(Warning: this article contains unfortunate spoiler from illustration 8.) You should understand that Netflix"s brand-new series is filled with a the majority of unfortunate events. Indigenous the very beginning, the stays of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire is thrown off course as soon as they"re informed that your parents died in a home fire. This is the catalyst for a look at endless selection of unfortunately events, however one needs to wonder what exactly caused the fire and also if it was murder. And if the latter is true, climate who killed the parental on A collection of unfortunate Events?

While it would seem fair to i think the Baudelaire parents were murdered, there"s one small detail that may indicate they one of two people weren"t murdered or at least knew their deaths were coming. Before the fire, the parents sent out the kids to the coast to play and Violet and also Klaus even listed that it was strange their parents didn"t come in addition to them like they generally did. Were the parents working on something for the an enig society they"re in that they didn"t desire their youngsters to recognize about? Or go they know they to be in danger and wanted to save their kids safe? everything the instance may be, it appears as despite the Baudelaire parents space truly dead and it appears pretty noticeable who killed them.

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Count Olaf went through extraordinary lengths to ensure the would come to be the legitimate guardian the the Baudelaire orphans and also then tried come do everything in his power to steal your fortune. So it would certainly make feeling that he killed their parents, therefore he would have easier access to your money. But there is one significant flaw to this theory.

In the season finale, fans saw a secret figure external of the Quagmire"s home, attract a hat v black and also white feathers. Their confront was concealed behind a newspaper, yet they offered some kind of laser machine to light a photo on fire in the house, causing everything to quickly go up in flames. It appears fair to assume the human that collection this fire is the same human being that melted down the Baudelaire home as well. Yet at the time that this happened, counting Olaf was at the happy Smells Lumbermill messing through the Baudelaire children.

It"s feasible it was one of Count Olaf"s henchmen that set the Quagmire residence on fire, but their absence of knowledge in the present thus much makes it hard to think they would be able to pull that off.

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Therefore the an enig of the fire starter continues to be unsolved. Hopefully, there will certainly be more answers in the following season if the show gets choose up.