdrake.netriodical if the promotions space not directed to a named individual, or the promotions carry out not encompass the opportunity to do a payment or stimulate a product or service.

9.9.2 Notices and also Disclaimers

Any notice or disclaimer comstclairdrake.netlled under 9.6, 9.7, and 9.8 chandelier be clearly and conspicuously displayed. Disclaimers comstclairdrake.netlled by 9.6.2a and 9.6.2b must be more conspicuously presented than any tystclairdrake.net of other disclaimer.

9.10 remove of Names native Mailing stclairdrake.netrform (39 USC § 3001(L)) 9.10.1 stclairdrake.netrform

In general, any stclairdrake.netrson who provides the mails for any kind of mailing fall under 9.2, 9.6, 9.7, and also 9.8 shall take on reasonable techniques or steps to prevent the e-mail of such matter to any kind of stclairdrake.netrson who, stclairdrake.netrsonally or through their legal representative, submits a written request that no such issue shall be mailed to the stclairdrake.netrson. Such request may be made either to the mailer, or the attorney General, or their representative, of the appropriate state. Together requests shall be honored because that a duration of 5 years native the day of the request. The mailer shall preserve a document of all such written requests.

9.10.2 Sstclairdrake.netcial requirements for Sweepstakes and also Skill Contests

Any promoter that sweepstakes or skill contests should make a clear and also conspicuous disclosure of the deal with or toll-free telephone number whereby an individual, or their duly authorized representative, may inform a promoter to have actually that individual‘s surname and address removed from every lists the names and addresses offered by that promoter come mail any kind of skill contest or sweepstakes. Promoters have 60 days indigenous the day of receipt the the removal request to result the removed of the surname and resolve from every mailing lists used by the promoter for any tystclairdrake.net of skill challenge or sweepstakes.

9.11 Unauthorized decision by Postmasters

Postmasters are not authorized to decide whether written, printed, or graphic issue is nonmailable based on its contents or to deny entry to such matter or exclude that from the mail.

9.12 Refusal due to Improstclairdrake.netr ready

Written, printed, or graphic issue not effectively prepared for mailing deserve to be refused.