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In solemn event of tonight’s Latin Grammy Awards, ns delved into Grove Music Online to learn an ext about unique musical styles and also traditions the Latin American countries. Colombia’s principal musical style is the cumbia, through its associated genres porro and also vallenato. In the timeless cumbia proper, cstclairdrake.netles dance in a circle about seated musicians, v the woman shuffling procedures while the man moves in a an ext zigzag pattern approximately her. The cumbia normally takes ar at night when women host bundles of candles in fancy handkerchiefs in their ideal hands. Although traditional cumbia is now primarily performed by folklore trstclairdrake.netes at Carnivals and other festivals, cumbia has actually contributed significantly to the advancement of associated musical styles. Listed below are ten interesting facts about the cumbia.

The cumbia is add by among two ensembles: the conjunto de cumbia (also well-known as cumbiamba) and also the conjunto de gaitas. The former is composed of five instruments, when the latter includes two duct flutes, a llamador and also a maraca.The conjunto de cumbia contains one melody instrument dubbed the caña de millo (‘cane of millet’), locally well-known as the pito, i m sorry is a clarinet make of a tube open at both end with 4 finger holes near one end and also a reed cut from the tube itself in ~ the other end.Other instruments encompass the gaita hembra (‘female flute’) and the gaita macho (‘male flute’). While the gaita hembra is offered for the melody, the gaita macho provides heterophony in conjunction through a maraca.The bullerengue and the danza de negro space two other musical category of the region, which have actually African characteristics. The bullerengue is an exhibition dance, filled v hip movement, perform by a solitary cstclairdrake.netle. Meanwhile, the danza de negro is a unique Carnival dance performed by men who repaint themselves blue, strip to the waist, dance in a crouched position with wooden swords, and demand money or rum native passerby.In the beforehand 20th century, town brass bands started adapting the cumbia come a more cosmopolitan style. In between 1905 and 1910, musician in plenty of towns started these adaptations, which were strongly developed in the town of san Pelayo. Thus, the terms pelayera or papayeraare generally used in referral to this kind of ensemble.Vallenato, a genre associated to timeless cumbia, additionally originated in the Colombian Atlantic region. Carry out by an ensemble consist of of accordion, vocals, caja (a tiny double-headed drum) and guacharaca (a notched gourd scraper), vallenato is similar to cumbia in accenting win 2 and 4, yet places a stronger focus on the crotchet-quaver rhythmic cell.Another layout of music concerned cumbia is Música tropical, which occurred from the dance band arrangements that Afro-Colombian styles throughout the 1930s and also 40s. Música tropical is comparable to the ballroom rumba renowned throughout the Americas and Europe, although v it maintains a less complicated rhythmic basic and an ext florid melodic style.Música tropical also available a an answer to the worldwide vogue for Cuban Music, which to be both Caribbean and also uniquely Colombian at the very same time. Through the late 1950s, música tropical had discovered its method into the leading social clubs and also ballrooms the the country.Throughout the 1960s, música tropical remained the national Colombian style. Recordings through grstclairdrake.nets favor La Sonora Dinamita, Los Corraleros de Majagual and also Los Graduados delighted in a brief national popularity, however had a greater influence outside the country, spreading a simplified kind of cumbia to Mexico, main America, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and also Chile, where the format became very important.During the 1940s and 50s the musical pioneers Lucho Bermúdez and also Pacho Galán composed and arranged big-band adaptations of cumbias, among other genres, popularizing the sound which became the new national music the Colombia.

Finally, clock a well-known cumbia — La pollera colera:

Headline picture credit: Monumento a la cumbia, 2006. Windy domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

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