A tale of 2 Cities


You"ve certainly heard that Paris, France, and its Eiffel Tower. However what around Paris, Texas, and its mini-Eiffel Tower adorned with a cowboy hat?

Across the U.S., you"ll uncover cities the share your name v iconic metropolises about the world. Some — favor Paris, Texas — have paid homage to their namesakes. Because that the many part, though, these twinned cities room wildly different from one another.

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Here, we display you the distinctions in between American cities and also their worldwide counterparts. Just be sure you don"t accidentally publication a flight to one versus the other!

Memphis, Tennessee and Memphis, Egypt


One is a music hotspot with much more than half a million civilization living in it.

The other is one abandoned ancient city established in 3200 BC.

Both have pyramids.

Distance between the two: 10,529 miles

Memphis, Tennessee


This Tennessee city whereby blues music to be born boasts deep musical roots, which visitors can learn around at the Blues room of Fame, Stax Museum that American soul Music and also Rock "n spirit Museum. Famously, this is wherein Elvis Presley spent many years of his life, and also where his eclectic previous estate of Graceland resides.

A visit come Memphis should also include a plate of barbecue, which frequently features a tangy sauce that brown sugar and apple cider vinegar.

Memphis, Egypt


Where Memphis, Tennessee rests follow me the Mississippi River and was the home of the King of absent n Roll, this old city rests follow me the Nile River and was a funding under King Tut.

Dating back much more than 5,000 years, the city is located simply 12 mile from Cairo and its much more famous Pyramids of Giza, and was as soon as filled through its very own pyramids and temples.

Many travelers tourism it top top a day trip or via a Nile river cruise, do time to explore its fascinating remains, including a statue that Ramses II, a sculpted sphinx, royal palaces, the holy place of Ptah and a necropolis that"s open up to the public.

Fun fact: The pyramids right here inspired the Tennessee Memphis to build its very own pyramid — aptly named the Memphis Pyramid — that now serves as a shopping, dining and lodging complex.

Paris, Texas and also Paris, France


One has less than a quarter thousand civilization living in it.

The other welcomes almost a 4 minutes 1 of a billion tourists annually.

Both have towers the metal.

Distance in between the two: 7,782 miles

Paris, Texas

This little town in northwest Texas knows just how to have actually fun with its name: It added its very own Eiffel Tower in 1993, topping it v a red cowboy hat.

A rail stopping point since 1876, the city is around 1.5 hours from Dallas and was made famous by the 1984 film, "Paris, Texas," starring Harry Dean Stanton, Dean Stockwell and also Nastassja Kinski.

Visitors can check out the 19th-century Sam Bell Maxey residence State historic Site, the home of a Confederate general and also Mexican war veteran, and the Lamar County historic Museum come learn about local history.

Paris, France


Its world-famous La tourism Eiffel didn"t become component of the landscape until 1889"s World"s Fair. However it has come to be the symbol of France"s capital city.

The 40 million tourists that descend upon the City of Light every year likewise typically head to the Louvre, the world"s biggest museum, and also other social institutions favor the Musee d"Orsay, home to a sterling collection of Impressionist pieces.

The food and fashion below are tops together well, through Le Cordon bleu training few of the best cooks top top the planet, and also fashion homes like Hermes, louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Dior and also Givenchy remaining on the state-of-the-art of style.

Sorry Paris, Texas, but this is the an ext popular Paris because that a reason.

Kingston, new York and Kingston, Jamaica


One rests ~ above a river of blue.

The various other upon a sea the turquoise.

Both support and also inspire arts and also culture.

Distance in between the two: 2,674 miles

Kingston, brand-new York

Nestled follow me the Hudson river in brand-new York state, Kingston dates ago to 1652 and also was the state"s first capital city in 1777. Simply 90 mile north of new York City, Kingston is renowned as a harbor to artists, an especially the Rondout community artist community and also its multiple art galleries.

Stroll follow me the city"s historic main roadways to visit many galleries, and also enjoy the countless venues provided to showcase social works, including the Ulster Performing arts Center. An art Walk and also the Arts society of Kingston"s Arts center keep the arts scene flourishing in this charming little town.

Kingston, Jamaica


Although many visitors to the island of Jamaica visit its northern cities that Montego Bay, Negril and also Ocho Rios, this is the island"s capital and largest city.

A harbor town started in 1692, Kingston, Jamaica, is the biggest English-speaking city in the western Hemisphere exterior of the U.S. And also Canada. As soon as a safe haven for pirates, this particular day it is home to many musicians and artists and hosts a variety of music festivals throughout the year.

In February, the city"s Blue mountains are commemorated during the Blue hill Music Festival, and every June, One people Ska & RockSteady Music Festival provides visitors a opportunity to hear Ska in its birthplace.

Naples, Florida and also Naples, Italy


One has actually been a harbor city since 1886 and also is famous for its snowbirds.

The other has actually been a harbor city due to the fact that 326 BC and also is famed for the pizza.

Both carry out gorgeous seas in which to sail and also fish.

Distance between the two: 8,616 miles

Naples, Florida


Purposely draft to it is in a retreat for Americans seeking warmer climes in the winter, Naples, Florida, was founded in 1886. In an effort to entice visitors and also suggest prestige, it was clearly named after Naples, Italy.

Overlooking the Gulf the Mexico, the Florida neapolitan offers innovative dining, shopping and culture, as well as family-friendly beaches. The city"s waterfront location also provides the perfect beginning point for a day on the gulf, with numerous sailing and fishing explorations ready come take travellers out for a job on the emerald-green water.

Naples, Italy


Naples has been a bustling port due to the fact that Roman times, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea top top Italy"s south east coast. Cruise ships and other boats regularly pull right into port, giving passengers a possibility to check out the city together with its bordering tourist destinations along the Amalfi Coast. Mountain Vesuvius, i beg your pardon towers in the lift of the city, is additionally worth experimenting nearby.

Most famously, Naples, Italy, is credited with introducing the world to pizza. The Neapolitan pizza is a simple, thin-crusted food topped with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Rarely have the right to a visitor happen up the opportunity to take a part — or whole pie.

Cambridge, Massachusetts and also Cambridge, England

One was started under a king"s homesteaders in 1630.

The various other was founded under a king in 1209.

Each is house to a world-class university.

Distance between the two: 5,258 miles

Cambridge, Massachusetts


Cambridge, Massachusetts — i m sorry sits along the Charles River just opposite of Boston — to be originally founded in 1630 to serve as the resources of the state.

The earliest university in the united States, Harvard, was developed a few years ~ to serve the clergy (it was called for Reverend john Harvard). That is graduates include Henry David Thoreau, man F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, note Zuckerberg and also Bill Gates.

Cambridge, England


The second-oldest-university in England, the college of Cambridge started under a imperial charter in 1231 by King Henry III and to this particular day remains one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Several of the school"s graduates include Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Oliver Cromwell, mr Byron, Stephen Hawking and also more modern stars prefer Emma Thompson, Tom Hiddleston and Helena Bonham Carter.

The college is consisted of of many colleges, consisting of King"s and also Trinity, which was created by King VIII. Because of that schools, Cambridge, England, is filled with museums and also hosts many exhibits. Just 50 mile from London, visitors deserve to take the train come Cambridge and also explore its numerous historical buildings and parks.

St. Petersburg, Florida and also St. Petersburg, Russia


One is house to waters that glisten as soon as the sunshine hits.

The other is home to a church of multiple colors v a roof the glistens once the sunshine hits.

Both have a strong populace of Russian residents.

Distance in between the two: 8,526 miles

St. Petersburg, Florida


St. Petersburg, Florida, is actually called for the Russian city, together it was founded in 1888 through Peter Demens, that was from the europe city. But while over there are many with genealogy from Russia who live in this southwest Florida city, that is otherwise nothing prefer its Russian counterpart.

The fifth-largest city in Florida, St. Pete, as it is lovingly described by locals, hold the difference for having the most consecutive job of sunshine — 768! through all this sunshine, that is residents and also visitors spend lot time outdoors, enjoying Gulf of Mexico beaches, out boutique shopping areas, and waterfront dining under the sun and also stars.

St. Petersburg, Russia


St. Petersburg, Russia, offered as the nation"s resources for more than 200 years after its founding by Peter the an excellent in 1703. It to be his desire to produce a new capital and also a new Russia, but once the Russian change ousted the Tsars in 1918, the city lost its status as funding to Moscow.

Its famed Church the the Resurrection, aka Savior on flood Blood, was developed in 1881 on the site where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated in 1881. The baroque building touts an internal of mosaics, multicolored exterior and also five onion domes spanned in golden enamel, v 20 key highlighting essential events that developed under the Tsar before his death.

Alexandria, Virginia and Alexandria, Egypt


One was founded in 1749.

The other was started in 331 BC.

Both space port urban that were home to human being rulers.

Distance between the two: 9,176 miles

Alexandria, Virginia


The oldest community of Washington D.C., Old city Alexandria sits throughout the grape max River and was house to America"s an initial president, George Washington, that resided at mountain Vernon. Alexandria to be originally worked out in 1669 and served together a port.

Today, you deserve to step back in time in Old Town, i beg your pardon houses more than 200 restaurants and also shops along with museums follow me the waterfront.

Alexandria, Egypt

One of the world"s 10 earliest continuously inhabited cities in northern Africa, Alexandria"s prominence stems from its ar on both the Nile River and also the Mediterranean Sea. The successful port city is Egypt"s second-largest and is called for the founder, Alexander the Great.

Its Pharos lighthouse is taken into consideration one of the 7 wonders of the old world, built in 280 BC and standing 449 feet in height prior to it was destroyed by one earthquake in 1480 and also fell right into the sea.

Dublin, Ohio and also Dublin Ireland


One believes ireland is one attitude.

The other is actually Irish.

Both offer Celtic treats come visitors.

Distance in between the two: 5,741 miles

Dublin, Ohio


Located exterior of Columbus, Ohio, the suburban Dublin didn"t officially become a city until 1987. However, that was an initial incorporated in 1881, when it was given its name by one Irishman since of its environment-friendly rollings hills.

The city proclaims the "Irish Is an Attitude" and offers lot of of its own Irish experiences and hidden gems. An ext than 20 businesses have actually been "Irish Approved," with products and also services that execute Ireland proud. The city also offers a Celtic Cocktail Trail to sample drinks and Irish fare approximately its bars and restaurants.

Dublin, Ireland


The background of Dublin starts with Viking raids, but today the city is all Irish and also the capital of the Irish complimentary State. Ranked one of the peak 40 urban in the world by the Globalization and also World Cities research study Network, Dublin is a vivid city filled through shops, restaurants, entertainment and museums.

There are an ext than 1.3 million civilization living in Dublin, making that the largest city in Ireland.

Melbourne, Florida and also Melbourne Australia


One is taken into consideration the Coffee funding of the World and also has practically 5 million residents.

The other is a sleepy space Coast city that 82,000 close to a well known mouse.

They both have beautiful sandy beaches.

Distance between the two: 15,671 miles

Melbourne, Florida


Situated along the Atlantic ocean of Florida, Melbourne, Florida, is simply over one hour from Orlando and Walt Disney World, as well as the Kennedy an are Center — i beg your pardon is why the city is considered component of the "Space Coast."

It"s reasonably sizable, through a populace of 82,000, and considered one "economic engine" in that county. Yet it has yet to earn the reputation of various other Floridian cities, allow alone that world-renowned Australian counterpart.

A 2016 census revealed the the city has more millennials than any kind of other Florida city (20 percent), consisting of the actress and also Sports shown model Kate Upton. But prior to millennials were a thing, the city additionally was the birthplace that an original hipster: Jim Morrison, the command singer of The Doors.

Melbourne, Australia


The capital of the southeastern state the Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, is taken into consideration one that the many livable cities in the world. It additionally has together a love affair v coffee the it has actually earned the nickname "Coffee resources of the World," and hosts an yearly coffee expo.

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Offering all the amenities the a big port city alongside ample parks and beaches, Melbourne is a laidback cosmopolitan destination catering come foodies, cultural travelers and those yearn nightlife.