I think it's pretty evident that, in illustration 25, together knows that he's going to die. However how did he know? What was it about the events in that illustration or the one prior to it that he realised the he'd it is in killed an extremely soon?


He knew the their time together was comes to one end. The knew the their friendship to be going to end one way or one more after the episode. This was because he to be making his last move. Stating the would have a criminal write another criminal's surname in the death note would either prove the 13 day preeminence false and also incriminate Light, and also force irradiate to perform SOMETHING about it resulting in L's death. L knew the either way, everything happened, after that day they would certainly no longer be able to be friends, and also that made that sad.

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That to be my take on it in ~ least.

Makes sense. My only question is, what if the 13-day rule turned the end to be real?

Well, ns suppose even that wouldn't prove Light's innocence. If Light were Kira, he can just kill the inmate self after 13 days. But, l would more than likely keep the name of the inmate secret, to dominance that out.

But the reality is, that also is together would have actually ween maybe to carry out the test, it wouldn't have actually been the end.

Be the 13 day rule was true, he'd most likely go really depressed, but still shot to capture kira.

If the dominance turned the end to it is in false, that wouldn't prove the Light is kira, it only would've offered L reason to suspect light and also misa again.

One the the saddest anime episodes of every time, the was the very first and last time you view L become vulnerable and show his feelings

He wasn't certain he to be going to die, that was sure that somebody was. The action of utilizing the notebook was his final move. If anything, he probably thought that Light to be going to die, and also he was regretting the fact that the only human who had the potential to be his girlfriend was going come die.

Was it episode 25? i was rewatching the series and I simply finished 24. Ns don't desire to continue and be sad again.

Yes, it to be 25. 26 is a flashback of kira and also L the ends in ~ Wammys home with Mello to run away. To prevent feels, resume through episode 27.

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He knew the he was going come die, the couldnt prove lights and misas guilt, and also he can realise the shinigami was lying and denying the answers. What bugs me is the he didnt execute what he did in the movies. There he composed his very own name to die in 23 days, heroic death and also enough to success the game and also looking at his personality and also dedication to settle the instance that is exactly what he would have actually done. I think that would certainly be the best ending, however I guess Ohba want to present N/M.