For avid soccer players, your helmet is a part of them and also they love come customize that so the stands out. One of the ways world commonly decorate your helmets is with paint. Repaint is an easy way to add personal flair to a helmet. Together a result, you have the right to see all kinds of different paint work online. However, does the use of repaint void the helmet’s warranty?

While painting your helmet doesn’t constantly void her warranty, it commonly does. This is since some species of paint, choose spray paint, save on computer chemicals and solvents that can wear far the protective class of your helmet, as well as the styrofoam within the helmet. As a result, repaint can damages the durability and lower the helmet’s overall strength. Because that this reason, painting the helmet usually renders the manufacturer no much longer liable if you gain a head injury.

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Since using some species of paint deserve to lower the integrity of the helmet, it most likely voids your warranty. However, there room other means you deserve to personalize her helmet that won’t void her warranty. In this post, we will talk more about what type of things deserve to void her warranty, and also things you have the right to do come personalize your helmet harmlessly.


What Voids A Helmet Warranty?

The best question the this write-up is below to answer is how to protect against voiding her helmet’s warranty. So, very first off, we room going to comment on the an easy things that may make your warranty unusable. While different manufacturers have actually slightly various rules, this are some of the most common ones. Be sure to always check your particular manufacturer’s certain conditions.


Failure To have actually Helmet Reconditioned

Most warranties critical 1-3 years. However, some manufacturers permit you to expand this vouch if you have your helmet reconditioned every two years by a nationwide Operating Committee on requirements for athletic Equipment, or NOCSAE, licensed reconditioner. Failing to accomplish this need will cause your warranty to expire. We will talk more about reconditioning later in this article.


If you drill into your helmet excessively, your warranty will certainly be void.

Use Of incompatible Parts

If you use old parts rather of new parts to replace a liner, it might void her warranty. Attaching a guard, challenge mask, or another component from an additional manufacturer can make the helmet less safe and make the so a manufacturer won’t think about your vouch valid.

Damaging The shell With A chemical Reaction

This is where paint comes in. Most manufacturers have actually instructions on how to properly paint the helmet without ruining the warranty. If this isn’t followed, the helmet may come to be damaged. If you usage cleaners or wax from an additional manufacturer or fail to usage the appropriate care and also cleaning instructions, you may void the warranty.

Removal the The guarantee Label, date Code, Or Warning Labels

These are necessary to the warranty. Together a result, if they have actually been removed, your helmet no longer has actually a precious warranty.

Abusive Treatment

If her helmet is excessively damaged from an ext than just football, the manufacturer will most most likely not take into consideration the warranty valid.


In enhancement to paint, sanding your helmet can malfunction the shell and also cause the helmet come malfunction. Because that this reason, you need to avoid sanding her helmet.

Can You paint Your own Football Helmet?


Painting your helmet have the right to sometimes void her warranty and also is typically not encourage by manufacturers. However, there is a means you deserve to paint it that won’t damages the helmet. Before applying any kind of decorate to her helmet, you must recognize your manufacturer’s policy and also the policy of the organization you pat in. This won’t matter as much for more casual players unless you space injured and decide to paper a claim with the helmet’s manufacturer.

What kind Of repaint Do You use On A soccer Helmet?

After checking to make sure that paint your helmet is okay through your league and also your manufacturer, you have the right to use water-based acrylic paints to add a design. This sort of repaint won’t damages your helmet. That is important to let every layer dried before applying the following one so the the paint have the right to bond correctly to her helmet.

Another method to ensure girlfriend don’t void her warranty is to usage primer, paint, and polishes make by or approved with your manufacturer. These commodities will for certain be safe on her helmet.

If you desire to make sure you don’t void her warranty, a many manufacturers permit you to send your helmet to them, and they will repaint that in a way that absolutely won’t hurt her warranty. A most them have custom paint work you can order once you get your helmet.

How To paint Your Helmet

While it is finest to have the manufacturer paint your helmet if you execute decide to carry out it yourself, keep in psychic it may void the warranty. Painting your challenge mask always voids the warranty. In situation you’re interested, we have included this video to display you exactly how to do it yourself:

Do You need to Prime A soccer Helmet?

The purpose of inside wall is to seal the surface and also make the surface far better for painting. The primer have to be offered to to fill cracks and also imperfections in the surface ar to give the paint a much better surface to host onto. That is as much as you even if it is you desire to prime it or not. However, the primer will certainly make your end up last longer.

If friend are painting over similar colors, you need to wet-sand the surface ar first, however probably don’t require a primer. However, if your undersurface is red or yellow, you probably will desire to use a primer to help prevent the red and yellow from showing through your brand-new paint.

Enamel Or Lacquer Primer

Enamel and lacquer primers room both really typically used. Enamel is cheaper and much more commonly used. Together a result, lock are less complicated to find. However, they take a week to fully harden, therefore you should wait a when to repaint them as soon as they are primed.

Lacquer primer is much more expensive but doesn’t take it as long to dry. They likewise go on thinner 보다 enamel. However, they deserve to be an overwhelming to find.

How have the right to I Personalize my Football Helmet?

As always, before using anything to your helmet, examine with your manufacturer and also league come be sure you know what is allowed. You can use decals and also stickers to your helmet, noted they room made with approved adhesives.

According to sporting activities Decals, decals room the ideal option because they are simple to apply and also remove. Lock won’t damages your helmet like paint might, and also they aren’t as daunting to remove as sticker labels are.

Does Reconditioning A Helmet include Paint?

Regular reconditioning is important because it ensures the security of the helmet. When you gain your helmet reconditioned, you have to only send it to a NOCSAE license is granted provider. It can cost in between $40 come $100 to have your helmet reconditioned.

There are 4 steps to reconditioning: disassembly, cleaning and sanding, inspection, and also refinishing and also redecorating. They start by disassembling the helmet and inspecting the hardware, pads, and also face mask. Then, castle remove any kind of decorations or labels and also sand the end scratches and paint. Next, lock clean and sanitize the helmet.

After cleaning, they check to view if the helmet is damaged or has any type of defects and test the internal parts. When it passes inspection, castle repaint and redecorate the helmet. Then they reattach every the parts and perform a last inspection before putting a recertification seal on it.

As you can see, that is essential to have actually your helmet recertified. Friend don’t should paint her helmet as soon as it it s okay scratched up due to the fact that they will execute that when it is recertified.

How lot Does It expense To Repaint A Riddell Helmet?


If you room looking come just obtain your helmet repainted, it will certainly cost between $40-$50. However, if you room looking to obtain your entirety helmet reconditioned, Riddell fees $60-$100, depending upon the wear on the helmet.

Are NFL Helmets Painted Every Game?


It is a common misconception that NFL helmets are replaced or repainted after ~ every game. This is not true. Helmets space reconditioned once a year and replaced as needed. At this once-a-year reconditioning, the helmets room repainted.

However, the helmets are checked regularly and also sent out once a week to be x-rayed to ensure they maintain their integrity. Castle polish and also touch up the repaint on the helmets together it is needed.

The reason a many of world think the helmets are replaced or painted so regularly is that they usage to be. However, rules were changed, and also now every player only has one helmet every season, unless it i do not care damaged.

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Closing Thoughts

When you paint your helmet, you danger voiding your warranty. While there are methods to get about that, that is usually finest to one of two people leave her helmet as is or have actually your manufacturing company paint it because that you.

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