Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between table and also database. Comparison and Differences.

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What is Database ?

Database is a repertoire of organized data and particular features to access them. Organized means in the kind of tables, views and also stored procedures, functions etc to accessibility the data.

What is Table ?

Table is a arsenal of Rows and also Columns to save the data. Columns room the name of the fields, rows room the actual data.

Difference between Table and Database

1. Table is an item inside a database. Database is a collection of tables; it has actually tables that data.

2. Table has actually a collection (rows) that data top top a solitary related topic. A database deserve to have 10 or thousands of tables.

3. Instance of Table: one Employee Table contains only employees detail. But it does not has inventory detail.Example of Database: DB is a collection of Employee table as well as inventory table.

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Difference in between Database vs Table

Table vs Database

Differences between Database vs Table

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