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Common Abbreviations

You might see a many abbreviations and acnoryms mentioned accross the website. The majority of these are usual in the Sonic and also Chao community and I will list a few here that you may come across:

SA or SA1:Sonic Adventure - usually describes the initial Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast. Dreamcast details is typically labelled together SA1DC. SA could likewise be offered to refer to Sonic development on various other websites!
SADX:Sonic Adventure DX (Directors Cut) - describes all platforms. Just the Dreamcast version is non-DX.
SA2:Sonic Adventure 2 - generally applied to every versions the the video game including Dreamcast. Dreamcast certain is normally labelled as SA2DC.
SA2B:Sonic Adventure 2 battle - mainly used interchangably through SA2, yet SA2B is usually provided when introduce to the Gamecube variation specifically.
SAdv or SADV:Sonic advancement - which you might see abbreviation at SA external of this website.
DC:Sega Dreamcast version of the game.
GC:Nintendo Gamecube execution of the game.
Modern:Refers to the non-Dreamcast Chao mechanism - i m sorry was significantly updated.
VMU:Visual storage Unit, the Dreamcast memory map which can be offered to pat Chao Adventure 1 and also 2.
CA / CA2:Chao Adventure 1 and also Chao Adventure 2 respectively.
MT / TT:Mono-tone and Two-tone Chao color types.
CWE:Chao world Extended, a well-known mod for the pc version of Sonic Adventure 2.
FCE:Fusion’s Chao Editor, a renowned tool for editing and enhancing Chao because that the computer version the Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2.

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KCE:Krzys2’s Chao Editor, a newer tool for editing Chao compatible through the CWE mode for the pc version of Sonic Adventure 2.


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