four sets that coffee cups and saucers Johann Haviland China coporation, group from their Crowning Fashion line from the 1960s. The sample is called Blue Bouquet. The cups measure 3.25 inch tall and also 3.5 customs in diameter. The saucers measure 6.25 customs in diameter. The coffee cups set are in very good vintage condition with no chips or cracks; fixed a note on them. The Johann Haviland firm dates earlier to 1855, when David Haviland opened Haviland and Co. Porcelain manufacturing facility in Limoges, France. In 1907, David's boy Jean Haviland left his father’s firm and also moved to Germany. That legally adjusted his surname to John and began building a china factory in Waldershof. John’s factory produced casual china and also hotelware, utilizing the “Johann Haviland” backstamp. Complying with the 2nd World War, Rosenthal acquisition the agency and began to market Johann Haviland china in the united States. The Haviland Waldershof manufacturing facility remained open up through the so late 1980’s.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

Very good Vintage problem

I usage the ax "very great vintage condition" for pieces that room in almost new condition. Yet you re welcome remember the these items have mostly been supplied before; therefore they will have actually a couple of imperfections. Anything the is apparent will be listed in the description and/or pictures.

great Vintage condition

When the summary uses the hatchet "good vintage" condition; it method that it does have actually some flaws (and need to be detailed in the description). Much less than perfect, however still in good shape.


We execute offer refunds, however the item will need to be returned to us before the refund is completed. We do NOT pay for return shipping. Please, allow us understand if friend have any type of issues, we will be glad to comment on them v you to identify an outcome. No refunds on revenue items or items v an incorrect distribution address. See FAQs top top Incorrect shipment Address. Thanks.

client Service/Communication

We will do our ideal to return all messages within a 24 hours. At times we can be a small late, yet have no forgotten you.

wrong in Shipping

NOTE: readjust in policy: The USPS has changed it claims requirement to having to bring in the box and also broken item to the local write-up office in bespeak to file a insurance claim on this insurance. We apologize because that for this, as we understand that it is not great service.The following is the Lazy Y’s brand-new return plan for piece that come broken: 1.Please take images of the broken item and the box and packaging and also send those come me in a message. 2.I will certainly then paper a case for reimbursement and send girlfriend the claim number. 3.I will certainly then ask friend to take it the broken piece and its packaging to your local short article office for their review (remember to lug the insurance claim number through you). 4.Notify me the this action was taken and also I’ll concern a refund at the time.

What go vintage mean?

Vintage means an items is at least two decades old or at the most 99 year old. When it is 100 years old, girlfriend can speak to it an antique. You re welcome be aware that you are purchasing a supplied item. We save trying to boost our descriptions and also pictures to suggest out chips or dents or other concerns a piece might have. Saying that, there may be small vintage wear the go unnoticed. I perform go end the piece when I purchase it, wash it, take it its picture, compose its summary or sweet it. However still, sometimes I miss it. The best light will present scratches ~ above dinner plates for example. One time, you might see a crack in a item of ceramic in the photograph that you might not see when looking in ~ it.Thanks for dropping by.

Discounts on multiple Sales

I deserve to offer you discount coupons on multiple listing purchases in the complying with sections:DinnerwareWomen"s JewelryMen"s JewelryHoliday JewelryPrecious MomentsVintage Toys and GamesDiscounts will certainly take into consideration the price of the pieces and how many listings room purchased so ns cannot sell a ceiling percentage. Please article me if friend going come purchase more than one listing in this sections. If things is ~ above sale, the discount coupons will certainly not be taken into consideration (by the Lazy Y or by the Etsy system). And, the never harms to ask what is our ideal price. Occasionally we have to let things go and also sometimes us cannot no go lower.

Local delivery Requests

We execute not offer any type of customer choose up together we space online only. Kane county IL residents deserve to message about a fall off. We perform charge a few depending top top mileage. Blog post us before the purchase for quote top top delivery.

Porch Pirates

The Lazy Y is not responsible because that packages gift stolen top top doorsteps. If the USPS has significant the item as delivered however it has actually been stolen, the shop cannot reimburse you for the piece. Call us and we deserve to reach the end to the short article office top top our side of things.

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not correct Shipping address

If a acquisition is made through an incorrect shipping attend to (either expired forwarding deal with and/or other reasons) the Lazy Y charges a re-delivery fee. Once the package has been sent back to the shop through the short article office, you will certainly be notified to acquisition a new shipping label. There room NO refunds on these items. As soon as the shipping prices are covered; we will certainly ship the parcel out and also notify you. IF you can catch that friend forgot to readjust the distribution address, friend can call me and I can still make the attend to change prior to purchasing the shipping label. I"d it is in glad to aid out, if possible. Say thanks to you for understanding.