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I am composing a paragraph and I can"t it seems ~ to uncover the specific answer in any type of of my English publications but once you form the name of a musical group (i.e. The Dave Matthews Band) how would the look typed in my paper. Need to it it is in underlined, italicized, in quotes, etc? many thanks for your time.

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SOURCE OF inquiry & date OF RESPONSE Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania Tue, Sep 15, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSENone that the above. Act it as you would any kind of other proper noun and also capitalize the crucial words the the group"s name. Once referring come the group"s album, you"ll underline or italicize the album"s name. (But don"t use italics instead of underlines unless your instructor says it"s OK.; i don"t desire to acquire in trouble.)
QUESTIONWhich is exactly me or myself in the following sentence.The topic was discussed between Jim and also (me or myself).SOURCE OF inquiry & day OF RESPONSE Huntington Beach, California Tue, Sep 15, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSE"Me" would be correct. That small sentence has a civilization of trouble, though. I don"t know if things room discussed between two people; i think they"re questioned by two people. And, if i may, I"d like to imply a an ext active version of the sentence:Jim and also I questioned the subject. . . .
QUESTIONHow to create an essay on a publication for written interactions class.SOURCE OF question & day OF RESPONSE Somewhere, Canada Tue, Sep 15, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSESee the "evaluative essay" ar in principles of Composition.
QUESTIONWhat is the distinction beween sometimes and also sometime?SOURCE OF concern & date OF RESPONSE Buffalo, brand-new York Tue, Sep 15, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSEYou typical like in the track from show Boat, "A mrs is a sometime Thing"? periodically is the adverb the we generally want: "We periodically work also hard." at some time is a quite archaic kind of that word and also an adjective meaning, "occasional": "He was a at some time father the fifteen." It additionally serves nicely together an adverb an interpretation "at some point," however it"s often better to use the 2 words: "Let"s carry out this at some time / some time next monthAuthority because that this note: WWWebster Dictionary, the World large Web version of Merriam-Webster"s Collegiate® Dictionary, Tenth Edition. Used with permission.
QUESTIONI"m having actually trouble with pronouns. Is over there a dominance for utilizing I and also me? example: My mommy shows Ted and also (I/Me) exactly how to cook pasta. Say thanks to youSOURCE OF inquiry & day OF RESPONSE Aurora, Colorado Wed, Sep 16, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSEYes, and it"s a reasonably easy rule. Once you link a pronoun v something else, don"t adjust its form. You would certainly say "My mommy shows me exactly how to cook pasta," right? as soon as you add (compound) the pronoun through Ted, don"t readjust the form of "me" come "I" or something else. Check out the ar on Pronouns and also take the appropriate quizzes native the Quiz List. Then create again if friend still have questions.
QUESTIONCan you aid me?. I have to study "Passive Voice". Where deserve to i discover it, with plenty of examples?. Thanks a lot.SOURCE OF question & date OF RESPONSE Ibaguè, Colombia Wed, Sep 16, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSECheck the end our brief section top top the Passive Voice and also take the appropriate quizzes native the Quiz perform (under Verbs and Verbals). You"ll uncover examples within the quizzes. Then create again if you still have questions.
QUESTIONI have to word mine sentence as shown, however our copywriting team is all set to death each other over this! In referring to pantyhose, need to the word it is in pair or pairs?Get 2 pair for the price the one.Thanks for any help you can offer us!SOURCE OF inquiry & date OF RESPONSE Bentonville, Arkansas Thu, Sep 17, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSEThe plural of pair is either pair or pairs. Sometimes measurement nouns perform this. If we have 36 eggs, we have actually three dozen, not dozens, right? Office mayhem could be appropriate, however murder is the end of the question here. Authority for this note: WWWebster Dictionary, the World wide Web version of Merriam-Webster"s Collegiate® Dictionary, Tenth Edition. Offered with permission.
QUESTIONI have actually heard of the dominance "I prior to E other than after C." once spelling scientific research obviously over there is one exception. Please advise.SOURCE OF concern & day OF RESPONSE Plano, Texas Thu, Sep 17, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSEThere space exceptions come every dominance ever made around spelling. This ascendancy happens come be fairly dependable, yet I remember seeing a whole list of words the break this certain rule. I think, because that "science," it has something to carry out with the 2 syllables of this specific word or the way the "s" and "c" occupational together together one sound. I have no advice for you.

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QUESTIONCan adverb be placed in in between auxiliary verb and the participle? What is the correct order in a sentence the the parts of speech?SOURCE OF question & day OF RESPONSE Providence, Rhode Island Thu, Sep 17, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSEAbsolutely. That"s the best place for them. Together for the correct order in a sentence the the components of decided -- i don"t think over there is together a thing. English is totally too protean a language for that. There are, the course, certain kinds the ordering that take location in sentence building, yet it would take a publication to define it. I would recommend Kolln"s book, if friend can find it in a bookstore or library.Understanding English stclairdrake.net through Martha Kolln. 4rth Edition. MacMillan posting Company: new York. 1994.
QUESTIONI have actually a question around the phrase, "suffice it come say...". Would it be just as exactly (or an ext correct?) to drop words "it" native the phrase? SOURCE OF concern & day OF RESPONSE Ventura, California Thu, Sep 17, 1998stclairdrake.net"S RESPONSEThat personally "it" is a weird little bit of phrasing, isn"t it? But, no, us can"t autumn the "it." I intend it way something favor "it is sufficient to say"? We can say something choose "It will certainly suffice to say that. . . ."Authority for this note: WWWebster Dictionary, the World vast Web version of Merriam-Webster"s Collegiate® Dictionary, Tenth Edition. Supplied with permission.
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