A clip of the southerly Diet

It appears that cleaning and also cooking collard greens is a southerly girl’s shift from childhood come womanhood in the South!

Collards have been part of the southerly diet for centuries now. Once I hear words “collards,” ns think that the days prior to the mega marts. These were the days as soon as life to be simpler, as soon as every Southern household farmed the land.

It is too poor that this wonderful greens are now only all set at barbecue restaurants. Through a tiny motivation and also a point out of abundant land (you don’t need a lot, possibly a 4’x8′ section) girlfriend can conveniently grow your own “mess that greens.”

Growing Collards

The an initial step in growing collards is, of course, purchase the seed. Ns plant the range Green Glaze, an old heirloom indigenous the 1820’s, but other varieties such together Georgia green are good as well. Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep around 8 weeks before the very first frost (Nov. 15 for central Alabama).

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After the seedlings are around 4 mainly old, begin thinning, spacing the collards very first to around 4 inches, then to 6 inches. Don’t litter away the outcast; this have the right to be your first harvest of collards.

After friend thin, you can proceed to harvest the collards by snapping off the larger outside leaves and allowing the head to continue to grow. As soon as you have your collards inside, you are prepared to start the food preparation process.

How to Clean her Collard Greens

Many civilization are fear to chef fresh collards for the hassle of having actually to to wash away the grit and also fearing the structure to be mushy and grainy (I know, I’ve had it too countless times). It doesn’t have to be this way.

When friend prepare to cook your collards, the an initial step you have to take is not to reach for the spices, however for the sink. This is the hardest step, but is certain NECESSARY, or you will certainly be acquisition a visit to the dentist. The easiest method to do this is to to fill the largest pot you have actually up through water and place the collards in the tub. Offer them a stir and also let castle bathe for about a minute.

Now remove the collards, pour the end the dirty water, and replace with brand-new water. As soon as you check out that heap of sand at the bottom of the pot, you will be happy you took the trouble.

Repeat at the very least 2 an ext times or till the collards release no more sand.

Enjoy delicious, clean collards–or any kind of greens, for that matter.

Note: Collard greens are loaded through Vitamin K, i beg your pardon is crucial for health. That helps boost bone mass and also may decrease the impacts of Alzheimer’s disease by limiting neuronal damage.

Hint: If you perform not want to go through the cleaning process above, soak the entire bunch of pipeline in salt water for about 30 minutes climate rinse the greens in to run water for around 3 minutes prior to cooking new collards.

Collard greens are amongst my favorite winter vegetable and also they are very easy to prepare. You can chef every part of this vegetables from the leaf to the root.

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Cooking your Collard Greens

Follow the straightforward recipe below for delicious, nutritious collard greens.