After having a long day in ~ the layout park resources of the world, find some time to relax.

You may simply want to acquire away for some peace and also tranquility to gain your vacation through pure relaxation at a beach.

Well, luckily there room some beaches close to Orlando the will carry out you v a mini vacation of pure paradise.

There are many beaches in Orlando, that will provide you “me” time with your family or friends.

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Beaches in Orlando?


First off, there space no beaches straight inside Orlando, Florida, yet you can absolutely find Cocoa coast to be one of the nearest beaches indigenous Orlando.

There room plenty of various other beaches close to Orlando Florida, but my reference if you want to travel close and enjoy some relaxation is Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Maybe you witnessed billboard indications of Cocoa Beach as you were driving and then wonder: whereby is Cocoa Beach’s location?

I understand when I an initial came to Florida I had actually the specific same inquiry in mine head.

Where is Cocoa beach Located?

Cocoa coast is situated on the east shore of Orlando Florida, hence embodying the Atlantic Ocean. It is just one of the closestly beaches come Orlando Florida.

Distance wise it would certainly take about 60 miles and around an hour to drive from Orlando to Cocoa Beach.

The beach journey from Cocoa coast is not as well long and it is a straight route utilizing the toll road.

Again, the all relies on exactly how long that takes to gain there and also whether you space taking toll roadways or not. Website traffic can additionally account for how long that takes come arrive. Traffic can end up being a lot heavier approximately 9am come 5pm.

All this different determinants can beat a duty in the time and distance it would certainly take to acquire there.

If you arrangement on acquisition toll roads, ns recommend obtaining a Sunpass.

It surely is among the smartest purchases come make once driving ~ above toll roadways as it will certainly make her trip more convenient.


particularly in the large cities such as Orlando and Miami.

People that aren’t conscious of this may autumn into the catch of not understanding they space on a toll fee road and also may await a toy fee fee.

I know I did number of times also though I used google maps a variety of times to prevent this native happening.

But overall…

Even though its location is not on the gulf next of Florida, the is tho a an extremely beautiful and nice location to visit simply to gain away and escape the noise that the most touristic places in Orlando, Florida

You might be asking yourself as soon as is the best time to go to Cocoa Beach?

Having travel to Cocoa beach on a number of different occasions, I finally know what to mean from a Florida beach.

Cocoa beach, like most Florida beaches, does have tendency to get really hot and scorching in the summer. Also temperatures may fluctuate throughout the year in Florida.

Average temperature can selection in the top 90’s through high humidity levels in the summer.

February, March, and May are my favorite times come go because the water is warm and also the weather is hot.

In the summer the sand can burn her feet however the water is warm, so as long as you’re all set then friend won’t have a difficulty going.

Temperatures commonly drop in November, December, also January.

Beaches are less crowded currently that children are ago to school.

The finest Part?

The nicest points I have actually noticed of most Floridian Beaches is the umbrella and chair rental system.

If you find yourself needing an umbrella or chair, climate no problem!

You have the right to rent coast chairs and umbrellas on the coast without actually having to worry around packing the automobile before you leave. This is an extremely convenient.

Though you do have to lug the normal hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and also beach towels yourself. It’s important to not forget these.


Floridian Weather is different.

I am sure you have heard the the Floridian Weather alters constantly. And yes that is Florida.

So nothing be surprised if every one of the suddenly it pours and also the next couple minutes the sunlight is glowing bright.

This occurred to me the various other day when I woke up early to record the sunrise on Cocoa Beach and suddenly the rain began pouring.

The ideal time of job to go is first thing in the morning.

It is ideal to go prior to the tourist and also local residents. This method you don’t have worry about finding parking or wherein to go.

That’s not all…

There are also many different types of traveler attractions you can likewise see and do if you want.

These incorporate visiting locations like the Kennedy space Center to clock the rockets take off.

There space a variety of launches the take turn off throughout the year, however it’s always an excellent to see among Elon Musk’s rocket launch into space.

If you carry out have enough time to tour the downtown of Cocoa beach then do it!

Plus the Kennedy room Center is no too much of a distance, and if you are lucky you’ll capture a rocket take off.

The Kennedy space Center is very great about updating as soon as the next rocket beginning happens. 

Do you setup on visiting Cocoa coast in May?

If friend do occur to discover yourself right here in May, one of the ideal things to inspect out is the yearly Beach Festival.

Usually situated in the Downtown the Cocoa coast it occurs around mid might where friend can find anything from live music come food vendors and also even family fun activities.

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Cocoa coast I would say is just one of the finest Orlando beaches in Florida the you can find surrounding to reap some time off.

Even though, the is not discovered on the gulf side of Florida, you can still reap some fun in the sun.

I introduce you come grab an ice cream cream and also relax in ~ a beach.

If you are in Orlando or any type of other neighboring areas, then inspect out the sands of Cocoa Beach for a nice gain away.

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