Paris Hilton, photographed here at a party in ~ her private residence in Los Angeles last December, tweeted about the opened of her save in Mecca in November.

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Hilton tweeted: "Loving my beautiful new store that just opened in ~ Mecca mall in Saudi Arabia!" v this snapshot of the store.

Paris Hilton, checked out here during the brand-new York Fashion week for feather 2013, later on tweeted: "This is the 5th store in Saudi Arabia, and also store number 42 in total! so proud come keep cultivation my brand!"

Paris Hilton has gathered a worldwide brand on her sexy image and also became renowned in big part, due to a homemade sex tape the went famous in 2003 and also her reality TV show, "The an easy Life." Many believe establishing a store in a Muslim divine city is a step too far.

Muslim pilgrims conference at the Kabaa in Mecca. For some, the upset stems indigenous the continuous commercialization the Mecca. There has been much discussion in current years end the demolition of in the history important religious buildings in the divine city to make way for brand-new buildings.

Amid global outcry in 2002, an footrest fortress was demolished to make method for the Abraj Al-Bait Towers, likewise known as the Mecca royal Hotel Clock Tower.
American socialite opens store in Muslim holy city of Mecca

Hilton"s 5th store in Saudi Arabia and also has upset countless Muslims

Some speak it is more evidence the commercialization the the historic pilgrimage site

Others to speak Mecca is just one of Saudi"s prime sleeve sites and the shop is catering come demand

as an American socialite and also hotel heiress, Paris Hilton has built up a global brand on her sexy picture – and sometimes very few clothes.

however many believe she has gone a action too far in opening a store selling high-end items in the Muslim holy city the Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Hilton’s increase to an international fame was enhanced in component by a homemade sex movie the went viral online in 2003, days prior to the debut the her truth TV collection “The basic Life.”

This does no sit fine with plenty of in Mecca, which attracts three million Muslim pilgrims from roughly the world every year.

every Muslims who space able room expected to do the expedition to Mecca at least once in your lifetime, and also non-Muslims are not allowed to get in the city. Most Saudi ladies cover themselves completely with a black abaya.

Paris Hilton
Hilton tweeted: "Loving my beautiful brand-new store that simply opened in ~ Mecca shopping mall in Saudi Arabia!" through this snapshot of the store.

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Paris Hilton keep in Mecca?

Hilton introduced her keep on the society media site Twitter, when she wrote, “Loving mine beautiful brand-new store that just opened at Mecca mall in Saudi Arabia!” accompanying the write-up with a picture.

She later on added: “This is the 5th store in Saudi Arabia, and store number 42 in total! therefore proud to keep farming my brand!”

that is no the save itself the is out of location in Mecca – the visibility of Western high-end brands is nothing new in Saudi Arabia.

Hilton’s save sells high-end handbags and also accessories and also is in the new Makkah Mall, which opened up in 2011 through 255 shops, many of them global chains, selling everything from jewelery come electronics, women’s fashion come sportswear. It also has a branch that the lingerie chain La Senza.

likewise on within the center East: brand-new wealth brings deluxe shopping to Iraq

Paris Hilton has actually 42 stores worldwide selling handbags, accessories, shoes, fragrances, watches and also T-shirts, and currently has four in Saudi Arabia.

However, the mix of Hilton’s personal image v the holiest city in the Muslim civilization has riled part in the conservative kingdom.

loving my beautiful brand-new store that simply opened at Mecca mall in Saudi Arabia!

Paris Hilton

Sheikh Adnan Baharith, a conservative cleric who preaches in Mecca, said: ”It is unnecessary to have actually her shop here because we perform not require it.

”If it was in our hands us would have actually closed all of her shops in Saudi.”

because that others, the upset was much more about the ongoing commercialization that the heritage of Mecca 보다 Hilton herself.

Ahmed Al Omran, who writes the blogs Saudi Jeans and also Riyadh Bureau, said: “Some civilization were angry around it and others witnessed the humor in it.

“In the end, it’s made a lot of of human being think about the bigger issue of the commercialization that Mecca where historic sites have actually been demolished come make means for contemporary malls and also international brands.

“There’s no particular reason to be outraged about Paris Hilton when we already have Gucci and Christian Dior. However for numerous it’s further proof of just how the character of Mecca is being lost.”

that added: “It’s the mix of the place of the store, who Paris Hilton is and also what she was standing for.”

others on Twitter expressed comparable concerns.

Muna AbuSulayman, a Saudi host on MBC wrote: “Huge upset on Paris Hilton shop in Mecca Mall! v or against? Or, nothing care? Personally ns am versus the (Disneyfication) that Mecca.”

Laila Lalami, a Moroccan writer based in Los Angeles, tweeted: ”Wahhabis (the leading branch the Islam in Saudi) in ~ work! Historic spiritual sites in Medina room being destroyed, when Paris Hilton opens a brand-new store in Mecca mall.”

If it remained in our hands us would have closed all of her shops in Saudi.

Sheikh Adnan Baharith

A Saudi nursing student Aqila Bint Suleyman wrote: ”Paris Hilton’s brand-new store in (Mecca). Islamic heritage being take it apart whilst Saudi makes way for atrocities choose this!”

when some, choose Dubai-based Saudi entrepreneur and founder of move restaurant Deem AlBassam, are an ext pragmatic.

that said: “Saudi is a fair-trade market, where plenty of investors from approximately the people come come invest and trade. I think it to be a smart move from the local partners in broadening to (Mecca) considering it (is) one of the element locations and also hubs in the kingdom’s retail industry.

“The other four branches the the save in the nation indicate acceptance from the people and the fifth store is just catering to your demands.”’s calls come the Paris Hilton Shop headquarters in the United claims were not returned.