As you scroll with Twitter and TikTok today, both sites space flooded with short articles claiming something huge is walking to occur today, however why?

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Well, it every relates to a an extremely old meme. If she confused, here’s a complete explanation.


Who remembers Vine? The society media site was released in 2012 and enabled users come share short six-second-long looping video clips, comparable to TikTok.

Some of the internet’s most famous memes were made ~ above the site, consisting of the “What’s nine Plus Ten” meme.

The video, which was posted on June 22nd 2013, observed a man ask a small boy “what’s nine plus ten” to which the replied: “twenty-one.”

Of course, the prize isn’t in reality 21, it’s 19, so the guy hilariously tells the boy: “No the not, you stupid.”

According to understand Your Meme, the initial clip obtained 30 million loops, and remixes and also memes concerned the Vine then started flooding the internet.

Watch the meme below.


People space relating it come today’s date

Social media users have noticed that the date has the exact same numbers together the 9 + 10 +21 meme, so have been associating today with the eight-year-old video.

However, that goes one step further than that. People are also saying that something huge is going to occur today.

People space saying the ‘Judgement Day’, which in Christianity, is the day when Jesus, the child of God, will go back to Earth and also judge the living and dead.

Some believe that Judgement day is the finish of the world, definition an apocalypse will certainly happen.

Others are claiming other really bad is walk to happen today, favor a herbal disaster or substantial terrorist attack.

Let’s expect we get to the finish of today alive!

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If you in the UK, she safe

A hoax is spreading around Twitter the if you’re indigenous the UK, you’re for sure today.

People in England create their days the opposite method round, putting the day before the month.

Phew! let’s all relocate to the UK because that the day.


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