They asked me if it was possible to apply a dye in your hair without a developer or peroxide.

I admit that also though i was missing a good dose that morning caffeine due to the fact that I had actually just woken up 5 minutes before, the question left me perplexed.

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It to be the very first time in my whole professional career the I had actually been asked that question. And people have actually asked me all different kinds of questions, some of which, frankly, are quite out there.

And no offense, this is one of those out-there questions.

Let’s see; I’ll provide you an additional example.

Let’s imagine that I want a pair the stiletto heels. ~ driving the saleswomen crazy, I acquired home, and also the an initial thing that i did was take off the shoes. What would you think?

Obviously the I’m crazy.

Let’s watch at another example.

My finest friend invited me to among those trendy lunch restaurants. I was dying to try the ravioli in a mushroom sauce.

When the son left me the plate, the just thing that ns devoured was the tiny mushroom pieces.

What would certainly you think?

Obviously, the somewhere there was a screw loose.

With the question around if girlfriend can use the color to your hair there is no peroxide or developer, the same thing taken place to me.

It’s crazy.

Do you want to understand why?

I’ll tell girlfriend why I’m no crazy, nor is over there a screw loose, but before I call you:

What walk the developer perform in the coloring procedure What other choices exist come not use peroxide Why it’s necessary to get rid of your fear of peroxide but be cautious

What is developer offered for in the colour process?


The email left me and also my knowledge turned upside down because I didn’t know what would bring a human to questioning me this question.

The idea is simple.

If you desire to color your hair, the is important to change the color. Plain and simple.

At this moment, I’m not going to explain how the color wheel works, no to boring you through explanations.

Let’s walk from the basics that a human being knows already around the shade theory and readjust their hair color.

What do you require to achieve this?

Very good! girlfriend will require a dye.

But for the dye come act in her hair, you will need another element.

What will certainly you need?

Bravo once again! you will require an oxidizing agent called a developer or hydrogen peroxide. /su_highlight>

Why will you require a developer?

I’ll give you that answer directly.

The dye has a residential property that gives the shade molecules to the hair.

But for these molecules to be deposited in the hair, they have actually to enter the hair’s stalk.

That’s whereby peroxide beginning the battle.

Because together if it to be a article in glowing armor, that penetrates the cuticle the the hair through his knife in hand, pulling increase the scale of the cuticle.

And that is whereby the dye have the right to act.

In reality, what you need to do is mix both elements before using them to your hair so that they deserve to do your job.

As its surname indicates, the developer will attract up the cuticles, and also the shade will use the brand-new color pigments.

They are something like Batman and Robin, except that Batman works perfectly without Robin and vice versa.

In the instance of the dye and also the peroxide, it’s not the same. They require each other; the a symbiotic connection in which each one gets benefits from the other.

After my years of experience, I can guess that possibly the girl indigenous the email wanted to understand if there were dyes that don’t require peroxide.

And that’s where points change.


Because there room dyes that room designed to occupational without needing peroxide.

Even though there are specific disadvantages than with those the act together with peroxide.

What options exist come not use peroxide once dyeing hair


Manic Panic is just one of the many used semi-permanent hair dyes, check its price top top Amazon


The dyes the work in addition to peroxide are referred to as permanent dyes.

As we saw before, the peroxide draws up the hair cuticle to allow the shade molecules to pass through to the interior and deposit them.

This will make the brand-new color last longer in the hair, at least three or 4 weeks. Obviously, this will constantly depend ~ above the variety of times friend wash her hair during the week.

For those civilization that room afraid of peroxide because, by the way, that an aggressive facet for her hair, over there are other kinds of dyes.

Dyes the don’t need to act together with peroxide. Lock are called semi-permanent dyes.


Arctic Fox is one more vegan and cruelty-free semi-permanent hair shade dye, examine price ~ above Amazon

Since castle don’t usage peroxide, the dye’s color molecules are deposited on the external part of the hair. Meaning, the doesn’t change the inner melanin of the hair.

But the color also fades much more quickly.


It can last two weeks, and also once again, that will count on the number of times friend wash your hair.

Another disadvantage is that through semi-permanent dye, you will certainly never be able to lighten your hair, only darken it.

Now, it additionally has its advantages from not utilizing peroxide. To start with, most formulas for semi-permanent dyes are vegan.

This way that lock don’t use ingredients prefer parabens and sulfates, which tend to dry out the hair.

The precise opposite. Their formulas are enriched v ingredients choose olive oil, argan oil, or collagen, relying on the brand we are talking about.


That’s why if you space afraid the peroxide, probably semi-permanent water are ideal for you.

Are you no a pan of transforming your hair color, and it no last an extremely long?

Then you should use irreversible dyes that only work-related with peroxide.

But there is a means to minimize the damages the developer go to your hair.


How to make it so the developer damages your hair as little as possible


To be totally sincere, any type of chemical procedure on your hair suggests some damages.

Coloring is a chemical procedure because the ingredients provided in it modify the hair’s internal structure.

Even so, there space a few tricks so the this damage is a tiny as possible.

So, keep analysis because, in the end, ns will offer you the recipe because that a homemade mask to minimize the damages caused by peroxide.

Prepare your hair prior to coloring

If you desire your hair come be healthy and balanced after dyeing it, 2 weeks before, you have to nourish it and also hydrate it.

Doing deep hydration therapies at least twice a week, and the night prior to you shade it, apply coconut oil to her hair.

Let that sit overnight, applying a shower cap, for this reason you don’t stain your pillowcase.

Reduce the usage of hairdryers and also flat irons

Excessive heat reduces the moisture in your hair, i m sorry can result in broken and also weak hair.

Choose the right developer

There are various grades, or volumes, of peroxide or developer. You can choose from volume 10 to volume 40.

But it is in careful, 40-volume peroxide need to only be supplied by a professional.

Because if your hair is blonde and also you usage a 40-volume peroxide, you’ll practically fry your hair.

I recommend that you start with a 40-volume peroxide if you desire to lighten your hair in 2 tones.

Rinse your hair through cold water ~ washing

Hot water provides the cuticles top top the exterior class of the stalk of the hair increase, which method the loss of moisture and also frizz.

And her hair is also much more susceptible come damage. To prevent this, rinse your hair through cold water since this will seal the cuticles, control the frizz, and also seal the shade in the hair’s stalk.


And now, what i promised.

Homemade mask to alleviate the damages of the developer on her hair

The ns of moisture and dryness are the many common secondary effects as soon as you use developer.

The only means to stop this difficulty is to moisturize, moisturize, and also moisturize her hair.


Once a week, apply this organic mask to your hair, and also you’ll see just how the damages of the developer are drastically reduced.


½ avocado 1 banana 1 tablespoon the olive oil


Mash increase the avocado and also banana in a bowl until there room no more lumps add the olive oil apply the mixture from the roots till the points permit the mixture set in your hair for an hour to wash the hair, washing it v a sulfate-free shampoo, and also if possible, making use of cold water

Now you understand why girlfriend will need to use peroxide if you want to dye your hair permanently.

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But you likewise know how to protect your hair best to minimization the damage.

Do girlfriend know any other methods to avoid the developer from damaging your hair every time you shade it?

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