When who calls you ugly in public, it have the right to be for this reason humiliating that you may be at a loss for words. We space all sensitive around our appearance, and it can be disastrous to have someone insult your looks, specifically in public. The even an ext horrifying once the human making a dig about the way you watch is a an alleged friend or a relative.

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Just since someone claims something around you doesn’t median it’s true. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world, and also some virtual troll would certainly still spout off the you’re ugly.

Gisele Bündchen was bullied because that being tall and also gangly and for having pouty lips, and she’s an pure stunner. Giselle was criticized because that being different due to the fact that she stuck the end from the crowd. No doubt several of her mean-spirited haters suffered from jealousy.


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All end the world, people have different ideas of what’s attractive and also what’s not. Sure, it have the right to be challenging if the idea that beauty wherein you live is blonde hair and also blue eyes and you don’t fit that mold. Luckily, the world is beginning to appreciate different looks. Kate Moss was considered the appropriate beauty in the 1990s, and in our current times, people appreciate a curvier figure like Kim Kardashian.

I always think you should be a quite ugly person on the inside to have actually the nerve come call an additional person ugly ~ above the outside.

When who insults you, it is around power, not around you. If you select to use among the comebacks below, you have the right to take her power back and allow them know you room not to it is in messed with.

Vote because that the finest comeback because that being called ugly
A pretty confront is naught if you have an ugly heart.
Too negative you can"t Photoshop her ugly personality.
Maybe some of you girls need to eat make-up, for this reason you space pretty ~ above the inside.
Please, mine straightener is hotter 보다 you.
I"m sure that 90% of your “beauty” can be gotten rid of with a Kleenex.

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Jessie J to be bullied for she looks in school


Jessie J

By GigPictures, Wikipedia

If girlfriend think you had it bad, Jessie J to be bullied once she was a teenager due to the fact that the medicine she take it turned she skin green. The singer to be diagnosed v a heart defect together a child and also suffered a boy stroke once she to be 18.

Jessie J’s album called, Who's Laughing Now

" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="broken_link">Who’s Laughing Now is around overcoming the children who bullied her and also made fun of the means she looked as a teen.

In a BBC Radio 1 interview, she shared that her solid heart medication”didn’t work” and gave she an “alien tint”.

I had really large teeth, a huge fringe. Ns was just uncomfortable in mine skin. I wasn’t the quite kid, ns was the aer one the didn’t know who ns fitted in with.

The only location where I might escape to be my dreams. Ns would gain going come sleep since I could dream around something that i wasn’t living.

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I remember when I first became established and I got Facebook message from girl who provided to throw stones in ~ my head together I walked residence from school. It simply made me go, ‘Who’s laughing now?’

It sparked a actual emotion that ns know thousands of thousands of millions of children roughly the human being are walk through.