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The Phantom that the Opera

Spoilers ahead. Whether v novel, play, or film, The Phantom the the Opera has actually captivated fans for years v its compelling tale and resounding soundtrack. We gain juxtaposing the twisted romance of the Phantom and also Christine through the pure love in between her and also Raoul.

The story concludes with the Phantom setup Christine cost-free after realizing his folly, and also she leaves in addition to Raoul. Despite this relatively happy ending, many fans sought because that the Phantom and also Christine come ultimately pick one another. After all, Raoul and also Christine's romance bloomed nearly out the nowhere, while she and also the Phantom had actually kindled a lengthy (albeit manipulative) history. Still, this pairing will forever stay an unfulfilled dream . . . Right?

Love never Dies

Perhaps not. Unbeknownst to many, Phantom's story proceeds in the music sequel Love never Dies. Mixed reviews describe the sequel's obscurity, however despite that flaws, I took pleasure in discovering the can be fried fate the the personalities from Phantom.


Years after the initial story, Christine, Raoul and also their son Gustave accept an invitation for Christine to carry out as an attraction in ~ Coney Island. Problem complicate when they find the invite stemmed from the Phantom, whom Christine had actually thought dead.



Raoul de Chagny

In The Phantom of the Opera

Raoul, a young and also handsome noble, romances Christine and also helps different her from the Phantom. After ~ she enlightens the Phantom around the wrong of his actions, Raoul and also Christine flee together, presumably to live happily ever after.

In Love never ever Dies

Of all characters, Raoul alters the most. In the original story, he and also Christine basically fell in love at very first sight and stay such throughout the story. Here, Raoul and Christine challenge turbulence in your marriage and also grow an ext distant as the story progresses. Raoul's brand-new love for alcohol more complicates things, and by the end, Christine renders it clean she truly loves the Phantom, no Raoul.

Raoul doesn't finish up v Christine, and also likely has Gustave taken away also (see below), but he's now cost-free to pursue a brand-new romance—and hopefully construct it prior to attempting marriage.



Christine Daaé

In The Phantom of the Opera

Depending on what media you're experiencing, Christine's situation and also feelings substantially change. In the original novel, she's mainly an do not want victim affiliated in a one-sided romance. Contrastingly, countless stage productions and the 2004 film ideas towards actual affection between her and also the Phantom. Nonetheless, she and Raoul are together through the story's denouement.

In Love never Dies

Reunited through the Phantom and given the chance to perform once more, Christine must once again decide between Raoul and also the Phantom. Raoul tells his wife that if she truly loves him, she'll refuse to song for the Phantom, and also instead leave through him; however, she goes v with the performance after seeing the Phantom's newfound kindness. The two loss in love and also share a passionate kiss.

Unfortunately, in the climax Christine is accidentally shot as the Phantom do the efforts to calm a crazed Meg Giry (who you may remember as Christine's opera friend), jealous of the affection the Phantom bestows ~ above Christine. Christine dies in the Phantom's eight after heralding her love for him will never ever die.


The Phantom

The Phantom (Erik)

In The Phantom the the Opera

In the aftermath of his debut, the Phantom is one of two people dead or alone (depending on which variation you see). Nonetheless, he learns love is earn with ideal actions, no taken v brute force.

In Love never ever Dies

Christine's accidental fatality devastates the Phantom, but prior to she dies she discover Gustave is in reality his son, not Raoul's. This revelation no only transforms our check out of their partnership in the previous story, but provides an outlet because that Christine and also the Phantom's love to proceed even after her death—through your child.

While mourning Christine, the Phantom and Gustave share a tender moment where Gustave touches the Phantom's scarred face, an plot of acceptance and also hope because that the future. And that's precisely where the story ends. Considering your bond and blood connection, it's likely the Phantom take away Gustave under his wing.


Christine and the Phantom

What your Vote Means

So, relying on your perspective, Love never ever Dies is either an unnecessary sequel or a satisfied conclusion. For fans unsatisfied v the original's finale, it provides an alternating ending. While still bittersweet, we check out the Phantom progress right into a personality capable and worthy the true love. After all, in both productions, the Phantom and also Christine execute not end up together, but now the reason is death, no choice.

Let me know whether you feeling this enhances or detracts from the story, and also I'll check out you in ~ our following review!

Questions & Answers

Question: How have the right to Christine dice in the initial story at the period of 63, and get shooting (while younger) through Meg in Love never ever Dies?

Answer: Like numerous fans, you're an ext familiar with the movies and certain stage adaptations. However, based upon other endings, including the original novel's, Christine stays through the an initial story.

Then again, the original novel likewise had the Phantom die, therefore clearly, the characters' various fates have twisted and turned throughout various tellings.

Question: Is this article around a real sequel come Phantom the the Opera?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why make the sequel to Phantom of the Opera?

Answer: Why not? Phantom proved a popular book, movie, and also play. Among the easiest means to make money is to do a follow-up come a popular collection since you already have a sizable fandom.

Question: go Love never ever Dies have actually a sequel?

Answer: i don't think so, though it may have actually received one if it had gathered far better reviews.

Question: perform you understand if there is a Love never Dies book? ns absolutely LOVE the musical.

Answer: i didn't find one, so i don't believe it exists.

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Revan on may 12, 2020:

Love never dies’ music is exceptionally touching! loved it! 8.9/10!!!!

Angelica top top April 22, 2020:

I would have actually prefered because that Christine to finish up through the Phantom in the original. Dislike Rayol for offering up Christine once they were young only since she didn't have actually much money.

Jeehyun Kim ~ above April 21, 2020:

To the question about novel, the Phantom the Manhattan is a near book.

Globalman ~ above February 16, 2020:

I have actually seen the Phantom 6 times complete in London and new York. I think the finishing is what it need to be for the storyline. The secret Phantom disappears never to be checked out again.

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Sally Scheef on September 24, 2019:

The sequel is an unnecessary addition. The phase musical has one that the most effective endings in musical theater, and also the audience is left come imagine what comes after in any means that suits them,

LND distorts and also plays totally free and loosened with the characters. The Phantom, because that instance, hasn't learned anything or readjusted because of what taken place in the final Lair. He is just as selfish and also manipulative together he was before he realized what love yes, really was and also unselfishly let Christine walk in the Lair. Will discovering he is a father change him? Maybe.