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Free Marie (Marie Antoinette Wright) is one American media personality, television producer and philanthropist who climbed to fame as the very first host that BET’s 106 & Park.

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She later became a disc jockey at KKBT 100.3 The beat in Los Angeles and is also a former co-host of the Ed Lover Morning present on strength 105.1 in brand-new York City.

Marie started her journey in the arts as a child in Boston, MA. She to visit the Roxbury center for Performing Arts because that 11 years, she traveled and also toured as component of a young dance troupe.

Inspired by hometown group brand-new Edition, free was component of a few groups in Boston performing and winning talent shows, while honing her singing and rap skills.

Free Marie Photo

In 1991, she performed among her best breaks in her dancing job in the rap music video “Good Vibrations” through Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

She left Boston come immerse it s her in her true passion: music. Among her stepping-stones was an internship in ~ a radio terminal in MA, whereby she started to do a name for herself.

She climate made career move between new York and also LA in an initiative to develop the structure of her calling. Cost-free appeared on “Patriots”, the second track ~ above Can-I-Bus, the debut album from critically acclaimed laboratory artist Canibus.

This appearance to be Free’s an initial major appearance and the album, in the end, went gold. Free’s figure on the album to be a direct result of her expert relationship through Wyclef and his refugees Camp crew.

In 2002, she founded the Free4Life Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to empowering young world in disadvantaged neighborhoods through programs the encourage literacy, creative arts, and also financial education.

Free Marie Age

Marie is 52 years old together of 2020, she was born together Marie Antoinette bright on February 7, 1968, in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States. She celebrate her birthday on February 7, and her birth authorize is is Capricorn.

Free Marie Height

Free is a woman of mean stature, she also appears come be rather tall in stature in she photos. She stands at a elevation of 5 feet 3 customs (160 cm) and weighs 128 lb (58 kg).

Free Marie Family

Free is the daughter that Selina. She is an support for breast cancer awareness, and also in October 2010, she participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides against Breast Cancer” charity go in respect of her late mother Selina “Tina” Wright. Creating team “Walk 4 Tina,” Marie and her family members walked 5.7 mile to assist raise donations because that cancer treatment and awareness.

Free Marie Husband

Marie has actually not unable to do public with details regarding her husband, it is no publicly well-known whether she is married or in a relationship. Her companion will be updated as quickly as possible.

Free Marie kids with Jay Z

There to be rumors that Free Marie and also Jay Z’s son was born in 2004. Both sides vehemently denied any type of hookup.

Free Marie Measurements and Facts

Antoinette Marie wright 2012 bet Awards Show

Here are some amazing facts and body measurements you should understand about totally free Marie.

Free Marie Wiki

Full Names: Marie Antoinette WrightGender: FemaleProfession: tv Producer, ChoreographerNationality: AmericanRace/ Ethnicity: BlackReligion: no KnownSexual Orientation: Straight

Free Marie Age and Birthday

Age: 52 years (2020)
Zodiac Sign: CapricornDate the Birth: February 7, 1968Place of Birth: Dorchester, Boston, MassachusettsBirthday: February 7

Free Marie body Measurements

Body Measurements: To be updatedHeight: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)Weight: 128 lb (58 kg)Hair Color: Dark brownWaist Size: 24 in / 63 cmHips Size: 35 in / 91 cmBra Size: 40C (US) / 90C (EU)

Free Marie Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Mr. WrightMother: Selina WrightSiblings (Brothers and Sisters): To be updatedMarital Status: SingleSpouse: SingleChildren: None

Free Marie net Worth and also Salary

Net Worth: $3 million (2020)Source of Income: MediaGenre: i know well hop musicRecord labels: global Music Group, Def Jam Recordings, Roc-A-Fella Records, Murder inc Records

Marie’s House and Cars

Place the living: USCars: automobile Brand to it is in Updated

Free Marie Salary

Marie’s salary has actually not yet been revealed.

Free Marie network Worth

Marie has an estimated net worth that $3 million dollars. This contains her assets, money and also income. She primary resource of revenue is she career together a media personality. Through her various sources of income, free has to be able to accumulate a great fortune but prefers to command a modest lifestyle.

Free Marie Movies and also TV shows

106 & ParkDrumlineAccording to Him and also Her

Frequently Asked concerns About totally free Marie

Who is free Marie?

Marie is an American media personality, television producer, and also philanthropist.

How old is cost-free Marie?

Marie was born as Marie Antoinette wright on February 7, 1968, in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, united States. She is 52 year old together of 2020, she celebrates her birthday on February 7, and also her birth sign is is Capricorn.

How high is Marie?

Free is a mrs of average stature, she additionally appears come be fairly tall in stature in her photos. She stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inch (160 cm) and also weighs 128 lb (58 kg).

Is free Marie married?

Marie has not gone public with her relationship, it is not publicly known whether she is married or in a relationship. Her companion will be updated as quickly as possible.

How lot is cost-free Marie worth?

Marie has an approximated net worth of $3 million dollars. This has her assets, money, income and also her successful career together a media personality, tv producer, and philanthropist.

How much does totally free Marie make?

Marie’s salary has not yet been disclosed.

Where walk Marie live?

Marie lives in the united States. Since of protection reasons, totally free has not common her an exact location the residence. Us will automatically update this details if we gain the location and images that his/her house.

Is Marie dead or alive?

Marie is quiet alive and in an excellent health. There have been no reports of her being sick or having any type of health-related issues.

Where is Marie now?

Marie is pursuing she career in the entertain industry.

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