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Jan 21, 2012100Daytona Beach, FloridaCountry

Probably a brand name, appears to be greatly Quartz clocks native what I"ve seen. I have a small apple shaped Quartz clock with "Country Breeze" ~ above the dial.

Welcome come the message Board, cuckoo... Yupp, Sears Canada still uses "Daniel Dakota" clocks - lots of them, even battery activate cuckoos through "real carvings" and "cuckoo calls versus a background of running water". And, many surprizing, Daniel Dakota is a registered trademark. Oh well. Jurgen
I think that it"s simply a attractive sounding profession name. Haven"t viewed anyone that knows for sure. I thought at an initial that it to be a famous designer however I don"t think the is the case. J.C. Penny sells castle too.Willie X
Hi,I was wondering if anyone deserve to tell me wherein the Daniel Dakota name come from. Is the a person? I know Sears has actually sold them. I recently discovered a beautiful Daniel Dakota Westminster wall surface Clock in ~ a neighborhood Thrift keep in which I only paid $12.95. What a find! it is in perfect condition, case and also all. That is battery operated. I collect clocks (mostly antique)and I have actually never had actually one dubbed Daniel Dakota. I like to know around the clocks i "adopt" and I cannot seem to uncover anything ~ above the "name" Daniel Dakota and *where* this name came from.Thank-you~
Hello I just bought one for ten dollars in an antique save it is a nice lustclairdrake.neter quartz clock well made . The earlier of my clock lists a barcode native Walmart and also a danieldakota website. The clock was additionally made in China. I would certainly not have actually bought if the were not made of solid wood and also sculpted ornately. As for what year it was made
Anything through a bar code indicates late seventies onward.
They have to start somewhere, RM. Perhaps it will boost the appreciation of a true antique wind up clock.

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They have to start somewhere, RM. Maybe it will enhance the appreciation of a true neck wind increase clock.
I have the right to only fervently expect you space correct however I truely doubt the outcome you predict. If one has even an inkling of evaluation of the antique, you wouldn"t it is in buying stuff choose a plastic battery activate Yosemite Sam clock or everything they"re dubbed to start.When it pertains to clock collecting, the advertising jingle "there"s more for her life in ~ Sears" doesn"t apply.RM