Racquetball is a game emerged from tennis during the 1950s. But even despite one prospered out the the other, there room a huge number of differences!

What space The Differences in between Racquetball and also Tennis?

Tennis and also racquetball room played on really different courts, using different dimensions, and one gift enclosed the various other open. Racquetball provides a smaller sized racket and also ball, and likewise requires safety equipment such as glasses and a wrist strap. Stroke play and serving technique is additionally different in every sport.

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If you have actually ever considered trying your hand at racquetball friend may have wondered how various the video game is native tennis. Well, you’ve concerned the ideal place!I’ve played both over numerous years, and also here i have provided below 14 of the main differences between racquetball and also tennis.

1. Court Dimension

The most noticeable difference in between racquetball and also tennis is the attached court on i m sorry racquetball is played.Both sports can be played indoors or outdoors. However, racquetball provides a court surrounded by 4 walls which can all be utilized during the game.The wall surfaces on a racquetball court room 20 ft high (source), return the back wall is allowed to it is in a minimum of 12 ft high. A racquetball court is 40 ft long and also 20 ft wide.In comparison, a tennis court is substantially larger, measure 78 ft long and 36 ft wide. This broad is lessened in tennis come 27 ft for a singles match.

2. Court Surface and Markings

A racquetball court is do from wood, such as hardwood choose maple, allowing for a uniform bounce.Tennis is play on three surfaces, clay, grass, or cement. When both sports deserve to be played indoors or out, the enclosed court of racquetball are an ext commonly found in an at home setting.If you to be to look under on both court you would view that the court markings are fairly different between the 2 games. Whereas a tennis player serves from the court baseline, in racquetball over there is a business line 15 ft indigenous the front wall, with one more line called the short line 5 ft additional back.The short line is the halfway suggest of a racquetball court, and when you offer the ball need to bounce behind the brief line.In tennis, there space two box on every side of the court wherein serves should bounce to avoid being referred to as a fault. These boxes occupy the front half of each side the the court.While both sports have singles and double games, the racquetball court markings stay unchanged. On a tennis court, there is a designated doubles sideline that comes in to play for that form of the game.These sidelines extend the broad of a tennis court by 9ft because that a doubles match.Because that the enclosed nature of a racquetball court, there is no out of bounds.The ball must bounce double to success a point. In tennis the baselines and sidelines designate the boundaries of the court and any sphere which bounces beyond these currently on the full is called out and also the point goes come the opposing player,

3. The Net

This might seem an apparent feature to allude out, however the net in tennis is main to the game.Whereas in racquetball the players occupy the same an are without a network in between, the network in tennis divides both the court and the players.The business boxes in tennis are on either side of the net.Racquetball players strike the ball versus the front wall on every shot and also must do every effort to acquire out of your opponent’s method to allow them a fair shot.The just time a tennis player will certainly share their side the a court is when playing doubles.

4. The Rackets

The first difference is in the spelling. Human being often asking is that racket or racquet?In tennis, racket has tendency to it is in the known spelling. As the surname hints, in racquetball, the spelling is readjusted to racquet.Away from the ins and outs of spelling, there space some notable differences between the rackets in the two sports. This differences assist cater come the various rules and dynamics of each game.The first difference you will an alert is the size.Racquetball regulations state the rackets should not be longer than 22 inches. Tennis rackets are substantially larger and also can be approximately 29 inch long.

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The bigger surface area that a tennis racket helps generate more power and accuracy on shots.The other an extremely noticeable difference is the shape of the 2 rackets.Tennis rackets are more oval in shape, round off off towards the head of the racket. In to compare the racket in racquetball tends to kind a teardrop shape, narrowing towards the base of the racket.However, the racquetball racket can likewise have a quadriform shape, which offers it a squarer form.The form plays a function in the sweet spot of a racket. A teardrop or triangular-shaped racket offers for a larger sweet clues area, offering a player more control.The quadriform-shaped racket has actually a smaller sweet spot but offers more power in return.There is also a slight difference in weight in between the rackets.In racquetball, the rackets are usually under 220g in weight, if the average weight that a tennis racket is 300g. Technological improvements in tennis rackets over the years mean they have become much lighter, a tendency that is most likely to continue.