FCA, Ram"s parent company, announced a substantial recall the 2012-14 ram trucks for issues with the steering wheel wiring harness. Inexplicable wear in the exploit can reason a quick circuit and deploy the steering wheel airbag. The 1.06 million units impacted have only resulted in two injuries, however no crashes have to be reported. FCA notes that if you’re driving among the provided models, and also your airbag warning light is on, gain to the dealer immediately. Only specific models of this trucks room at risk, yet dealers will check all affected vehicles totally free of charge.

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Also top top the FCA recall list are 156,498 heavy-duty trucks that were supplied with insufficiently welded steering components and 188,000 2014-15 ram Quad Cab pickups that need an investigate of the side-curtain waiting bags. Systems in Canada and Mexico are likewise affected.

All this comes after the July judgment where FCA i agree to salary $105 million in penalties complying with a federal government investigation that the company’s taking care of of 23 recalls involving more than 11 million cars and trucks.

Hopefully lock don’t have Takata airbags.

Affected vehicles include:

2012-2014 ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks

2012-2014 lamb 3500, 4500 and also 5500 chassis cab trucks

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