Does the Honda Accord have a timing belt or timing chain? find out this and an ext timing belt maintenance tips in this article from Patty Peck Honda

Which Honda Accord Models have actually a time belt or timing Chain?

Maintenance is vital to-do because that every car owner. There space the apparent things like liquid replacement, oil changes and tire rotations, however there’s many of points under the hood that need to be checked and replaced together well. One of these points is maintaining and replacing your car’s timing belt or time chain. Often, even individual trim level or engine varieties in a model might variate between timing belts and also timing chains. Accord Year ModelEngineTiming BeltTiming Chain
Accord 1997 - 2002ALLTiming Belt
Accord 2003 - 20074 Cylinder ModelsTiming Chain
Accord 2003 - 2007V6 ModelsTiming Belt
Accord 2008 - 20124 Cylinder ModelsTiming Chain
Accord 2008 - 2012V6 ModelsTiming Belt
Accord 2013 - 20174 Cylinder ModelsTiming Chain
Accord 2013 - 2017V6 ModelsTiming Belt
Accord 2018 - upAll EnginesTiming Chain

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Difference between timing belt and timing chain

There room a couple of differences in between a timing belt and also chain. The overall duty they serve is mainly the same. Both of this is responsible3 because that “mechanical timing” in her engine. This is what controls the crankshaft, camshaft and further controls activity of pistons and valves within her engine. Every one of these relocating parts must move at specifically the right time, or her engine will certainly not job-related properly—if at all.

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A timing chain, the enlarge of the two technologies, looks comparable to a bike chain. A time chain works v tensioners holding the chain in place which are managed by engine oil pressure. Time chains last longer than belts, however if they perform fail, are likely to reason far an ext damage to her engine 보다 a damaged time belt. A time belt is a rubber belt the is held an in similar way by pulleys organized by tensioners which are organized in ar using your engine’s water pump. These need to be replaced approximately every 60,000-100,00 miles. When a belt is replaced, mechanics recommend replacing the water pump, belt, and also pulleys in ~ the same time. Belts tend to it is in quieter and also if damaged, will reason less damage to your engine.

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