Having published that last short article on the truth about the “Hand the Mystery,” I view that there are a many of internet pages about ghosts at the conference Hotel. Most of them show up to it is in the stories I’ve to be telling about the place for the last number of years after having actually gone through around five rounds of a game of “telephone.” One could look in ~ it as an object lesson around just how little research most web pages and TV shows execute on the ghost story they tell.

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For a time I had the ability to take tour teams in here regularly, however those days space over; they’re lot less cost-free with letting groups past the lobby no longer (and refuse to permit the show I filmed a segment because that there top top Friday talk around anything to perform with ghosts – they’re less open come this kind of thing currently than they supplied to be).

But in that period of time I got to know the background and ghost lore that the location pretty darned well. I also (and this is quite critical) learned come tell once a safety was just telling me what he believed I want to hear. Which lock did fairly a bit. Ns think the these days, every time someone calls and also asks i beg your pardon room is the most haunted, castle tell them a various room number.

That said, though, even my general skepticism, I’ve been recognized to say the if the conference Hotel isn’t haunted, no place is haunted. Lots and also lots the gruesome stories have the right to be traced come it, and ghost stories do circulate.

Here’s a straightforward rundown of few of the place’s “greatest hits”:

The small BoyThe young is supposed to haunt the 12th floor, and also is presumed to it is in the ghost of Karel Langer, a 6 year old that was thrown out the home window by his mother, Adele, along with his brother, jan Tommy, in the so late 1930s. They were refugees from Prague; Adele was afraid they to be going to be sent earlier and had a worried breakdown. The story was commonly reported in the push at the time; the only real man is whether the driving aspect behind Adele’s malfunction was are afraid of being sent back to Nazi preeminence or oppression at the hand of German Americans. The press at the moment reported it both ways. Several protection guards say they’ve viewed it, and also several employees have actually felt as though they were being chased down the hall. That happened to me once, too. Though different guards and also front desk workers will certainly tell you different things if you ask i beg your pardon room is the most haunted, the 12th Floor of the phibìc Wing is pretty well agreed to be the spookiest one. Ns do understand of employees that won’t go there if they can possibly help it.

This one’s my fault, guys.

The “Hand that Mystery.” This one is my fault. It began as a joke, climate snowballed. Watch here.  No proof that everyone was ever before walled up inside the place, and the wall surface in question isn’t nearly thick enough. The hole in the wall where it resides is not typical obtainable to the general public (and might not be entirely safe). I’ve only remained in the place where you can see it a handful of times.

Peg leg JohnnyA few workers have told me, earlier as much as 2006, that they’ve viewed a male with a peg foot lurking roughly the south tower. As soon as we very first heard the story, a male I was working through told me he’d uncovered an article about a hobo through a peg leg being murdered there. I’ve still never seen the article, though, and don’t really have much reason to think it yes, really exists. (edit come add, 8/2015): HOWEVER, ns did have to think of Peg leg Johnny as soon as I read around Conway, the One-Legged Killer Clown, that was never seen again after ~ escaping from jail in 1925. The congress is simply up the roadway from the site of a murder he was connected to, so, hey, why not? Rumors put him in Ohio after his escape, but I’d love come imagine that he died in the conference Hotel. The Peg leg ghost is one of the wilder stories, but there are several an initial hand witnesses, i beg your pardon is an ext than you deserve to say for a many of better known ghosts.

“The shadow Guy”

This one it s okay reported by guest a lot – a shadowy figure who shows up and, for part reason, fear the crap the end of people. One guard tells me that chased it as much as the roof one time. We have some theories regarding who it can be the ghost of, the most typical of i m sorry is Captain Lou Ostheim, a Spanish American war vet who shot self in the hotel in 1900, reportedly after waking native a nightmare (though details are sketchy, and also rely largely on what the guys at the inquest landed on). The nightmare angle can be used to define why that scares people so much; I’ve to be on plenty of ghost investigations wherein we watch a monster shadow, and also when you actually see them, the typical an answer is, “Oh, over there goes one now!” no the screaming hysterics one watch on TV.

Al CaponeNever own the hotel and never lived there – stories that he did space confusing the ar with the Metropole and also the Lexington. He probably was there a time or two and also we can affix many members the his gang to it, though; several of his gang even held a man prisoner there, more than likely on his orders, because that a while. And also one of the ideal ways to attach Capone come the St. Valentine’s day massacre was that someone referred to as his place in Florida indigenous the lobby the the congress a little before and also a bit after the shooting. A variety of gangsters – both native his gang and the other neighborhood gangs – walk live over there in the 1920s. There space occasional reports the a ghostly male dressed up favor it’s the 1920s.

Disco ManI’ve heard reports that a man who appears and also disappears looking like he just came the end of a disco circa 1978, but never native a trustworthy source.

HH HolmesHolmes deserve to be traced to a couple of buildings nearby – like, a block or two away – yet there’s no evidence putting that in the hotel itself. Offered his link to adjacent buildings ns wouldn’t be at every surprised if he came in come look approximately or have actually a drink once it first opened, but there’s never been any kind of data uncovered connecting him come the place, yet he wasn’t in town all that lengthy after it to be opened, and stories that he provided to accomplish potential victims in the lobby room firmly in the kingdom of fiction.

The Sealed RoomThe story that one room is for this reason haunted they had actually to seal that shut probably thrived from the old stories about room 666 being sealed turn off (really, there’s an office where room 666 would certainly be). Recently I’ve heard a most stories around room 441 gift the many haunted, however those space of relatively recent vintage – because that a lengthy time they’d just come up through a arbitrarily room as soon as you offered which to be the most haunted (though since this article was an initial published i think they’ve cleared up on 441, ~ it to be written about a few times and also a ghost tour company started staring your tours in the lobby). . The story that any kind of of them were the basis of Stephen King’s 1408 is bald fiction that Ursula Bielski developed for her short article on it in one of her books – in the book she states that “some researcher have concerned the conclusion” that King provided the story as the basis, however didn’t say which persons or just how they arrived on that conclusion! Frankly, you display me a researcher who concludes that, and also I’ll present you an idiot. King himself never ever mentions the hotel in his intro to “1408;” he simply says the it’s his effort at the old “haunted room at the inn” story the every fear writer should shot out eventually. While i was working for her at one allude I dubbed Ursula ~ above it, and she simply said, “Well, it provides a good story.” ns don’t job-related for she anymore, and can’t imagine I ever before will again (she’s method into Donald Trump these days), therefore I intend I can say that now.

The Florentine RoomPlenty that stories right here – whispering women, humming men, phantom gunshots, and even Teddy Roosevelt (whose career died here, from a specific point that view, in 1912). Several of the coolest pics I’ve ever before seen to be taken here, and I’ve heard the piano pat itself. No a entirety sonata or anything, just a pair of arbitrarily notes, however a note or 2 is enough to give me the creeps. Number of guards have actually stories about hearing music coming from the place. This is an additional place where there have been employees periodically who don’t choose to go close to the place.

The yellow RoomSpookier-looking 보다 the Florentine, however there’s really no as lot ghost lore behind this one. One guard did tell me that he’d seen the peg leg guy below once. Over there are stories about the adjacent kitchen area, though. Disconnected equipment is claimed to begin itself up.

Peacock AlleyThe tunnel connecting the ar to the Auditorium Theatre has actually been bricked turn off for years; one guard and also I had actually a plan to bust into it through sledgehammers for a while. However where the entrance is depends a lot on who you ask; the basement isn’t easily accessible to the public. It’s pretty neat, though, particularly if you like old mattresses and toilets. It’s like an old toilet funeral ground down there. (New band name: “Ancient Toilet funeral Ground.” I speak to it).

By the way: My favorite “death” story there isn’t ghost related: in 1928, G. Herb Palin, the sloganeer that coined the phrase “safety first” died there. It would be a great ironic story if he dropped down the stairs, however it to be heart issues. This comes up an ext than you’d think; because that my filming over there the other day they to be doing part odd and deadly-looking chair stacking to obtain us seated at the appropriate height, it was fun to allude out the the guy who very first said “safety first’ died in the place.

Well, that’s a pretty kind cheat paper if you’re googling around looking because that ghost stories around the place. I’ve gained no respect for teams who think the running around with an EMF meter and taking pictures of “orbs” is a substitute because that doing her homework. If you’re serious about looking for ghosts, mental what Indiana Jones said: us cannot take it mythology at face value.

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Not to make this a shameless plug, however for MUCH much more detail see The Ghosts the Chicago book, i beg your pardon covers the place in a lot more depth. Watch also: some other Congress articles on this blog.