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I have a Govt design MK IV/Series 70 Colt 1911 that ns bought, second hand, in 1977. I am make the efforts to map the serial number, however mine walk not enhance anything I have been able to find.It is SM41XXX. That is stamped on the ideal side the the frame, above, and slightly forward, the the grip. There are no number on the slide or the barrel.I have actually seen the "SM" designation in serial number lists, however it appears to was standing for "special model" and also were made means back when.Does anyone recongnize this number or recognize where ns can uncover out more in formation:?:


During that time Colt do a little run of service Model Ace pistols (22s) that ongoing from the last serial variety of the last initial production run. The "SM" was standing for organization model.That was mostly before the days of good aftermarket frames and also it is not inexplicable to uncover one of the SM frames that has been convert to .45 and also the .22 top half sold together a counter kit. IIRC they were not an excellent sellers and also were greatly discounted which make them an attractive source of real Colt frames.The numbers execute not show up in most of the serial number tables which haven"t been updated in years yet there really isn"t anything rare around the newer version- specifically if it isn"t completely original anymore.

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The colt website is less than helpful. I sent them one email, but never acquired a reply.The 22/45 idea makes sense. See below:4) Colt company Model "ACE" : Caliber .22 lengthy Rifle S/N SM 1 come SM 3,836 = Feb. 1936 to Jan. 1943 ( between 1935 and Sept. 1945, 11,961 Colt company Model "ACE" pistols to be made and their parts were fully interchangable through the .45 caliber M1911A1.5) Colt service Model "ACE" : S/N SM 3846 come SM 13,803 = April 1945 to Sept. 1945This details is indigenous this site: SM3725 to SM13803 service Model "ACE" .22 made, part gaps in numbering developed in 1945. Commercial manufacturing resumed in 1946.Note the the biggest serial number shown is 13803. It likewise says that more were made, yet there is no serial number listed.So, the looks choose I have a framework , the was originally built as a .22, then was converted come .45 using a MK IV/Series 70 barrel, slide, & magazine.Does that sound ideal to girlfriend guys?Any idea when they stopped making the ACE .22s? The framework is in good shape and looks no older than the slide. The bluing matches perfectly.Is this a fun hobby, or what!
Thanks for the feedback guys!