Inmate Accounts

The jail Cashiering hrs of Operation and also locations room as follows:Intake and Release facility - 24 hours a day550 phibìc Flower StreetSanta Ana, CA 92703(714) 647-6085Theo Lacy Jail basic - Daily 8:00 A.M - 12:00 A.M.

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501 The City drive SouthOrange, CA 92868(714) 935-6905 Inmates may have actually money (cash), city/county/state/or united States government checks (made payable come the inmate) and money orders deposited to their account. Money orders must be made payable to the “County the Orange – Sheriff’s Department.” The inmate’s name and also booking number have to be displayed on a memo heat or a separate line of the money order.Personal checks, cashier’s checks, and also traveler’s checks are NOT welcomed for inmate accounts. Money orders may either be deposit at the jail Cashiering offices or mailed come the inmate through the U.S. Mail. Federal government checks have to be mailed come the inmate. This is for tracking purposes and also the inmates must endorse these checks before they deserve to be deposited.All funds space made obtainable for the inmate come use about 30 minute after the transaction is completed.Inmate account may have a preferably balance that $500.Possession of monies by one inmate is forbidden.

Bail-Cash Payments

Funds for bail may be paid in cash, bank cashier’s checks, personal checks, money orders, and also traveler’s check at the entry Release center Jail Cashiering office.Cashier’s checks for any kind of bail amount will certainly be embraced only when properly showed with the issuing gaue won institution. Please carry a organization card v the financial institution employee’s name and phone number for verification. Bank cashier’s checks have to be because that the precise amount the the payment, and also made payable come the “County that Orange – Sheriff’s Department” and also be attracted on an acceptable financial school in the joined States.Requires Two develops of Identification: personal checks might be used, noted that the pre-printed surname and address on the inspect matches the issuer’s California Driver’s license or California identification card. These checks must be drawn on a California bank with a California address. Second and third party checks will not it is in accepted. Personal checks space only welcomed up to $7,500 per checking account and must be made payable to the corresponding court.Traveler’s checks are acceptable only if signed in ~ the jail Cashiering office in the visibility of a cashier. Traveler’s checks have to be because that the exact amount of the payment, make payable come the “County the Orange – Sheriff’s Department” and also be attracted on an agree financial institution in the joined States. People presenting traveler’s checks must furnish satisfactory identification.Company/business checks are NOT accepted.Bail for all courts outside of Orange County must be payment in cash.

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Bonds are accepted at The Theo Lacy facility and/or the Orange county Sheriff’s department Intake Release facility (IRC.) bond acceptance hrs are:Intake Release center – 24 hours a job 550 north Flower StreetSanta Ana, CA 92703(714) 647-6085 Theo Lacy basic – Daily 8:00 A.M - 9:00 P.M.501 The City journey SouthOrange, CA 92868(714) 935-6905 The Sheriff’s Department can NOT recommend, suggest, or otherwise direct you to any type of Bail shortcut Agent/Company because that a bail bond purchase.A human being bringing a bond will certainly be fingerprinted and also his/her identification will be verified, uneven he/she is a license is granted bond agent.