There space 3 methods to get from Ashland come Medford through bus, taxi or car

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line 10 bus • 25 min

take the heat 10 bus from Lithia means - phibìc of 2nd St to center Drive 10

The cheapest method to acquire from Ashland come Medford is to drive which prices $1-$2 and also takes 19 min.

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The quickest way to gain from Ashland come Medford is come taxi which prices $40-$55 and also takes 19 min.

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Yes, over there is a straight bus departing from Lithia way - north of 2nd St and arriving at center Drive. Services depart hourly, and operate Monday to Saturday. The journey takes around 25 min.

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The distance in between Ashland and Medford is 13 miles. The road distance is 13.3 miles.

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The best method to obtain from Ashland come Medford there is no a automobile is to line 10 bus which takes 25 min and costs $2.

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The heat 10 bus indigenous Lithia way - north of second St to facility Drive takes 25 min including transfers and departs hourly.

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Ashland come Medford bus services, activate by RVTD, depart indigenous Lithia means - north of 2nd St station.

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Medford, United claims

Medford is a city in, and also the county seat of, Jackson County, Oregon, in the joined States. As of July 1, 2018, the city had actually a total population of 82,347 and also a urban area population of 217,479, making the Medford MSA the 4th largest metro area in Oregon. The city was named in 1883 by David Loring, polite engineer and right-of-way agent for the Oregon and also California Railroad, after ~ Medford, Massachusetts, i m sorry was near Loring"s hometown of Concord, Massachusetts. Medford is close to the center ford of be affected by each other Creek. - Wikipedia