West next Story” room two likewise different stories. They space both good stories created by an excellent writers. “Romeo and also Juliet” is a sad love story that’s a standard known by many. It is the perfect model to be used by other writers. It is among the finest works of william Shakespeare. Back “West next Story” is not as renowned as “Romeo and Juliet”, it to be a impressive work of it’s time, and also it has left his mark on the time afterwards. It is likewise a love story which likewise ends v somebody’s death. Both Shakespeare and Arthur Laurents had done their ideal when they composed these stories. Romeo and also Juliet” and “West next Story” have actually similar, if not specifically the very same theme. Both stories display the strength of love and the devastation caused by hatred. In “Romeo and Juliet” two people from competitor families loss in love. The families’ hatred destroys the two lovers, and also the love that the two lovers brings the two families together. But the two families learn your lesson a little bit as well late. Your hatred currently claimed the life of two innocent people. In “West side Story” something similar happens.

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There are also two lover in this story. The lovers were separated because of gang related violence. In this story, the violence between two gangs also caused death. The setup of the two stories is among the few differences. The 2 stories have an extremely diverse settings. “Romeo and also Juliet” takes place in Vernon in the 15th century while “West side Story” took ar in new York around the 1950’s. The 2 gangs have actually their fights in the roads of brand-new York while the Montague’s and the Capulet’s raged battle on the highways of Verona long prior to them.

The story of Romeo and also Juliet takes united state to palaces and mansions, while the story of Tony and Mari take united state to earlier allies and also broken down buildings. The main conflicts of these two stories are an extremely similar. There room two groups in both stories. In “Romeo and also Juliet” there room two families. Two family members that have a feud the is ancient. The family members hate each other and don’t want to have actually anything to carry out with each other. And Tybalt’s death in the hand of Romeo just made the dispute in between the family members worse. In “West next Story” there room two gangs that don’t dislike each other.

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They have no factor for their hatred in ~ the start but your random fights fuel your hatred. In both story there are deaths which do the quarrel worse. Many civilization thin “West next Story” is simply a modern-day version that “Romeo and also Juliet”. Well although they have actually their similarities, they likewise have your differences. The distinctions they have actually make the stories unique, but the similarities only make the story better. Both of this are good stories written by two an excellent writers, william Shakespeare and also Arthur Laurents. These stories aid us see the power of love and also the damaging forces that hatred.


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