The legislation in Texas together it relates to traffic manage devices is an extremely straight forward. What isn’t directly forward many times is specifically what is a web traffic control maker and what is not. Regardless, once a web traffic control an equipment is designated because of this an officer can attempt to compose a website traffic offense for disregarding it. The issue then becomes, to be it properly inserted to inform the driver the the direction of traffic was to be complied with per the sign, light, etc. This article will synopsis the law in Texas as it comes to disregarding traffic manage devices. If friend would favor to discuss your disregard traffic control device ticket through our experienced Farmers Branch ticket lawyers after analysis this article, feel complimentary to call our office in ~ 214-321-4105.

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Disregard web traffic Control an equipment Law In Texas

The regulation on disregarding traffic manage devices in Texas is as follows:

Sec. 544.004. COMPLIANCE through TRAFFIC-CONTROL DEVICE. (a) The operator the a car or streetcar chandelier comply through an applicable main traffic-control an equipment placed as noted by this caption unless the person is:

(1) otherwise directed by a website traffic or police officer; or

(2) operation an authorized emergency vehicle and also is subject to exception under this subtitle.

(b) A delivery of this inscription requiring an main traffic-control maker may not be enforced against an alleged violator if in ~ the time and place the the alleged violation the device is not in appropriate position and sufficiently legible to an ordinarily observant person. A delivery of this inscription that walk not call for an official traffic-control an equipment is reliable regardless of even if it is a machine is in place.

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Understanding The Law

The most crucial provision of this regulation is component (b) i m sorry states:

A supplication of this inscription requiring an main traffic-control an equipment may no be enforced against an alleged violator if in ~ the time and also place that the alleged violation the machine is no in ideal position and also sufficiently legible come an ordinarily observant person.

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If friend can administer pictures that the authorize or signal was spanned by bushes, trees, etc., climate it is a legitimate defense to prosecution. Make sure you discuss this opportunity with her Farmers Branch ticket attorney so that the proper defense deserve to be evaluated. To talk about your specific traffic ticket in farmer Branch, call our ticket lawyers this particular day at 214-321-4105.