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Genre: Action, Combat Developer: digital Arts Publisher: electronic Arts ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: might 29, 2002

When you start the level, rotate around and there must be 3 or four field surgeon packs, a pair things that rockets, part sniper ammo and also some other things. If you reach the hanger where the boomer is exterior it, there is a thing that looks like a generator and on the side of it there room two field surgeon package (note: this may only work for some other disks.)

When you room in arnhem knights there is a tank in ~ the last part, it will turn and also go come you, run, it won"t monitor you come the an equipment gun , shoot it when use acquire to the gun, however itwill rotate it"s cannon in ~ you (watch the end for it"s missles it shoots native its cannon). Shooting any type of tank with the bazooka wont blow it up.

To gain ammo once you space low, go up to a crate andmelee attack it. Friend should find a health and wellness pack orammo.

On the first level "Your ideal hour" as soon as youget come the bunker where there is a maker gun,handle it and also shoot the bunkers on the hill.Right after that operation to the entrance of thebunker and look in ~ the U.S soldiers. If girlfriend lookcarefully you will see two American soldiers beblown up and also fly right into the air as their runningtowards you!

In the key menu walk to options. Once your inthere click the brand that says "Bonuses".You can adjust the germans" hats, torpedoes andmissiles, ect.

When law the eye that the storm mission, therewill it is in a lot of wooden boxes. If girlfriend shoot theboxes, there might be points inside of them.

In the very first level "in to the breach", death the germains at the bottom, and go increase stairs. After ~ you death the guy in the room with the radio and also destroy the radio, run into the following room Quickly, and also take the germain by surprise. DON"T kill HIM! He"ll put his hands in the air. In a 2nd or two, he"ll try to reach because that his pistol. Now KILL HIM!

This is type of choose the Glass Tree hint, butinstead the a glass tree, this is a wood window.On the level where you room asked come stowaway onthe Nazi officer"s train, when you leave thebalcony and also pick increase the pistol, turn about andshoot the window. It won"t break, rather it willjust acquire a hole in it the looks choose wood. Itcould just be game glitch.

once you"re on the Nijmegen leg level, in ~ thebegining once your Captain is providing youinstructions, shoot his helmet. It will certainly fly offhis head and also he will certainly not also flinch! girlfriend canalso shoot him as much as you want in any kind of areaand he will certainly not die.

On the Needle in a Haystack Level in the goldenlion plank there is a tree. Shoot at it and youwill see that it"s do of glass. Mind girlfriend thismight simply be a glitch on mine game.

Kill over 95% the the enemies and also have over 75%health staying at the finish of a level to knife agold medal.

Enter the options menu and turn ~ above the subtitles.This will enable you to know what the Germans aresaying.

As you start the mission, walk to your appropriate andyou will see a dust road. Walk slow since of aNazi that is sit down, waiting. You seesomething in the mountain. Go to the door but donot open it. Gain ready to shoot -- there arethree Nazis inside. Mow them down and grab the MG-42. Then, wipe out the remaining Nazis below.

When you room fighting nazis, throw a grenade. Hewill avoid shooting and shot to absent the grenadeaway, it"s then easy to shooting him. (He will not constantly do this).

On "Your ideal hour" level. As soon as you make itonthe beach, run for the shorline. Watch on theground there should be dead fish the washed upashore. If you go follow me the shorline you must afish the is additionally wiggling!

On: "Your finest Hour" Level once you make it tothe beach go to the shore heat look in ~ the groundthere need to be soldiers. If friend look at themthere have to be there name on the pack.(Example: "RUS K")

On the "Nijmegan Bridge" Level. After friend Disarmthe an initial 4 Dynamite. Walk up the catwalk stairsand keep running.Germans will certainly fire on you. Youshould watch a damaged car. Next to the vehicle is aladder. Rise Up it. But do not go every the wayup.Before you reach the top: Stop!You must seesomeones feet. Shoot the feet. He will fall offthe bridge. Now go ago down (Dont jump off youwill die, Climb ago down!!) The german must belaying on the ground! His body will NOT Dissapearlike every the others do. He must be blinking.Clear every the germans in the area

On the "Nijmegan Bridge" Level. After girlfriend Disarmthe an initial 4 Dynamite. Walk up the catwalk stairsand keep running.Germans will fire on you. Youshould check out a damaged car. Next to the vehicle is aladder. Climb Up it. However do no go every the wayup.Before you reach the top: Stop!You must seesomeones feet. Shooting the feet. The will autumn offthe bridge. Now go back down (Dont jump off youwill die, Climb back down!!) The german should belaying top top the ground! His body will certainly NOT Dissapearlike all the others do. He need to be blinking.Clear every the germans in the area

On the 1st level ~ above the mission "Sevral Bridgesto Far" on Nijmegan Bridge. Once you acquire to the2nd section where you can climb up the bridge.When You gain up .One guy will acquire suprised andfall off. One guy in front of friend will allude hisrifle in ~ you. Dont shoot him. He will hesitatethen placed his weapon down and also say "Please NoShoot" He will certainly then gain up and jump turn off thebridge!

On the "In the Breach" level. When you acquire to thepart whereby there room two men sitting through aBarrel that Gas sitting in in between them. Shoot thebarrel and it will explode! now go look at thegermans.They need to be looking at you. Now walkaround them.They will revolve there confront towards youand store looking in ~ you. They will save staringat friend no issue how plenty of times you walk aroundthem.

Enter options and revolve on the subtitles. Thenwhen girlfriend play the translation will be at thebottom the the sreen.

The person previously didn"t call the FMV Sequences for mission 2 and mission 6. They room Backstaget and Backstagei. Walk to the password display screen and form in these to unlock making of videos because that these missions.

When making use of an automatic weapon, fire in burst. Ifyou just organize fire, the aim will slowly go offyour target, and also you will miss.

Pause the game and then press Circle, L2,Square, L1, Select, R2, Triangle, Select. If youentered the code correctly, the video game willautomatically resume. This code should beentered at the start of each brand-new mission.

While playing, pause game thencircle, L2, square, L1, select, R2, triangle, select.that should proceed game if done right.

Pause if playing-square, L1, circle, R1, triangle, L2, select, R2. Thisshould do the video game continue.

On the Passwords display screen in the options, on the Enigma machine form in: "Dawoiks". This will unlock EVERYTHING. Meaning every bonus, every level and also every medal of honor.

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Pause the game and also press Square, L1,Circle, R1, Triangle, L2, Select, R2. If youentered the password correctly, the game willautomatically resume. This code need to beentered in ~ the start of each new mission.