An oil leak ~ above the rear of a series 60 Detroit is not an easy or economically repair. The leak is generally between the engine block and the flywheel housing and also does NOT have actually a gasket – it supplies a Detroit silicone sealant, comparable to what is offered on differential housings. To do this fix the driveshaft must be removed, climate the transmission, clutch, flywheel, rear key seal, the oil should be drained, and then the oil pan removed. Once every one of that is done, the rear of the engine requirements to be raised sufficient to clear the “V-type” engine mounts and then the flywheel real estate must it is in removed. Now, the flywheel housing and also oil pan need to be cleaned, resealed, and then everything gets reassembled. Needless come say, the is a pretty huge job!

The best time to perform this oil leak fix is when installing a new clutch or transmission. Here are some things to think about when all of these components are eliminated from the truck. Labor this particular day is very expensive – most shops are $100 every hour – we are $96 – and I understand this sounds favor a the majority of money, but one must think about the mechanic’s wages, insurance, retirement, workmen’s compensation, mortgage payment on the shop, electric, herbal gas, residential or commercial property taxes, tools and also equipment, and also the clerical staff. All of these items should come out of the hourly charge, so keep that in mind as soon as you are removing the driveshaft and also transmission. While every little thing is bring away apart, why not get some (or all) the those items repaired?

The average price of rebuilding a driveshaft, which includes, straightening, balancing, a brand-new carrier bearing and new universal joints, is around $1,200. To rebuild a transmission with new bearings, seals, and also gaskets, and replace the parts that space worn out, is around $3,200. A brand-new Lipe clutch is $726, plus $35 because that the clutch brake and also $16 because that the pilot bearing. The total labor for the job of resealing the flywheel housing is about $1,800 and, many of the time, the engine has over 800,000 miles on it, therefore we understand that the driveshaft must be rebuilt (they critical for about 500,000 miles yet will critical a small longer if the driver is tenderness on the truck), and the transmission can probably usage some attention, too. So, if you’re going to invest $1,800 for job to repair an oil leak, and the van is already going come be under for 2 days, why not repair the various other items that room sitting ~ above the floor? I understand money is constantly an issue, yet these rear leaks usually begin out slow and then obtain worse, so you have actually a little time come prepare. Conserve your money to carry out this repair and also only invest the labor dollars once.

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With money and also repairs in mind, girlfriend should have actually a maintain account. Most people do not have actually one of these, however if you collection aside ten cents per mile because that truck repairs, you will always have the money to make the important repairs and also it will not be a burden on you and also your family. Some carriers that you space leased come will also do this for you. Over the past 38 years working through owner operator I deserve to tell you, the people that have actually a maintain account never feel the press of paying for repairs, and they have the money to do them right. If you don’t have one – now is the moment to start!

Many way owner operator and small fleet owner who have actually trucks equipped with collection 60 Detroit engines keep an extra DDEC-III or IV sitting about for emergencies and also diagnostic purposes. So, if you ever get the possibility to buy one of these supplied motors, it is a good idea. But, prior to you buy, here are some things to consider, because amongst the aluminum crate that have actually “DETROIT DIESEL” embossed right into their faces, there are countless differences. The cases are the just thing that 80% that DDEC-IIIs and DDEC-IVs have actually in common. Just due to the fact that it states DDEC-IV ~ above the sticker doesn’t mean it’s the ideal ECM for your engine serial number – let alone your truck.

Here room some fast facts. There space at the very least three different hardware variants on the DDEC-III and at least seven variants ~ above the DDEC-IV (that we know of). There space at the very least nine different software versions because that the DDEC-III and over thirty different software versions for the DDEC-IV. Plus, over there are hundreds of fueling map variations, tens of countless engine parameters, sensor calibrations and also customer variations and specifications. So, if girlfriend buy a used series 60 DDEC-III or DDEC-IV engine, you re welcome send it to us with your initial ECM therefore we can tell you if the is compatible or not, and explain all your options.

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