It’s an extremely common for casual and recreational football player to ask every kinds the questions around the rules in volleyball. Some of these rules have the right to seem really picky and may no seem ideal.

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The prize is that yes, the is illegal to block or spike the offer in volleyball. The rules are an extremely clear about this they’re design that way to promote an overall enjoyable and competitive game.

The rules because that volleyball space governed by the FIVB and also you can download a copy of them for you yourself at this link: FIVB English Rules.

While these are the global rules supplied to administrate the worldwide level that play, volleyball like countless sports has plenty of variations of rule that might be adapted or adjusted. Your league, your college or her club may use or overlook the FIVB rules depending upon the governing body of volleyball rules for whichever your regional state or country.

Is It really Illegal to Block The Serve?


Would you prefer to learn more about coast volleyball? This article compares the indoor and also beach versions of the sport.

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