A gel manicure supplies a lot of an excellent benefits. The gel polish continues to be on the nails and also continues looking good for up to weeks at a time. Unlike traditional nail polish, gelatin polish no chip as easily, so girlfriend don’t need to turn around and also head right back to the pond salon because that a touch up. Gelatin is likewise thicker than normal nail polish and also can assist protect the pond themselves and also prevent them from breaking. But, can you put regular nail polish over gelatin polish to readjust the color or try to fix a chip or space in the polish?


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How to touch up gel nails

Whether your gelatin nails obtain chipped or have started growing out also much, leaving a gap, use some of these tips to aid you touch up your manicure and keep her nails looking your best!

Repair chips:
Trim the sheet of the nail and buff the area roughly the chip. This will assist take off any loosened gel and also make sure the staying polish is smooth. Buff the remainder of the nail lightly, then wash her hands come make certain the pond are fully clean. Prep the nails and apply a basic coat to the area with no polishing and allow it to cure. Repaint over the basic coat, taking care to wrap around under the sheet of the nail. Let the gel polish cure. Use a layer of peak coat.

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Remove the top coat: Before do the efforts to readjust the color of a gelatin manicure, begin by remove the top coat. The peak coat is too shiny and also slick, and also regular pond polish will certainly peel off if used over it.Go darker: When applying a brand-new color of nail polish end an existing gel manicure, shot to pick a darker color. Picking a color that is too light will typical you’ll need to apply multiple coats to completely cover increase the gelatin color. This have the right to make her nails look overly thick or bulky. A darker shade will need fewer coats come cover up the present color.

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Apply a brand-new top coat over her manicure: Try to stop chips native happening in the an initial place by applying a brand-new layer to optimal coat to your nails every main or so. Start by paint along the guideline of the nail to seal it. Then continue down and paint the rest of the nail.


Can you Put constant Nail polishing Over gel – A wrap Up

A salon-fresh gel manicure can make our pond look great. But, after time the nails might start come chip, or you might be ready for a new color. Utilizing the advice we common above, you deserve to keep your gel manicure and also paint end it v a brand-new nail polish! are you excited to give it a try?

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