CS2 is one abbreviated kind of Carbon Disulphide. This molecule has two Sulphur atoms and one Carbon atom. To know the hybridization, molecular geometry and also the polarity the this molecule that is essential to under that Lewis structure.

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Lewis Structure

Lewis framework is the structural depiction of the variety of valence electron that take part in the link formation and nonbonding electron pairs. Dots and Lines are offered in this framework in i m sorry lines stand for the electrons creating bonds with the central atom and also dots room the non-bonding pairs.

Lewis structure follows the octet rule concept. The octet dominance states the an atom should have actually eight electron in its outer shell to be stable. The is vital to know the Lewis structure as it helps in determining the variety of lone pairs and also the bond formation in the molecule.

In Lewis framework of CS2 molecule, there are 16 valence electrons, out of which four valence electrons are of Carbon, and also six valence electrons space from every sulfur molecule. Carbon is the least electronegative molecule and for this reason comes in the center. These two sulfur molecules form dual bonds with this Carbon molecule to complete Carbon’s octet. These dual bonds have actually eight valence electrons. Remainder eight electron are shown as lone bag on Sulphur atom. 2 pairs of lone pairs room on each sulfur atom.


For understanding the hybridization the CS2 molecule, there are two simple methods.

1. To understand the bond formation and its type

It is essential to know the type of bonding in the molecule to recognize its hybridization. In CS2 molecule, two twin bonds are formed consisting that eight valence electrons. Hence it takes increase eight valence electrons the end of 16 valence electrons. These valence electron that form the twin bond v the Carbon atom room in 2s and also 2p orbit of the Carbon atom. This orbitals climate combine, producing the hybrid the sp orbitals.

This hybridization is recognized as sp hybridization. These two hybrid orbitals form sigma bonds v Carbon. Continuing to be eight valence electrons room taken up by the 2 unused orbitals of p. This electrons form the pi bonds through sulfur and are shown as the lone bag on the sulfur atoms.


2. To discover the steric number to understand the hybridization.

The steric number is the sum of the variety of atoms external inspection on the main atom and also the number of lone pairs of electrons attached come the central atom.

The formula to uncover the steric number for any molecule is:

Steric Number (SN)

= No the sigma bond on the main atom +No the pi lone bag on the central atom

Here in the CS2 molecule, the variety of sigma bond on the central atom is two, and there are no lone pairs on the main atom as its octet is finish by sharing the valence electrons.

Thus SN of CS2 molecule = 2+0=2

Steric number of CS2 is 2; for this reason its hybridization has two hybrid orbitals making the an sp hybridization.

Once you know the hybridization of the molecule, it’s easy to determine the molecular geometry and also the polarity the the molecule.

Molecular geometry

As the hybridization that CS2 is sp hybridization, the Carbon atom is in facility bonding through two sulfur atoms forms the bond angle of 180 degrees, make the molecular geometry the CS2 molecule linear.

The general formula for linear geometry is AX2, and thus CS2 shows linear geometry.



The polarity the the CS2 molecule counts on the geometry of the molecule. The much less electronegative Carbon atom is in the facility whereas Sulfur molecule has slightly an ext electronegativity comparatively.

Sulfur atoms type the double bonds top top both the sides of the Carbon atom in the linear type with the same charge and dipole strength. As the same molecules are existing on both the sides, that cancels the end the charge as result of its linearity, and the molecule becomes non-polar.

Thus CS2 molecule is nonpolar.

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Hence in break up remarks, it deserve to be claimed that CS2 molecule has actually 16 valence electrons, sp hybridization, straight molecular geometry and is nonpolar.