Are you prepared to learn how to become a good kicker, knife a college scholarship, and also make it to the NFL?

In other words, everything that you must know around kicking or punting a football will certainly be posted on this page. It will take a while for me to acquire all this information and all the kicking advice to you. It will take a while because that you to read it. So I will certainly not shot to provide it all at once. And you must not shot to consume it every in one sitting. I will keep adding information, videos, pictures, kicking tips, and links. You store coming earlier and reading it.

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The easiest method for me to share this huge amount of details is by comment the most common questions the I have actually been hearing native kickers, punters, and also their parents.

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What exercises carry out I do to do my foot stronger?

It depends on the time of the year, what your weaknesses are, and also how much time and effort you room willing to placed in. I am a huge fan of difficult to a continual and substantial full body workout that you will certainly be doing through your team, and then adding 15 – 20 minutes, 3-4 times per week, the low-impact body load exercises to increase balance, selection of motion, and also stability of her kicking movements.

Coach Danny Cola, previous kicker and also a expert strength coach, placed together this an extensive kicking optimization workout that is a must read/watch. Pick and also choose exercises that you like or monitor it to a tee. It will certainly make a positive influence on your kicking either way.


What perform I execute in the off-season to prepare? just how much carry out I kick? What need to I emphasis on?

Generally, throughout the winter and also spring, you focus is to come to be a better overall athlete while structure up your kick volume gradually and also kicking mostly “best ball kicks” (as high and far as possible). At some allude in late spring, you room going to boost your number of kicks, scale ago on other develops of training, and also incorporate specific kicks that your team will use during the season – deep left kickoffs. Pop up kickoffs, various punts the you will use, etc.

For comprehensive preparation schedule, click the paper from my presentation come Michigan High institution Football Coaches.

Coaches Clinic January 2020

Which kicking camp is the best one because that me?

There are several different varieties of kicking camps that a kicker deserve to attend:

College Kicking CampsShowcase/Competition Kicking CampsInstructional Kicking Camps

College Kicking Camps: these are organized on university campuses through the colleges themselves – commonly in the summer. Objective of these camps is to evaluate prospects the the school is recruiting. You will certainly experience small to no instruction. If you space going right into your junior or your senior season that high school, and also you have actually interest in the institution hosting the camp, go. However if you room a high school sophomore or younger, over there is no suggest in attending these unless you desire to marvel at the facilities and also get one free t-shirt (not really complimentary since you will pay at the very least $120 come attend).

Showcase/Competition Kicking Camps: over there are countless private kicking organizations that operation these sorts of kicking events. They space usually paired with some kind of a ranking system, website file page, and college referrals. Similar to university kicking camps, there is very little instruction that takes place. You will certainly chart and also get evaluated multiple times. Parents and also kickers should recognize that there are no college coaches at any private kicking camp. All the referrals space done through video, personal recommendation, email, profile pages, etc.

There is no should attend this kicking occasions prior to your sophomore year. College coaches carry out not treatment who the greatest ranked freshmen or sophomores are. If you desire to attend these as a young kicker just for fun, there is not much harm that deserve to come the end of it. One thing that you should know around organizations that make your profit native rankings is that if you perform not present up come several occasions per year, your ranking will drop, nevertheless of her skills. For this reason be ready to store dumping money into it. With travel expenses, your yearly cost will selection between $2,000 come $10,000. Mine advice come kickers and parents that don’t feel choose wasting money is to…develop skills first (65-yard kickoffs, 50+ yard field goals, 45+ yard punts, good technique), and then begin attending this in the summer prior to your junior year. Attend a few early on. And also then increase frequency after her junior season – roughly around January.

Instructional Kicking Camps: These are kicking occasions where athletes resolve improve their an abilities and obtain kicking advice on just how to train themselves. When deciding on i m sorry camp to attend, girlfriend should take into consideration the size of the camp, the endure of coaches, camp high quality (hard to understand without suffer or a reference), and also proximity come the kicking coach. The is vital to it is in close, or have actually easy access to her kicking coach due to the fact that you will certainly be navigating her kicking trip solo because that the many part. A kicking coach has actually experience and perspective to guide you and also answer any questions the you will have actually along the way. As soon as I get an inquiry around coaching native the West shore or somewhere outside of Midwest, I commonly advise a kicker to discover a regional kicking coach that will be may be to administer year around coaching and also support.

Most young kickers do a mistake by concentrating too much on competitions and also not sufficient on your skill breakthrough – competition through themselves. In stimulate to satisfy your kicking potential, you have to keep boosting your kicking skills every time the you kick, all year around. And then in a competitions setting, you simply do your best. NFL kickers do this. They are always messing v some details of the skill. And in games, they perform not also see various other kicker as competition. They emphasis on making every their own kicks and performing at their best.

Were NFL kickers amazing when they were young kickers?

If girlfriend watched Super key LIII top top February third 2019, girlfriend watched four specialists that were not extremely recruited coming the end of high school. However today, 4 of them together have actually 30+ periods of NFL experience and much more money in their bank accounts than most occurring countries.

This is whereby they were as 18 year olds coming the end of high school:

Greg Zuerlein – Kicker/LA Rams – welcomed a partial scholarship to a small division 2 institution – university of Nebraska in Omaha. This institution dropped your football program two years into his college career. Greg transferred to another D2 school, perform well and got drafted through the Rams.

Stephen Gostkowski – Kicker/NE Patriots – embraced a baseball scholarship in ~ Memphis university and also walked onto a football team to win the job and eventually get drafted by the Patriots.

Johnny Hekker – Punter/LA Rams – to walk on Oregon State University, won the job and a scholarship. That did not gain drafted into the NFL. Johnny dealt with his way in to success the job as a long shot free agent. Now he is the finest punter in the NFL and holder of multiple NFL records.

Ryan Allen – Punter/NE Patriots – to walk on come Oregon State university where he lost the punting battle. Moved to Louisiana Tech, where he perform exceptionally and also earned a tryout with the Patriots ~ above graduating. That beat out a 3-year veteran NFL punter to success the job.

Long story quick high institution kids…if girlfriend played plenty of sports in high school and also did no focus sufficient on kicking…if girlfriend did not begin playing football until later in high school…if girlfriend did not spend upwards that $10,000 every year on various ranking camps to obtain noticed….if friend did not obtain many opportunities to kick in games….if friend did not promote you yourself aggressively come colleges…if you focused your attention and efforts top top colleges that were not interested in you…if you did not develop physically till later…you may have actually slipped v the cracks and also were not offered a scholarship coming out of high school. BUT, if girlfriend train regularly, consistently and also intelligently, you deserve to overcome this tiny bump in the road and also prevail in the end. Keep kicking!

What are the ideal shoes because that kicking/punting?

Soccer cleats are the ideal for kicking and also punting. Many college and pro kickers stay a leather football cleat that is an easy in design. If girlfriend are just kicker or only a punter without having to play various other positions, you can wear two various shoes. Tree foot shoe is commonly a football cleats with good support and also grip. Kicking foot shoes is tight installation leather soccer cleat. Aim because that 1.5 to 2.5 sizes smaller than your typical walking shoe.

If friend play other positions, and also you have to wear football cleats, select a simple, low top shoe the is not too stiff.

Nike Tiempo cleats room the most well-known kicking cleats at the moment. There are limitless variations that design and also leather. Pick the one that functions the ideal for you.

Kicker in the picture shows exactly how kicking shoe have to fit – tight, straightforward and comfortable, through striking surface ar exposed.


What separates a high college kicker from college kicker…from pro kicker?

Short answer: learning yourself.

Once in a blue moon, one NFL kicker will have actually an off day and also everyone will talk around it. Mason crossby (2018 Season – Packers) and Cody Parkey (2018 Season – Bears) both had games with many missed field goals. Civilization tend to remember those – mostly since NFL kickers space expected to be, and also usually are, perfect.

In my experience, NFL kickers know what they room doing on most days, understand themselves, understand their tendencies, know what reasons their misses, and also know what causes their bad days. Therefore they just stick come routines that promote good days, and also bad days become anomalies – as soon as in a blue moon. Average NFL kickers day is 10 because that 10 on field goals. Great day is 10 because that 10 on field goals through every ball being dead center. Negative day is 8 because that 10.

College kickers have it figured out on part days. Some days they will go 10 for 10, hitting every sphere high and far. On these days, lock feel choose they room on height of the world, lock post few kicks on social media v #hardwork #blessed or something along those lines. But then they have actually 3 because that 10 days that are complied with with frustration and hiding. They room still learning themselves as kickers and people.

High college kickers have very tiny idea the what they room doing and why they are doing it. Their great days and bad days come and also go without any type of idea of what causes them. They learned some an abilities from kicking camps and also youtube. But for the most part, they don’t recognize what works all the time and also what functions sometimes.

In short, in order because that a kicker to do at the greatest level, he requirements to

Use hard mechanics that are used at the NFL level – athletic “normal” starting stance (nothing turn off balance, no monster head and shoulder tilts, no feet as well close together), smooth and also straight steps, clean clean clean foot come ball contact (did i forget come say clean?), an excellent posture with the swing. Avoid quick term “band aid” fixes, and strange kicking advice from coaches without genuine kicking experience. It is in coachable, do adjustments…but be skeptical.Get to recognize yourself. Think about your kicks. Execute you have a common way that girlfriend miss? What causes it? carry out you hear exact same kicking tips from various kicking coaches? carry out you have a consistent warm up? What walk you carry out on days that you kicked well in hrs leading up to your exercise (sitting around? law something active?). How countless kicks do you take as soon as you practice? once kicking, space you a rapid starter or slow starter- exactly how long does the take for you to gain in a groove? execute you finish practices kicking well or have you started to struggle currently from fatigue?

There space so numerous questions that you deserve to ask you yourself that will certainly lead you on a route to her athletic self-discovery. And that is the difference between a high school, college, and a pro kicker…knowing yourself.

My coach does not choose kickers. We don’t practice special teams enough. What execute I do?

This is a typical question that I get when it concerns kicking in high school. That is becoming less and less typical though because high school kicking is getting better and better

Your coach make kicking a short priority since he is provided to not having good kickers and punters. If a high college coach cannot uncover a good kicker, the can’t simply replace that player, or provide him kicking tips till he becomes good. There room no kicking coaches on high institution staffs. Whatever an abilities kicker brings, coach needs to work through for the duration of the season. So the just thing a coach deserve to do with a negative kicker is to minimization his function in a game plan

Solution is obvious…Get really good at kicking and your coach will desire to make use of you. Kick fine in practices, and you will obtain a possibility to absent in games. If you deserve to kick the ball into the finish zone ~ above kickoffs, you will certainly usually gain a possibility to kick it deep. Yet if you have the right to kick it to only between 5 garden line and also a goal line, also though the is pretty an excellent kick, it will certainly be returned. And that method your coach needs to play the strategy video game by squibbing some, popping part short, etc. Her coach desires to win. If you give him a far better chance in ~ winning through kicking great, friend will gain to absent a lot.

You additionally need to aid yourself and your team by helping her snapper and also your holder. Look up part coaching tips for those guys. Provide them feedback. Treat castle well. They room usually no getting any kind of coaching by the staff either.

My boy is __ year old. Is the old enough to start kicking and/or attending kicking camps?

Every NFL kicker and almost every university kicker has a soccer background the at least several years. Ns suggest starting with youth soccer. It will construct muscles supplied in kicking motion. In ~ young age, athletes require repetition and foundation more than they need comprehensive instruction. Soccer provides both the those.

As much as soccer kicking and particular kicking instruction, we have had actually athletes together young together 9 attend a camp, love it, and also benefit greatly. However we likewise had athletes who were older come and also struggle to store up and stay focused. Main aspect is no the period of the athlete. The is his desire to exercise after he leaves the camp. 9-year old who loves come kick and enjoys practicing when per main or an ext on his own is ready. I have seen several really young campers stick through kicking, and also start high institution with impressive distance on their kicks, understanding of mechanics, and also mental maturity.

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Video below is that Ben Von Gunten in 7th grade in ~ the Michigan Winter Kicking Camp at grand Valley State U. That shirt hanging loose on him is a size Small. Ben verified flawless kicking mechanics. He is at this time a freshman starting kicker on scholarship in ~ Indiana Wesleyan University.