In an altering fractions we will talk about how to adjust fractions from improper fraction to a whole or mixed number, from mixed number to an improper fraction, from totality number right into an improper fraction.

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Changing an improper fraction to a entirety number or blended number:Here we will find out about an altering an improper portion to a totality or blended number.


Cut out three circle the the same size. 

Fold each circle in four. 

Shade 4 parts from the an initial circle, 4 parts from the second circle and also one part from the 3rd circle.

Total parts shaded = 9 we have 9/4 parts.

Total components in every circle 4 which is yes, really 21/4 parts.


When the numerator of a portion is higher than the denominator, the portion is higher than 1. This have the right to be composed as blended number.

Changing improper fountain to mixed numbers by separating the numerator v the denominator.1. 9/4


= 21/4Therefore, 9/4 = 21/4

2. 24/10 shot to alleviate the numerator and also denominator by a usual denominator.

24/10 ÷ 2/2 = 12/5

Now divide numerator by denominator.


= 22/5

Improper fraction


Mixed number


Sometimes one improper portion change right into a totality number once there is no remainder.

3. 16/2 ÷ 2/2 = 8/1 = 8Note:

When the denominator is 1 in an not correct fraction, it i do not care a entirety number.

Changing a mixed number to an not correct fraction:

Mother said I had consumed 31/2 chocolates. This is what i took : 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 7 halves= 7/2

But i looked carefully. Ns had consumed 3 complete + 1/2 chocolate.

Let us discover the mathematical method of changing mixed number to improper fractions.

Mixed numbersDenominator×Whole numbersNumerator
51/2 = 2×5+1= 11/2

Multiply denominator and whole number 5.

2 × 5 = 10

Mixed number


Improper portion


Add the molecule 10 + 1 = 11

This i do not care the new numerator.

The old denominator remains.

Changing a totality number into an wrong fraction:

Whole number


wrong fraction


Since the denominator shows total parts and also anything totality is out of 1 part, the improper portion is formed by making use of 1 as the denominator.

1. Convert the offered fractions to blended fractions:

(i) (frac112)

(ii) (frac159)

(iii) (frac254)

(iv) (frac577)


1. (i) 5(frac12)

(ii) 1(frac69)

(iii) 6(frac14)

(iv) 8(frac17)

2. Transform the provided mixed fractions to improper fractions:

(i) 3(frac56)

(ii) 7(frac29)

(iii) 5(frac34)

(iv) 8(frac23)


2. (i) (frac236)

(ii) (frac659)

(iii) (frac234)

(iv) (frac263)

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