Popular country music artist Gary Allan has been through three failed marriages however has sparked rumors of one impending fourth marriage.

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Gary Allan Herzberg, the American country music artist known for his gold-certified debut album Used Heart because that Sale, is dating again.
The singer, who was previously married thrice, sparked rumors the a 4th marriage following a tantalizing Instagram post. 

Rumors around Fourth Marriage

The male with twenty-six hit singles top top the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart is in a relationship with his partner, Molly Mae Martinez. The former military man ended up being the talk of the town after he uploaded a short video clip on Instagram stop a ring. The write-up kindled part rumors on even if it is Allan is to plan on getting another wife.On the post, the comments read, “That’s gorgeous. Walk this ring go on a specific finger of a distinct someone?” “Hitched, Gary? it’s beautiful,” and “Engagement Ring?” among hundreds of other comments.Although the ring seemed prefer an engagement ring, the music artist has made no notice on whether that will obtain married come his companion Molly.
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Allan & Martinez"s top quality Time Together

The singer loves Martinez"s daughters, and also he, together with his three daughters indigenous his an initial wife, Tracy Taylor, go on vacations.
Gary Allan at An Award show With girl friend Molly (Source: Instagram)
He regularly surprises his partner through his jewelry-designing skills. The gave Martinez a ring in December 2020.She was viewed flaunting the ring on she index finger in a write-up shared over Instagram by Allan. The ring had a golden loop holding a glimmering diamond from its next edges.
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Previous Marriages

Allan has been married and divorced thrice before dating Martinez. His an initial wife to be Tracy Taylor, whom he married in 1987. The now-divorced pair has 3 daughters named Maggie Herzberg, Tanna Herzberg, and also Dallas Herzberg.After separating from Taylor, he married Danette day on November 28, 1998, and got divorce within 7 months in June 1999.He climate married Angela on June 5, 2001. His third marriage ended as Angela sadly took her own life top top October 25, 2004.